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  • Why Is The Telegram And Gazette Publishing Little Kid Noodz On Their Website?

    Why Is The Telegram And Gazette Publishing Little Kid Noodz On Their Website?

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    The Turtlegram and Gazette fancies themselves some sort of legitimate news outlet with standards. But yet they’ve had this picture up since June 26 on their website. We can’t even show you the unedited version. That’s how inappropriate it is. Here’s our edited, appropriate version of the father son moment at bacteria infested Coes Pond in Worcester:

    Yup, this happened in real life. It’s been up for a full week. It’s still up on a Gatehouse media owned website. Child pornography. In a “legitimate” “real news” media outlet.

    Red Danny Margolis and the rest of the butthurt patrol have accused us of “sexualizing” children because we pointed out the indisputable fact that one day the cash me ousside girl will end up in porn. But we will never, ever publish pictures of little boy’s peepees on our digital website, and then profit it off of it every time someone clicks on it. That’s what the Turtlegram does. They make money on child porn. We make money by reporting real news with hot takes. We are better than them. We are above them. We are Turtleboy.



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    1. Magic Mosca

      WTF? Seems like they run a tight ship over there at the telegram?

    2. Ew

      Nobody caught that?! Wow…

    3. inked bliss

      Ruffling feathers!!!

    4. UsualSuspect

      Child porn? I think not, little kids run around pantless on the reg, but putting it up on their website probably isn’t the best move.

      1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        You may not consider child pr0nz but you best believe the gubbamint drones do & if this picture were on your hard drive when a FBI party van came a knockin’ at your door; you’d have a whole lotta’ esssssssssssplainin’ to do Lucy! Therefore, it is NOT Kosher to be showing the little guy’s Hebrew National or Oscar Meyer weiner on a supposed “news media outlet’s” web page nor newspaper! It’s just totally bad taste & high level creepy to show nekkid children. I find it especially gross considering there is a big push on the “progressive” side to normalize pedophilia.

    5. Abe Lincoln

      Wasn’t even sure that publication still existed. It was sad years ago, must be run by homos now.

    6. Agent Smith

      Steve Lanava, the photographer, probably was stalking this kid until just the right shot (full frontal) happened. Then he got to file it away in his spank bank. Degenerate

    7. Troubled Nostrils

      Mine was about that same size at that age. It hasn’t gotten any longer since then, but it’s grown as girthy as a tuna can.

      That being said, any media outlet with an ounce of sense should know better than to post naked kids. I can understand if it’s inadvertent, a simple mistake, but then take it down once it’s been brought to attention.

      1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        Ain’t no shame in having a choad, sir, just as long as you know how to work that thang (with consenting adult lady-folk, of course, or, uh, man-folk if that’s what floats yer boat…) but to keep it up on a supposed news site, even after it’s been pointed out to them, is gross & I hope the Feds take a gander at what else is on the photographer & other employees’ computers & external drives. This reeks of Creepy McCreeperton-Kiddiediddler to me.

    8. Dianne's Dad

      Talk to Dianne Williamson. I’m sure she’d love to cunt-out on it somehow.

    9. wabbitt

      Kid’s probably packing more than Lynchy.

    10. Sterling Turtle Rider

      Hey, this is the same paper who had a writer plaster some poor guys ass on her personal FB page, is it any surprise they’d move to showing naked kids? The only shock here is just how quick it has happened.

    11. WHATEVUH

      I guess they got the message, there is a different photo of them now . . . . good job TB

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