Attorneys Want Statements & Evidence Tossed In Beheading Case Against Murderer Mathew Borges

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Be forewarned: I don’t intend to play nice or tiptoe around this write-up so if you’re worried about your precious baby feelings I suggest you show yourself to the door.

I’m sure most of our readers probably remember the tragic story behind the brutal murder and decapitation of Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino last year in Lawrence, MA. If not, I’ll give you a quick refresher:

Last November, 16 year old Paulino was reported missing by his parents after he didn’t come home the night of 11/18/16. Efforts to search for the teenager were significantly delayed because the LPD treated his disappearance as a run-away and received false information that Paulino had recently been spotted within city limits. Subsequently, the Lawrence police department and sergeant Scott McNamara were crucified by the media and the outraged family of the missing teen. 

On December 3rd, a woman was walking her dog along the Merrimack River when she spotted Paulinos mutilated body on the riverbank. His head and both arms had been cut off and the body was so badly deteriorated that it took 11 hours for coroners to complete an autopsy.

Once local video surveillance was pulled it showed Paulino leaving his house around 5:30 p.m. with Borges. LPD then confiscated cell phone records, copies of text messages, both teenager’s Facebook account information and first questioned Mathew on November 23rd (which they recorded.) Now defense attorneys want to have Mathews cellphone evidence thrown out AND are pushing to have his statements suppressed because Borges was home alone at the time of questioning.

Here’s my stance:


You wanna know why Mathews parents weren’t home when the police showed up to question him? Because they had no clue that their son was a psychotic, murderous piece of shit who dismembered his friend. Yes, between the 18th and the 23rd they probably caught wind that Paulino was missing, but the two of them weren’t exactly best friends. I’m not surprised that mom didn’t opt to skip Zumba and rush home to greet officers and supervise their exchange of dialogue. He’s an evil monster who violently murdered his friend and didn’t have enough common sense to keep his mouth shut until he had his parents or a lawyer present. If you’re waiting for me to feel bad for him or be sympathetic to the idea that he was somehow duped, you’re shit out of luck. On top of the fact that he shouldn’t have ANY of his statements or physical evidence wiped from the record, think about the fact that he accompanied the police to the river yet didn’t show them where he dumped Paulino’s body like a piece of trash. Lee’s body wasn’t found until December 3rd, remember? So while he had every opportunity to utilize his pathetic excuse for cognitive thinking skills, he chose to let Paulino’s body rot, exposed to the elements for 10 more days. Why? Because this teenager, for whatever reason, is completely void of any and all rational thinking. Think about what kind of mental “hole” you’d have to crawl into to be able to commit the crimes that he did. Then take a step back and question what sort of upbringing he was graced with for his psychological state to manifest towards murder at 15 years old. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, chopping Barbie’s head off, burning ants with a magnifying glass behavior. This was a sinister act of violence.

And yet we’re supposed to cater to what’s best for him in this scenario? Mmm..No thanks.

There are still a ton of questions yet to be answered.

Borges told police that he and Paulino had gone down to the river to smoke weed and that he leftand went home around 7 p.m. Now, if Borges stabbed Paulino and cut his head and  forearms off, wouldn’t he be COVERED in blood? It took 11 hours to piece him back together so there’s no way he wasn’t a mess. Granted it’s dark outside in November so no one would notice on his walk home, but he successfully slipped by his parents when he got there and cleaned up? Were they home? Where did his bloody clothes go? Was it really just a 1 person scenario, or was someone else with them? Were Paulino’s severed arms ever found?

Fellow students have described 15 year old Borges as smart but emotional and prone to fighting. If he was, in fact, in good academic standing then why haven’t any of his teachers chimed in? Where are his parents and/or extended family during this ordeal? What’s the motive here? What was used as the murder weapon? Is it maybe possible that the weed they smoked was laced with spice? Was it a random killing, gang related or could the motive have anything to do with Paulino’s sexuality, making it a hate crime? Only time will tell as more information is released but this case has been pulling at my guts for months.

I cannot find a single shred of compassion for Mathew Borges. Deep down my heart hurts for his mother because she also lost a son in a sense. But his lack of regard, emotion or ability to express remorse for what he did is something that speaks volumes.

And while he’s spent the last 9 months at the DYS center in Dorchester, working on his friggin’ high school academics and getting 3 square meals a day, Paulino’s family is left emotionally bare-boned with zero answers. That alone is why I cannot even remotely entertain the idea of the defense asking for statements and evidence to be removed. Even if it were, it’s already public knowledge. You can’t just pull a “psych!” and pretend like you didn’t admit to killing and mutilating another human being . There’s no denying that he’s to blame for murdering an innocent kid, destroying a family and shattering a community. We need to stop doing favors for criminals.

Think about it, these lawyers are spending more time weighing the options of what paperwork to include than Mathew spent weighing the outcome of ending a life.

Let that sink in.

Justice for Lee Manuel.




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  • Patti Gucci
    September 13, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    At the heart of this horrific and brutal murder, sounds like an extreme case of “gay panic!”

