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  • Things Get Awkward  When White Nationalist Bootleg Actor Applies For Job At Turtleboy And Says He’s “Pro-White,” Had Good Friends In Charlottesville

    Things Get Awkward  When White Nationalist Bootleg Actor Applies For Job At Turtleboy And Says He’s “Pro-White,” Had Good Friends In Charlottesville

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    We got a lot of people who inquire about blogging for us about Turtleboy Sports. But we’ve never had a guy put something like this on his application before:

    Well that got awkward pretty quickly. Started off so strong by complimenting us too. Then all of a sudden out of left field he just pulls the, “I’m way, way, waaayyyy pro-white” card. Not just “pro-white,” or even “way pro-white.” We’re talking “way, way, waaayyyy pro-white.” Just in case we had any misconceptions about his love for all white people on account of their skin color. As if as a white guy I’m gonna read that and we’re gonna go out for strawberry milkshakes together to celebrate the love of the skin we were born with.

    Look, I generally hate anyone who stresses identity politics. Anyone who tells me I should vote for so and so because they’re a woman, or black, or Muslim, or white, or Christian, or whatever. I hate these people because they believe that your physical appearance is more important than what you actually stand for and believe in.

    But instead of just walking away after I asked for clarification about what being “way, way, waaayyyy pro-white” meant, he decides to let me know that he’s good friends with a bunch of people who went to Charlottesville last month. Ya know, these people:

    He’s that kind of “pro-white.” Those guys right there look like they can write some hilarious blogs. Great sense of humor on all of them. Definitely.

    Anyway, apparently Tom Stedham is some sort of bootleg movie star. He’s even got an IMDb page, and a blog that shows what producing one of these hit movies is like. He’s played such roles as, “the cop”

    And “the guy who slept with pink bra”

    And he’s a hardo extraordinaire

    Sorry Tom, but although we are on the look out for an Alabama Turlteboy, we just don’t think you’d be a good fit here at Turtleboy Sports. Not really what we’re all about. Just sayin.



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    1. Kevi

      He needs to grow a moustache and stop shaving his chest

    2. Jon

      How do you know thats actually the guy texting you? Couldnt it been anyone trying to get this guy shamed. Geeze clean it up.

      1. KJDS

        Yeah – have you seen his FB page? The guy is definitely a Nazi. For real, this time.

        1. chrissy

          where do we find the link? the one on the IMDb page is shit down

        2. chrissy

          where do we find the link? the one on the IMDb page is shut down

        3. chrissy

          nvm, prob better to not have that shit on our browser histories smh

    3. Just Sayin'

      Seems like someone that would fit in perfectly well in the TurtleBoy organization! Just sayin’

      Just like you’re saying that someone with a hyphenated name is a liberal and will take any sort of handout! Just sayin’

      1. chrissy

        any self-absorbed, narcissistic female will hyphenate her name, i suppose
        guess she doesn’t have to be of any political persuasion

    4. Alex

      As a liberal I disagree many time with Turtleboy, but let me say that their research journalism in Worcester is fine and being racist is not one of their defects.

      1. wabbitt

        Exactly. Turtleboy shits on idiots and ratchets of all races, sexes, and creeds. Race isn’t a deciding factor.

    5. pro trump

      shoulda put it to a poll id love to read this guys blog

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