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  • Plymouth “Cool Mom,”   Whose 15 Year-Old Daughter Was Found On Beach With .296 Blood/Alcohol Level, Tries To Shame Kid’s Drinking Buddies Instead Of Taking The Blame For Her Lack Of Parenting

    If your fifteen year-old daughter gets alcohol poisoning it’s probably best not to blame the kids she was partying with instead of looking at yourself as a parent. Want to…

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    Junior Hoodbunny Daughter of Revere City Councillor-At-Large George Rotondo Caught On Video Throwing Hands With Classmates, Cries To Daddy Once She Loses The Upperhand And Gets Whooped; Dad Goes Free My Hoodbunny On Revere Scanner FB Page

    Abusing your position of ‘power’ within the city to try and bring charges against other children who were not the initial aggressors is kinda frowned upon. Want to advertise with…

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  • Heidi Wellman For Senate

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