• Trash Beast, Who Stole Charity Volunteer’s Costumes, Tried to Sell Them Online-Has History of Being Sued, DUIs, Child Endagerment, Stealing From Work


    Never underestimate the Turtle.

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    So, you all remember that Trash Banshee from Merdian Connecticut I blew up a couple days ago? We called for some Turtleboy Justice after Kristy Wininger stole $500 worth of costumes from a small business owner named Erica Altieri. Erica just happens to spend her free time volunteering in children’s wards. 

    Catch up here if you missed it:

    We’ve got an update! Actually, several updates.

    This girl is worse than we originally thought. Most people who get called out on the blog cough up what they owe and go back to leading a normal life. Not Kristy Wininger! Trash Banshee was allegedly spotted trying to sell them in a popular cosplay group a month ago but she deleted the posting before we could nab it.

    The Trash Banshee is refusing to give Erica back the costumes. She’s spent the past three days coming up with countless, and oh-so-elaborate lies to try and get out of coughing up the Elsa and Anna-themed dresses Erica uses for her business and volunteer work.

    Kristy (who had to delete her Facebook and create a new one under Karleen) started by threatening Erica and then coming up with a giant lie that she gave the dresses back to Erica, through a friend, who picked them up for her. 

    It’s too bad she couldn’t keep her disgusting mouth shut because here she is coming up with the lie TO THE PERSON SHE TRIED TO SAY HAD THEM. 

    “I can say a girl came and got them and picking them up for Erica.”

    Kristy, just stop. You’re not smart enough to keep your story straight just as much as you’re not pretty enough to be Elsa. 
    Trash Banshee did what all of our shaming stars do: threaten to call the police. The police laughed at her like we knew they would. (These next ones are from Kristy’s brain-dead sister Virgina) 

    “Hi, I stole a bunch of stuff and now people are being mean to me on the Internet. Hello? Can I sue?”

    Trash Banshee did everything she possibly could to fight her way out of owning up to her being a lying slag. She was inundated with people calling her out on multiple forums, in private messages, and even on her sister’s birthday message to her.

    The sister, who seems about as bright as a turnip, couldn’t seem to figure out her privacy setting and just started flipping out before blocking people. I love this Garrett kid. He would make a fabulous regular to our Turtlethreads. The smart ass is strong with this one. 
    I mean look at this family. Look at them. Do they really scream capable of anything more intelligent than “y’all got the Rollback flier?” These are clearly different days and half of them are wearing the same clothes. Do your family photos all require you to stand behind a car and wearing pajama pants?

    Did you miss the tiny dog screaming out of the hoodie of Baby Huey in the wheelchair? That poor dog has probably tried to run in to traffic more times than that kid in Pet Semetary. He squeezes it any harder and it’s going to pop like a tick. Yeesh.

    This family is so ratchet that Kristy and her brother made one of those “top ten” Ugly baby click bait sites. She tried to sue them too.

    It’s also probably not smart to broadcast that you just bought a mini-cooper when you just stole $500 from a hardworking woman. But Kristy isn’t smart and did just that.
    Turns out that Trash Banshee has made a career out of being a thieving skank.  One of her former co-workers claimed she was fired from IKEA for stealing. She was fired again from Family Dollar for nicking cash and make up. Her kids were taken away because she had them, and a bunch of animals, living in squalor. (Someone might want to call the Meridan ASPCA because she apparently has new dogs and they are probably in the same situation as the old ones.)

    She once had a pig roast and left the carcass outside her house for months until the Board of Health was called.

    She’s been arrested for driving drunk like twice and almost got a year in jail for failure to show up to court.

    She’s kind of the worst human ever.

    After our blog went live we got a message from the people who run Rhode Island Comic Con, who adamantly said that Kristy was lying about working for them, and didn’t want to be associated with anything dealing with this girl. We can’t blame them. Another group of charity cosplayers kicked her out because of the controversy.

    Guess being internet famous has its downsides, eh?

    Erica is planning on going to small claims court for reimbursement. However, it looks like that venture will be like trying to get blood from a stone, seeing that Kristy has been sued three times for failure to pay people back. She’s already having her paycheck garnished each week because of those.

    In the meantime, a Turtlerider set up a GoFundMe for Erica and it’s already surpassed the goal. The cost to replace the costumes was nearly $900 and it raised around $840.

    A lot of the donations were brought in by some of our most loyal Turtleriders. Thank you for being amazing gang.

    So, the next time someone has their panties in a bunch  – claiming we do nothing positive – send them this.

    Erica wanted to thank everyone who helped her by donating and for all the positive messages she received. She wanted us to add that she is always looking for people, who want to join her in volunteering their time, to brighten the lives of sick children. Here is her information:

    (Right as I was finishing this blog up I got word that something big transpired. Part III will be following shortly.)



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    1. Cat Vomit Tango

      Damn…ended with a cliffhanger. This is better than “Who shot JR?”.

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        I did end up clapping like a seal when I found out the latest news…. if that helps?

        1. Cat Vomit Tango

          No spoilers…lol. I don’t wanna know until I read part III.

        2. Rhino

          Part 3? SSTG you write about the absolute most useless shit.

          1. South Shore Turtlegirl

            Weird. I didn’t mention your Mom.

    2. Deez Nuts

      Glad the Gofundme was a success. Those costumes probably reek of marlboro lights and skank sweat now.

    3. DJ Turd Burglestein

      I haven’t heard anything about the Trump phone yet………..

    4. Thief

      Another low-life and parasite of society.

    5. ninja turtleboy

      i want garrett gryhmes to be my boyfriend

    6. ZephyrCat

      Oh My God! Is that fat thing in the wheelchair holding up that little dog because she/he/it wants everyone to know she/he/it is going to eat the poor thing! Looks like Jabba the Hut! I love fat people who get so fat they’re like, fuck it, I’m done walking. You see them in supermarkets & casinos whizzing around in their scooters. Nothing wrong with them aside from they’re so fucking obese that their legs shriveled up. Only in the US can you just decide, “Nah I ain’t walkin’ no more. Too much work!”.

    7. Hanginpossum

      Maybe she used to be a great person but got stuck in character as a villain after a long cosplay bender.

    8. Disappointed in People

      When is Part 3 coming?