Caught On Camera: Cop Gets Heated After Motorcycle Accident & Then Threatens To Throw Down In The Hospital Parking Lot Because, Lawrence

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The officer pictured above is Alberto Inostroza, a 29 YEAR VETERAN of the Lawrence Police Department who lost his shit at the scene of a motorcycle accident on Sunday night. Supposedly the altercation started after the person recording the confrontation expressed concern about the way EMT and police personnel were handling his injured friend.

Officer Inostroza fires back at the guy recording yelling “

they know what they’re doing, do you


Now I know this is an intense situation and I’m not sure if officer Inostroza felt the woman walking by brush his arm and assumed it was the dude recording…  But this cop lost his damn mind.

He basically chest bumps the guy screaming “126! 126!” and threatens to arrest him for interfering.

Ok, maybe this dude could’ve backed up for the sake of lowering tensions but this cop had absolutely no right to pounce on him. Period. You’d think after 29 years on the force he would know what behavior is acceptable but nah.

The next video was taken outside Lawrence General Hospital when friends of the injured biker showed up to make sure he was okay. Again, officer Inostroza acted like a ‘roided out buffoon. You can clearly see him taunting people and even threatening to throw down out of uniform.. Because, Lawrence.

The partial Brillo pad he considers hair is


as embarrassing as this 60 year old man strutting around like a frenzied peacock in a hospital parking lot in the middle of the night. Even his fellow officers look mortified by his brilliant display of immaturity.

And THEN when the crowd stands their ground he threatens to have all of their motorcycles towed for not having them parked one bike per parking space in an empty lot. This dude’s a clown.

(With the exception of William Green whom I personally can’t stand) I very, very rarely bash law enforcement because I appreciate the thankless job they do on a daily basis, ESPECIALLY in a city like Lawrence. There’s an endless supply of violence, drug crime, assault and murder going on non-stop in this city and I don’t expect every cop to have a smile on their face and rainbows flying out of their asses 100% of the time. They’re still human and the weight of their profession is bound to drag them down.

BUT there’s no excuse for the reckless, childish behavior officer Inostroza displayed on Sunday night. Last time I checked, threatening to throw hands and engaging in a pissing contest with civilians isn’t behavior becoming of an officer. I know better behaved 12 year olds.

But then again his public Facebook profile isn’t exactly teeming with maturity and decorum. Among other things he has a picture of his gun and a bottle of Hennessey. Enough said…


Well today Debo Brown, a well known “community activist” in Lawrence went down to the LPD to see what Captain McNamara had to say about the ordeal.

Long story short, everyone’s pissed. Police officers are pissed for being made to look bad and the people involved in Sunday night’s fiasco are pissed and feel disrespected. This is just another instance that fuels the people vs. law enforcement mentality, something I think people on both sides have grown beyond tired of in Lawrence.

Alberto is officially on paid administrative leave (aka vacation) until further notice.

MVTB, out.



2 Comment(s)
  • Peckerwood
    September 12, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Coloreds act just as disrespectful on motorcycles as they do on jet skis.

  • BobnMic
    September 12, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Defuse not incite. Mic dropped. Squeal noise.

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