  • Beverly Graves
    September 13, 2017 at 10:34 am

    I am in the minority here i know that but while raising my son who is now 28 i warned him about shit like this. No major gory details but he knew from a young age that the ones he should be leery of are those that are close to you, not just strangers. I also teach my almost 8 yr old daughter, again age appropriate but enough they took me seriously.

    Once my son who was 7-8 came home upset, we lived in a lake community, one road in same road out, cars drove slow so he was allowed to stay around the one block in front of our house and not allowed in the woods. Well he broke that rule and went into the woods with an older boy around 11 who just moved in with his grandma.

    My son rhns in the house crying that this boy caught a baby duck and put it in a potato chip bag and crushed it with a rock.

    I went to the woods found it and we went to his grandmas house. I didn’t act crazy or anything but spoke to her and she just started crying explaining to me she didn’t know what to do with him and she was the last family member to take him in after he had seen his dad (her son) kill his mom when he was 5 yrs old.

    You never know who you are standing next to even as a kid. Look at slenderman crap.

    Within a week the boy was gone. I wish i wrote down his name.

    My son was hard headed and was grounded I don’t know how many times. Seriously he was a great kid but accepted bullying from others even one kid who pissed on his drums when they had a little band in middle school. I remember being at the kids house and his parents making excuses as i showed the video their son took of him and the other band member pissing on his drum set. I made the boys clean it big time as the mom moaned. I love my son and it was rough watching him be bullied then turn around asking to hang out with the same kids. Frustrating

    Now my almost 8 yr old daughter is the total opposite! I had a hard time explaining what “6th sense” or “gut feeling” meant but finally we were at walmart one day and an employee was in the aisle with us and i noticed right away he was gawking at her and i said “excuse me can i help you?” It was like he didn’t even see me. I noticed my daughter before even turning got behind me and wouldn’t come forward, we walked away after i asked again if he had a problem and he says “so pretty” wtf creepy ass! I did mention it to the security. I never saw my daughter so hyper vigilante as we went through the store she was looking for him. I told her that feeling she had before she noticed him was her gut instinct and 6th sense and that sometimes our minds give us a hint but other times you just have to be alert and know your surroundings. Getting in and out of a car don’t fiddle around with your door unlocked etc or look at your phone or whatever cause sometimes horrible people look for people like that to take advantage of.

    Don’t think i am discussing this day and night cause i don’t but i have ptsd due to severe abuse by my own mom and her bf. I believe to this day it saved my life to be aware of my surroundings after i was pulled over by what was supposedly an unmarked cop car after leaving a club i stopped at for a drink after dancing at a club in another town. This guy was dressed like a bum and i refused to get out of my car after he kept racing along side me baiting me to pass him which i did then grill lights were in my rearview.

    Well i only opened my window a crack and he was pissed when i told him to call a marked car after i told him for all i knew he was someone who was at the go go bar and followed me. He left i took the plate info and called it into the clifton nj police dept. well he wasn’t a cop but i heard nothing else.

    Sorry for my long ass post but if one person reads my rant and decides to teach their kids that its not often a stranger thats the danger but those close to you that will hurt you … maybe it can save someone

    • Nemo Me Impugne Lacessit
      September 13, 2017 at 12:29 pm

      I for one appreciate your post and advice. In my assessment and experience it is spot on. As the father of children myself, my biggest fear is some type of out of the blue attack on one of them. Trusting one’s instincts and one’s ability to discern oddities in another is paramount in all strata of society. Either that or just have your kids binge watch Criminal Minds and they should be well prepared for all types of anti-social persons!

  • Twat Tickler
    September 13, 2017 at 8:07 am

    I’m 1,000% pro police but unless I’m missing anything else here, this is investigating 101. Questioning a minor without a parent present on suspicion of murder? Wtf? Bring his ass to the police station and wait for a parent to get there before you talk to him! No sympathy for the suspect, he clearly did it, but if the police fucked up something so basic that’s on them.

    • usmcvet
      September 13, 2017 at 9:20 am

      Miranda is required when someone is in custody and being interrogated. Interviewing him at home was a smart way to avoid custody. “Dragging” someone down to the station puts them in custody and any questions about the crime would require a Miranda Warning and Waiver.

      • Twat Tickler
        September 13, 2017 at 9:49 am

        He was questioned as a minor without a parent present, and even worse, was transported to the scene of the crime. He was the prime suspect, were they planning to plea spontaneous utterances? I was a cop for years and had a misdemeanor case regarding supervisor questioning juvenile at their home without parent present thrown out on less. Unless I’m missing something, this is getting thrown out based on incompetence.

  • FA
    September 13, 2017 at 8:02 am

    Why are you whining about lawyers doing their jobs? Even when they’re representing a guilty party, their job is to make sure procedures were followed by the book and ensure justice is served in a fair manner that can’t be appealed.

    If the defense doesn’t try everything they can and get shot down by the court, the accused could appeal the verdict and get a second trial.

    • shaw mahini
      September 15, 2017 at 2:58 pm

      maybe it has something to do with the fact that the courts are revolving doors when it comes to violent crime, and turtleboy (like so many of us) are sick and tired of the BS?

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