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  • Warwick Ratchet Diva Brags About Conning Drug Dealers With Counterfeit Money, But It’s Ok Because She’s The Realest And Just Too Hip To Get Caught

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    When you commit a crime, what’s the first thing you do? OBVIOUSLY, brag about it to all your hoodrat friends. Definitely don’t conceal it or not be a junkbox and commit it in the first place. But whatevs, this is Warwick ratchetry at it’s finest!

    It’s a long thread, but the hoodrat on hoodrat homie love is truly inspiring. Some friends say things like “hey, that’s a nice single family home in a nice neighborhood you have” or “congrats on the new job”. This herd of homeslices are more the “hey, that’s a nice stoop you have on your new section 8 housing” or “congrats on scamming those drug lords with the counterfeit hunnits” kinda dumpsterlings.






    Well that was painful to read. Too much ghettospeak. Can. Not. Process. I’ve never seen so many emojis in one place.

    First, what is a “nikka”? Is that supposed to be the non-offensive way for a white person to say the N word?

    Also, “loud” refers to marijuana in case I wasn’t the only one out of the slang loop on that one.

    I would also just like to point out the stroke this man is clearly having. I hope someone got him help.

    Anyways, you’re probably wondering who this fantastic, law-abiding specimen of intelligence and class is. Meet Stephanie Zoglio, hoodrat extr-whore-dinaire, who definitely doesn’t have an insanely long arrest record and totally isn’t partial to big ass hoop earrings and pastel eyeshadow circa 1990s.

    She works at “None Ya Business!!”? I’ve been trying to get in there forever, hook a sista up!

    Also, she went to “The School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life”. I bet employers look at that and they’re like “YUP, HIRED.” You know you’ve done good in life when you’re about to clear 40 and you’re accomplishments include the following list of community service arrests:

    In case you’re wondering how that breaks down:

    This has got to be the most diverse arrest record I’ve seen yet, but shit guuurrrlll, stop hitting people, getting caught with the MJ, and conducting yourself all disorderly-like. Also what is with the crank calls? Seriously, are we in junior high?

    Also, word of advice, maybe don’t brag in a public forum about fucking over drug dealers with fake Benjamins because even some drug dealers can read.


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    1. Treasury Agent

      How many of these people just provided evidence of their own crimes and does it matter?
      Six months and their back out. Why does anyone obey the law anymore?

    2. Rob

      Wow, brag on public media about committing federal crimes and ripping off drug dealers.
      The level of stupidity is astounding.

    3. DonaldJTrump

      Would be a huge shame if someone sent this to the secret service.

    4. livesinlowell

      Seems like the type of lady a young gentlemen would proudly bring home to meet the parents.

      Just kidding.

    5. Agent Smith

      I want to cunt punt this bitch until she can’t reproduce. Just because she’s such a ratchet scumbag, no other reason.

    6. Maggie the Cat

      Her name will probably show up soon in the obituaries. No great loss.

    7. Barry

      Bullshit. In the circles that she travels in nobody would fall for that. The only thing that counterfeit cash is good for is to use as props in the pictures that they post ad nauseam.

    8. The Vorlon

      To hell with the Ebonics, that font makes my eyes bleed.

      Kids, just a hint: if it would take a half hour of prep work to stuff your date into a MRI, run away.

    9. Secret Intelligence Unit, Agent Smack A Hoe

      Speaking for drug dealers around the world

      Deez nikkaz r gonna find dis shyt out n whoop dat ass or if dey feelin froggy when dey catch dat dumb hoe dey gonna put a cap in dat ass bih fr fr

    10. Locktank

      Lmfao. It’s only a matter of time.

    11. wabbitt

      This is like an instruction manual on how to get yourself shot.

      1. Jim Duggan

        Lmfaooo true story

    12. Barbara Billingsley

      I speak jive I cant help with that translation

    13. Mr Butthurt

      Wound not. She is ass ugly and even drunk I would see that.

      1. Mr Butthurt

        Meant hit that

        1. Mr Butthurt

          Christ I am drunk and for the record I would not hit that. LMFAO

    14. Publius

      It is amazing that these creatures, er critters actually exist. All of the ones who posted. Keepin it real 100! real stupid. All lives really do not matter.

    15. Independent Thinker

      Drug dealers are a bad crop of people. Be very careful about trying to con one or screw one over, because they are the type that will kill you.

      Now that you’ve posted this all over facebook, drug dealers and legitimate business people know to avoid dealing with you, although a drug dealer is more likely to just shoot you.

    16. The Executioner

      There two pathways for this idiot ratchet…a long prison term or a bullet in the head by some dealer she screws over. But…no fucks given. I’m hoping pathway 2.

    17. Brian

      Man fuck you turtle boy you have nothing better to do with yourself pussy

      1. Mike Hunt

        Fuck that…he’s cool in my book. Do you not see a problem with anything she said or did? If you don’t, them you’re a part of the vermin problem in Warwick.

    18. Sam Davis

      Please tell me that this whore is either in the custody of the Secret Service or beaten to death by a drug dealer. Either conclusion would be justice.

    19. Another Story?

      Turtleboy, the woman Mary-Ellen Rossi who commented “I almost got busted cashing that shit out” her LinkedIN says she is currently a Principal at North Kingstown Public Schools lol.

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