This Guy Blowing Cocaine In Broad Daylight At A Celtics Game Is The Face Of The Trump Revolution

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So apparently there are just dudes blowing coke in the middle of the stands at Celtics games:

Is this even real? Like, the person who filmed it had to be in on it didn’t they? It just seems too perfect. And no one around him seems to give a shit that he’s banging out the booger sugar right next to them. Either way, there’s a 150 million percent chance this guy’s voting for Trump. The Beats by Dre headphones, the sleeveless camo hoodie in the winter. The dirty hands. The no fucks given mentality. This man is like the official uniform of the Trump-ettes.

Either way, the fact that dooshnozzles like this are even at the games is what makes Boston crowds so weak. This guy could probably name two players on the team at most. He’s getting all coked up and for what? So he can sit there with his headphones on and listen to Toby Keith? Those are pretty good seats too. I feel like back in the REAL Garden, his seat would’ve been filled by an aggressive, drunken Irishmen from Southie who wasn’t afraid to tell the ref that his wife was a good time last night. Now we’ve just got coke heads who would rather be hunting, bumping lines and listening to country music.


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  1. Kid Heroin

    What makes TB so certain he’s a Trump supporter? He looks dark or olive skinned. More likely an apathetic voter or an illegal alien.

    1. America - Love it or leave it

      Trump supporter? What?! This guy doesn’t even know we have elections. And If he did, this is Bernie territory right here. The cammo doesn’t mean he enjoys country music either, I’m certain its all hip hop with this clown. Situations like this is the reason Trump is WINNING – AVERAGE NORMAL AMERICANS are sick of this shit, and we’re not gonna take it – anymore!

    2. Melania

      I agree. Why is a coke head a Trump supporter? The hard working, honest, middle class are the Trump supporters who want to rid the public of assholes.

      1. StupidIsAsStupidDoes

        So true. Put this right up there with the left-wing, mainstream media calling Trump supporters Brown Shirts. Because the people have woken up and demand their country back? Call me a Brown Shirt then!

  2. Danny

    Tea u don’t do that stuff in the nice lodge seats
    But up in balcony heaven anything goes

  3. BobnMic

    I still think the tattooed Buffalo Bill babes issuing blow jobs during a game is utter classic.

  4. Bern Feel'R

    Anyone wasting $400 on Beats by Dre is likely a democrat. Nobody gives less fucks than Bernie democrats. Free college, no such thing, I don’t give a fuck just give it to me. I signed up for expensive college and can’t make more than minimum wage, fuck you forgive my debt. I don’t have the stats but I’m going to bet there are more democrats that use/abuse drugs than republicans. Free housing….free food, free phone, no drug testing…makes sense.

    1. frank

      You are 100% correct bern. This TB piece was guest hosted by an 8th grade journalism class from Webster.

    2. Melania


  5. John Wick

    This is absolutely not a “typical Trump supporter.” TB you got it all wrong man. We like Trump because he is stomping on political correctness, exposing the double standard that is the federal government, and isn’t indebted to any particular lobbyist group.

    He’s an asshole businessman. I like his shrewdness. He doesn’t care if he hurts people’s feelings, he tells the truth. No, Trump isn’t perfect at all, but considering the field of players, he’s a good choice.

  6. True Reality Speaks

    Major click bait on this one. Either that or it’s written by the delusional liberal TB blogger that contributes (oxymoron) here occasionally.

  7. Jafreese

    Yeah this was one of the worst TB takes ever. Couldn’t be more wrong.

    First, this guy isn’t voting for Trump. He’s not gonna bother voting for anyone at all.

    2nd, Boston crowds do suck, but not because of guys like this. We need more guys like this. Boston crowds are weak because of people who are exact opposite of this guy; dressed up rich snobs who got tix for free or paid a lot and don’t even care, and spend all game taking and texting and complaining about people who are standing up and cheering. This guy probably went nuts screaming and yelling once the video is over and the high kicked in

  8. Tony


  9. Devils Mouthpiece

    And you made the association to trump with this how??? Try again, or just delete this blog. It’s way off.

    1. BobnMic

      Seriously? Real TB I appeal to you my man. I know the writings of this libtard Cop hating TB usually by reading in the second sentence. Then it’s like, ok here we go – they let him/her out again. Foolish nonsense by the writer who should get shit-canned from TBS.

      Oh well, the hippies probably go ape-shit over this kind of drivel thinking that there is hope that TBS will turn and help block another fucking major intersection! In real life we all know that will never happen…

  10. Bob murphy

    If this was at a NASCAR event, and the drug of choice was Meth I would agree with you…think Ulysses the mark on this one

    1. Tuffy

      I’m a NASCAR fan and what you just stated is total BS. Drunk on beer? Yes. Meth? No NASCAR fan I know.

  11. tngsucks

    The Beats by Dre headphones, the sleeveless camo hoodie in the winter. The dirty hands. The no fucks given mentality.

    I think this could describe a Trump supporter. The fact that the man is a minority means he is probably not. This is sarcasm to the highest degree about how liberals will describe Trump supporters but then end up with this guy. Bigotry and prejudice are on both sides.

  12. Melania

    Guess it’s safe to say TB isn’t voting for Trump. He’s probably a Democrat….Maybe it’s GENETIC. Maybe someone in his FAMILY is a Democrat.

  13. Adam

    I expect hotter takes, TB. Can’t win them all though.

  14. Steve Grabowski

    Hahahaha Ohhhhh Boy! Someone get the Trump voters a safe space! They can’t handle this!

  15. Publius

    Awful blog. Lame actually. Trump people are easy to make fun of, this doesn’t not fit the stereotype. .

  16. PattysDay

    It makes sense Tb…if you vote for Trump, you have to be smoking something

  17. Nanny

    My Worcester Public School education desensitized me to dudes doing blow. First time I saw it was in a WPS middle school. I was in 7th grade. It was all over HS. So no, not surprised.

    I have never had it, nor do I want. I prefer to keep my wits about me. YMMV.

  18. Nanny

    And yes, definitely a Trumpie. It fits the CNN profile.

  19. Coco

    Pump the breaks TB….. Stick to shitting on these idiot local pols. Trump is a knucklehead for sure but for some reason he resinates with the average man/woman. That average man/woman is the same individual who reads your blog.