• Food Stamp Friday Foolchild’s Baby Momma Is Also A Scammer, Recently Arrested For Taking Mentally Ill Patients To Target With Coworker’s Stolen Credit Card

    Food Stamp Friday Foolchild’s Baby Momma Is Also A Scammer, Recently Arrested For Taking Mentally Ill Patients To Target With Coworker’s Stolen Credit Card

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    This week’s Food Stamp Friday Foolchild of the week was Pedro “PJ” Teran from Lowell:

    Turns out his Baby Momma Haley McFadden, who more than likely owns the EBT card that this able-bodied male was selling on Facebook, has had her run-ins with the law as well:

    A former direct-care worker at the Mental Health Association of Lowell is accused of stealing a co-worker’s credit card, and with her handicapped client in tow, allegedly using the stolen card at Target to buy $400 in gift cards. In Lowell District Court on Tuesday, Haley McFadden, 25, of 53 Corbett St., Lowell, was released on personal recognizance after pleading not guilty to charges of larceny from a building, larceny of a credit card, improper use of a credit card, and two counts of attempt to commit a crime.

    McFadden, who had worked for the association for about three months, has since been terminated from her job, which included taking handicapped and challenged clients to their appointments, shopping and other tasks. The stolen card was used to purchase $400 in gift cards, but two subsequent attempts to use the credit card were denied. Police and association employees were able to view photos taken from Target’s security video. The photos allegedly showed McFadden with one of her clients at a register using the stolen credit card three times, only once was she successful, police allege.

    So once again. These people are parents. They are tasked with raising a human being. Not only are they stealing from the taxpayer’s by selling food stamps for drug money (and leaving their kids without food) and reselling stolen cribs, they’re also stealing credit cards from coworkers and forcing the mentally ill to accompany them to Target while they go on shopping sprees with other people’s money. They’re obviously not going to stop because this is just who they are at this point. What’s fucked up is they’re allowed to raise a child. A child who they treat as nothing more than free government handouts for them.

    Update: We were right:



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    1. True Reality Speaks


    2. The Vorlon

      Can we please do catch and release here?

      Catch them, snip both, tattoo “No Welfare for You” on their foreheads, terminate their parental rights and get a good home for the Little Miss, then toss the leeches out the door to survive or starve.

      Think of it as evolution in action.

    3. Barrack Obama

      Si’ Everything Free in Americah!!!

    4. Wtf

      Why are the cards “valid WITHOUT photo”? Do we really make it that easy for them. I am soooo confused.

      1. wabbitt

        It’s so Pedro can cruise up and be like, “Yeah dawg, mah name’s Haley. It’s bisexual.”

        “You mean unisex?”

        “Nah dawg, bisexual – it goes bof ways.”

    5. Just Looking Out

      Yes, these people are lowlifes, but you don’t know for a FACT that the baby crib that the guy was selling is stolen! My wife and I bought some things for our first little one which never got used.

      You are making a potentially libelous statement about this person. You might want to delete that part.

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