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  • Unemployed QB Colin Kaepernick Will Stand For Anthem Because He Fixed Oppression In 6 Months By Helping Trump Get Elected President

    Unemployed QB Colin Kaepernick Will Stand For Anthem Because He Fixed Oppression In 6 Months By Helping Trump Get Elected President

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    “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” – Colin Kaepernick

    Back when Blaine Gabbert’s backup was trying to stay relevant on one of the worst teams in the NFL, he said that he was doing his anthem protest because America oppresses black people like him. So presumably he was going to continue to do the protest until racism and oppression was fixed, right? Or else, what the hell was the point of all this? Well, from the news today, it looks like Kaepernick has fixed racism forever:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.49.09 PM

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    Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.51.58 PM

    Let’s review all the social changes that have happened since Kaepernick started taking a knee during the anthem:

    • Donald Trump was elected President
    • That is all

    Literally nothing else has changed. Mike Brown is still dead, and the cop who killed him in self defense is free. Other cops on paid leave for shooting black people in the line of duty, are still on paid leave for shooting black people in the line of duty. Some are actually back on the job after being cleared of all charges. No laws have been passed requiring any sort of tighter regulation of police departments. Adele beat Beyonce for the Grammy. Their candidate for President lost. And none of the “demands” of black lives matter were met.

    Meanwhile, alleged “racists” like Trump, Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions are running the country. As a matter of fact, Trump was elected largely because he condemned anti-police fanatics like Kaepernick:

    “I think it’s personally not a good thing, I think it’s a terrible thing. And, you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try, it won’t happen.”

    Kaepernick also called Trump, “openly racist.”

    So just to review. In August Kaepernick announced he was kneeling for the anthem because black people were oppressed by cops and he wasn’t gonna stop until there was a change. Since then the only thing that’s changed is a guy who he called “openly racist” replaced the first black President in American history, and appointed several people to his cabinet who social justice warriors also call “openly racist.”

    This is Colin Kaepernick’s legacy. This is what he accomplished.

    Don’t believe me. Listen to Colin himself. This is the last thing he retweeted today:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.31.44 PM

    So in the first two months of 2016, there were 196 people killed by the police. Then Kaepernick started taking a knee to protest this alleged oppression, and the result is 215 people killed by police. Yup, problem solved!!

    Oh yea, and his team went 1-11 with him as a starter. Meanwhile, the Trump-supporting quarterback of the New England Patriots went 11-1 and won the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is also the slowest QB in league history, while Kaepernick is one of the fastest. Yet Brady was sacked 15 times this year, while Kaep was sacked 36 times.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.56 AM

    Literally everything that Kaepernick was protesting about got significantly worse during the last 6 months. Yet, he’s ending his protest and here’s why:

    “Kaepernick no longer wants his method of protest to detract from the positive change he believes has been created, sources told ESPN. He also said the amount of national discussion on social inequality — as well as support from other athletes nationwide, including NFL and NBA players — affirmed the message he was trying to deliver.”

    Positive change? Guess Trump getting elected was “positive change.” The “national discussion on social inequality” was going on WAYYYY before he started kneeling for the anthem. Ya know, that whole civil rights movement and abolition thing. Remember those? Or the beer summit with Skip Gates at the White House, or Rodney King, or OJ Simpson? Yea, those things have been stimulating a “national discussion on social inequality” for decades. And it will continue to go on pretty much for the rest of time, so long as there is profit to be made by race pimps who create racial animosity because it’s good for business.

    Make no mistake about it though – Kaepernick had nothing to do with it.

    Of course the real reason that he’s standing up is because his cock socket girlfriend told him to. Because at the end of the day Kaepernick is just a pussy whipped simpleton who has never voted and is easily brainwashed by his activist DJ side piece.


    And why did she tell him to do this? Because he made the BRILLIANT decision to opt out of his $17 million a year contractin order to become a free agent. But the thing is, he’s not very good at football and he brings a lot of baggage to the table, so that was dumb. Especially since the majority of NFL fans and owners support the police. If he wants to get a job somewhere besides Cleveland, he’s gonna have to show the world that he’s willing to stop fighting “oppression.”

    At the end of the day Colin Kaepernick is exactly who we thought he was – a sellout with no convictions who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. It’s all about the money. Always has been. He was a dying quarterback who was about to be out of the league. So he marketed himself, he started a “know your rights camp,” and now he makes millions of dollars from selling t-shirts.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.34.45 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.32.55 PM

    My question is, how dumb do all the idiots who took a knee feel now? Do they keep doing it, or do they quit because the idiot they got behind has revealed himself to be completely full of shit? Do the Doherty High School kids keep doing it next year, now that the guy who retweeted their lie about being suspended for kneeling has abandoned them?


