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  • This Westfield State Professor Who Urged Masked Protesters And Says “Hate Speech” Is Not Free Speech, Proves That State Schools Will Hire Pretty Much Anyone

    This Westfield State Professor Who Urged Masked Protesters And Says “Hate Speech” Is Not Free Speech, Proves That State Schools Will Hire Pretty Much Anyone

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    This is Cassie Gendron:

    And she is a professor at Westfield State. Not even kidding. She’s an adjust professor and you can find her on their website. And as you can see they clearly have high standards.

    She’s also very outspoken SJW on the Facebook machine. As a matter of fact she’s here to shut down your bullshit.

    Back in August she urged people to “mask up” and go to Boston to stop imaginary Nazis from exercising their free speech rights.

    In other words, she’s part of Antifa if she’s telling people to wear masks to a protest like this.

    Of course at this rally 33 people were arrested, and hundreds more could have been arrested, as anyone wearing a Trump hat had piss thrown at them by mobs of her masked friends. But if you have a problem with this, you’re an asshole:

    She thinks most pro second Amendment people are “racist as fuck”

    She believes that white silence is the same thing as violence:

    Whatever that means.

    Last month when a couple Westfield students wrote racial messages on their own doors in hopes of becoming SJW darlings, she bought it up hook, line, and sinker:

    Because “Prof G” is one of the good ones.

    She apparently supports taking down the American flag on college campuses

    She thinks “hate speech” is not free speech:

    Except that arbitrary “hate speech” is the very definition of free speech. Because it’s easy to protect speech we all agree on. It takes actual courage to protect speech you don’t like. Keep in mind, this person is a college professor. If you use terminology around her that she doesn’t approve of (misgendering someone, expressing your opinion that BLM is a terrorist organization), then according to her this is not an opinion, and you do NOT have a right to say those words. Also, you’re a bigot. So I’m sure she’ll grade you fairly if you express an opinion that’s different than hers.

    She also doesn’t like the New Bedford Guide newspaper because they “publish things that demean low income and homeless people”:

    In other words, the news triggers her. Because generally people in New Bedford who are committing crimes come from the bottom rungs of the social ladder.

    She, like many, got triggered as shit on November 9, 2016:

    Which is why she now has a strict policy of “politics only” on her wall, because there’s just too much work to do:

    She’s totally one of the good ones though.

    Anyway, it’s just remarkable the makeup of faculties at these taxpayer funded institutions. I like liberals, but I can’t stand SJWs. And the fact that all you have to do to get a job at one of these schools is roll out of bed and state how woke you are, makes these schools kind of a joke. I support her right to free speech 1,000%, even though some of the things she’s writing are insane. I just enjoy pointing out how colleges like Westfield State would never, ever, ever even consider hiring someone like her if they leaned the other way. Just sayin.


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    1. Anon.

      What a joke for a professor to act or dress like that.

    2. They call me Ponch

      What a professor for a joke to act or dress like that.

      Either way works.

    3. Fisting Lesbians

      Color us CRAZY but my life partner and I would love to play naked twister with her.

      Not only is she sexy but she gets it!

      !!!!!!! LFFTF !!!!!!!! (Lesbians Fisting For The Future)

    4. The Vorlon

      Know what “adjust professor” means in College speak?

      “Slave Labor”

      Schools used to load them up with 48 hours a week of classes, then the IRS landed on them like the Mod Ban Hammer from Hell. Now they are limited to 16 hours a week.

      Of course, in this case that is 27 hours too many. She should transfer to Bridgewater.

    5. Steven Stover

      How about doing a followup on the moron from Sutton called Old Balls. Baldino. He was a laugh and a half.

    6. Brian

      It really is sad that if you are a normal Massachusetts resident and your option is a state school you are truly fucked

      1. Anon.

        Private institutions as well…

      2. Chris

        All colleges are like this today.

    7. chrissy

      Turtleboy changed his name to SJW Hunter lol

    8. Sonny's Mom

      Cassie Gender-on may not realize it, but Massachusetts actually has an “anti-masking” law.

    9. Gerry Mandering

      She gets a pass for the pussy hat. I like pussy hats.

    10. ARNOLD

      Awe snowflakes, Black lives Matter….

    11. pro trump

      trump just voted to execute gays at the UN lol. get an oven for this bitch.

    12. What?

      RE: American flag “We do not need a symbol…”

      Followed by “Would you consider displaying a rainbow flag or BLM flag or sign…so they won’t know who to target?”

      Typical hypocrisy and cowardice from the left.

      1. bigdaddy

        more like total stupidity

    13. Battleaxe

      Just curious… what’s an “adjust” professor? OH, you meant ADJUNCT. Westfield State should hire you.

    14. Dave Bodendorf

      Need to edit story to say “adjunct” professor, not “adjust”

      Otherwise, good work.

    15. Independent Thinker

      Just another crazy nutcase! Personally, I have no tolerance for hate speech, but it is legal for someone to spew it. However, these SJW’s define hate speech as anything they don’t agree with.

      Now, as for the use of the word, “gay,” what’s wrong with saying, “that’s gay?” When I was little, the word, gay, had a totally different meaning before it was hijacked and used in another way.

    16. Troubled Nostrils

      Fat, ugly, colored hair, unfuckable – all she lacks is a hyphenated name and big goofy eyeglasses to be the complete package. Those will come with time, more than likely.

    17. […] we posted about this Westfield State professor who writs insane shit on her Facebook […]

    18. wabbitt

      I’m not sure which group pissed me off more, the scrawny white boys with chinstraps, flat brimmed Bulls hats and their pants hanging off their ass, or dumpy middle-aged women with nose piercings, colored hair, and an array of buzzwords to prove how woke they are. Both groups are fucking insufferable.

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