    Time will tell.


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    1. ZephyrCat

      I’m fucking sick of trying to be guilted. I call bullshit. All these fucking pussies who have 1 white parent, 1 black parent. Most of them identify as black but I’ll be damned if I don’t see shitloads of white grandparents always toting their absent daughter’s chocolate gift to their lives. NEVER see black grandparents dragging around a white chocolate baby with them. FACT: 92% black fathers are absent when they knock up a white girl. AND THEN I as a taxpayer get to support this shit! What a wonderful world! Fuck Kapernick raised by white parents who adopted his ass!

      1. Local Yokel

        Well many good points, but have you ever seen an African-American gent with a Caucasian lass who was not a 300 LBS + hambeast? An Mexican Immigrant is to an African-American in the sens that Mexicans do the jobs white Americans won’t, while the African-American does the women white Americans won’t. Capisce?

        1. ZephyrCat

          You serious? Some of them but unfortunately there are plenty of hot, empty headed white girls who chase after lower IQ, even lower ambition black guys because they talk a good game. And I guess the promise of a big dick certainly more than makes up for years and years of missed child support payments.

          1. Local Yokel

            Yup totally serious, most of the women I see with mixed kids I wouldn’t fuck with your dick. I don’t know even how they found someone to fuck them the first time, let alone after the first couple welfare checks got pushed out. I guess you’re from the part of town where dimes go for Jerome. Also, looks like they got to you with their Mandingo propaganda. Sorry about that, stay off redtube maybe?

            1. ZephyrCat

              Sounds like you need to get out of your trailer park more.

            2. Turd Burglestein

              Why??? So you can go bang his wife?

            3. ZephyrCat

              Oh my goodness, how will I ever top these snappy comebacks of yours?

            4. Turd Burglestein

              You won’t, but keep trying…it’s kinda cute.

            5. Local Yokel

              Trailer park, nice comeback. Now, go clean Zephyr’s litter box and expose your brains to some more toxoplasmosis and try to reason with getting cucked by a black dude, which is what I think happened.

          2. Local Yokel

            There’s a good story out on the web about who this dude was a dating a single mom with a mixed kid, dude never met the kid or anything until he was at her place and saw a picture of the mixed kid. Later he says ‘Yo, you’re cool, but I’m not interested’ ‘Is it because of my black kid?’ Dude says no just differences. According to the story, the dude saw her on the news a couple days later for killing the kid. Hey now…

      2. Local Yokel

        Besides, one of those ‘chocolate gifts’ dropped off at their white grandparents grew up to be our last President, so checkth thy self before thoust wrecketh.

        1. Talisman

          And made the racist remark that she was a “typical white woman” when talking about her seeing a black man on the street. His double standard at race baiting was second to none. Even Jesse Jackson couldn’t compare. Yeah, he was a real uniter that Barry.

        2. ZephyrCat

          And see how great that turned out. That was white america’s way of putting a toe in the water. Let’s see how 1/2 black goes. Oh, fuck no! That certainly won’t happen again.

      3. Kirby Perkins

        Thanks Colin! Could you please come back from Iran in 4 years to help Trump get RE-Elected?

    2. move to Nigeria

      Who cares what that mediocre sell-out does.

    3. Turd Burglestein

      More like colon kaperdick will be in the stands for the national anthem next season.

      1. Talisman

        Yeah, Mr Free Agent needs a team and a contract before he can piss off their fans and steal their money. I hope even the Canadians shit on his afro and tell him to step off

    4. Local Yokel

      My grandpap said it before me and I’ll say it too: We just should have picked out own damn cotton.

      1. JoeMomma

        He has to stand…….popcorn vendors spend most of the game standing……….

    5. Turd Burglestein

      Maybe st louis will pick him up. They’re a team full of SJW butt nuggets. Remember their mike brown hands up stunt they pulled? He’ll fit in perfectly there. He brings just enough extra SUCK to the team.

      1. ZephyrCat

        St Louis doesn’t have a team anymore. Left over a year ago. Nice try though.

        1. Talisman

          They just moved to SJW central in LA, be a good home for Krapperdick

        2. Turd Burglestein

          Yeah…I didn’t know that because I don’t waste my weekend watching a worthless sports game, drinking beer, and lowering my IQ. I’m into doing productive things with my spare time like working Porsches and BMWs or building things, but you go ahead and keep your worthless trivia skills up to date and maybe you’ll win a free plate of hot wings at the sports bar you’ve wasted half your paycheck in.

          1. Screaming "Yes Turd!!"

            Dear Turd,
            I lay awake at night, fondling my lady parts, thinking of you. I fantasize about the Little turds we could conceive in the back seat of an El Camino. I look for your videos daily and re-play the ones you’ve already posted.
            I wish I had the man-balls to approach you in real life. And I wish BobnMic would start up again so I have the next installment of your lushious voice saved to my hard drive.
            Until your next post….

            1. Turd Burglestein

              So tell me…what do your lady parts look like?

              A.) Vertical bacon strip with an order of sideburns
              B.) Wad of bubblegum in a mullet
              C.) A piece of sashimi
              D.) The blue waffle
              E.) Other (please describe further)

            2. ZephyrCat

              What’s your next video going to be? Your visiting nurse checking your prostate?

            3. Turd Burglestein

              Why so interested? Do you have a fetish for old men’s wrinkled asses and saggy balls?

            4. ZephyrCat

              AH HA!!! Finally an accurate description of yourself! Don’t forget the part about the 1/2 inch dick that hasn’t gotten erect in a decade or more. I know, must be sad to know your weenie is little more than decoration at your age.

            5. Turd Burglestein

              Ah, there you go projecting again. Did your wife intentionally pack on that extra 300 lbs just so she wouldn’t have to fuck you anymore?

          2. Lt Dan

            Don’t be a bitch. Knowing the Rams relocated isn’t exactly trivial pursuit you yuppie sounding cunt

            1. Turd Burglestein

              It’s worthless sports knowledge, but you take comfort in your trivia trophy.

          3. ZephyrCat

            Keep trying dumbfuck. Someone with SOME smarts would just go, oops my bad. If it was that insignificant why’d you pretend to know something about it? And oh yeah, porsches & BMWs, says the old man who videos himself taking a shit. Right, you’re topnotch, no doubt about that. BWAHAHAHA!

            1. Turd Burglestein

              If I gave half a fuck about your opinion of me, then yeah I might have said that instead, but I don’t so you can go fuck yourself with your wife’s suction cup dildo.

            2. ZephyrCat

              Didn’t I see you in Grumpy Old Men?

            3. Turd Burglestein

              Didn’t I see you in Brokeback Mountain?

            4. ZephyrCat

              Touche, that one was actually funny. Only took you 6 or 7 tries.

          4. Hollywood Hogan

            Don’t worry Lil Hulkster… If you work hard, say your prayers, take your vitamins and believe in yourself… One day, maybe, you can get a car that actually runs.

            1. "Yes Turd!!"

              It’s so obvious Hogan is jealous and Lt. Dan needs legs (kinda sad) and Zephyrpussy is a blow hard. Anyway, my lady parts are Caucasian, I swear!! Not akin to beef flaps or the like. More so resembling a finely cropped (yet deliciously seasoned) hot pocket. I know how you enjoy a hot pocket, Turd! I keep writing over and over Mrs. Burglestein.
              Quick question : when is the next video? My dripping hot pocket can’t wait! I love you!!

    6. Woo Too

      Now that the cash flow is gone, what is the over/under on how ;long it is before the hot girlfriend is, too?

      1. Talisman

        That’s what I want to know as well. I’ll take less than two weeks after nobody picks him up on the wire….for $1000 Alex. I could be wrong, but he seems too stupid to have any investments making money, unless he’s getting the occasional saltine from Shaun King’s cracker box.

    7. johnnyb

      He’s standing cause he is now unemployed. Can’t make waves with no job. As soon as the Browns sign him, he will be back to getting on his knees…

    8. Troubled Nostrils

      He looks more like Ahab the Arab than Colin the Mulatto.

    9. John Galt

      In a lesser-publicized side protest, it appears that Colon is refusing to sit for a barber until he wins a game.

    10. I hate stupid people.

      I am truly surprised that Brian Albrecht hasn’t been here saying me kicked Kapernick’s ass and that is why he is standing up for the National Anthem.


      1. ZephyrCat

        Where is that piece of shit anyway? He’s been quiet all day.

        1. I hate stupid people.

          We can only hope he got the ass beating he deserved.


    11. White Pride White Power

      OMG I am so sick of Kaepernigger.

    12. Hughbo Mont

      What a fucking putz!

    13. Mr. T

      So Kaepernick says he won’t take a knee anymore? I’d like to give him a knee to the groin. I hope he takes his Sideshow Bob hairdo and opens up a T-shirt store somewhere on a west coast beach. Good luck (not) getting another pro quarterback shot ass face.

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