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  • The Dartmouth Yogapoon Is Back, And Now She’s Not Accepting The Free Yoga Coupons She Gave Out Like Cheap Wine Because People Are “Abusing” Them By Using Them

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    Remember Jennifer Azadnia – the Dartmouth Yogapoon?

    Quick trip down memory lane:

    • She claimed that her yoga studio was the victim of racism and harassment for teaching Buti yoga, which the white owned yoga studio across the street had culturally appropriated

    • Turned out that her instructors just weren’t certified to do this kind of yoga and it had nothing to do with racism

    • Her Facebook page was one of the greatest ghettofabulous works of art you will ever see

    Well, apparently business is not going too well since we last wrote about her three months ago. She had been passing out these gift cards for free sessions when times were good. But she’s evidently announced that she will no longer be accepting them because they are being “abused.”

    In other words, people were using the free gift cards she handed out like cheap wine.

    She initially told clients that they had until March 1 to redeem theirs, but evidently she moved up that date:

    Shocking. I expected much better customer service from someone who calls herself the Gucci Queen.


    Basically the gift cards were given out so that she could get you in there and sell you more stuff. But the problem is that she gave away a lot of them which people were using and then not buying stuff. This is what she meant by “abuse.”

    The cards have no expiration date on them, and a lot of women are being denied.

    She also made people stand in line to get them in the first place:

    Nevertheless she had her ratchet defenders, like Taylor here:

    “She handed them out like candy, and she has every right to take them right back.”

    Yea….I’m pretty sure that’s not how coupons work. But then again Taylor here looks like she might’ve graduated from Harvard Internet Law School:

    So ya never know.

    Oh, and anyone who has a problem with this “jealous” so “namaste bitches”:

    Anyway, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear from the Dartmouth Yogapoon. I do have to say that I’m kind of surprised she’s being so cheap. After all, does it really matter if her business makes money? She runs a yoga sweatshop, seems to have an endless supply of bling, and ultimately her geriatric yogurt slinger is fitting the bill anyway. I expected a lot more from you Ms. Gucci Princess.

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    1. Uncle Randy

      Still would.

    2. Well, No Shit

      This chick is totally ridiculous in every way.

      She looks like a crossbreed between one of those shitty caricatures drawn by “art majors” at Hampton Beach, and a Kardashian with Down Syndrome.


      1. LocalYokel

        A young Donatella Versace, left out in the sun too long…

    3. Stunt Penis

      from the size of her thighs I’d say she should lay off the doughnuts.

      1. Bleep

        Post picture of your thighs for comparison 

        1. Suzanne Sommers

          Doesn’t matter… seen better thighs in a bucket of KFC.

    4. KJDS

      I’m thinking that “namaste, bitches” is a bit of an oxymoron.

    5. Bret

      Why are you writing about BitchmadeBrians mom!!!!

    6. DaTruth

      She is banging a 65 Year old bald guy. Nasty

    7. Mr. Boombastic

      Taylor seems like an awful cunt but I wouldn’t mind seeing her spread her lips

      1. Well, No Shit

        I’m envisioning an Arby’s roast beef sandwich, dripping with Horsey Sauce, left baking in the sun for a couple of days.

        The sight and smell, as well as the fly population, would be identical.

    8. The Big D

      Useless disease riddled liberal leftist cunt

    9. ElJefe72

      She’s just a ratchet who’s a high-class wannabe, but she’s got a smokin’ body.

    10. Roger

      She’s the poster child for every man to get a good job and save his money. Because one day you’ll be 70, have enough money for daily viagra doses, and a useless whore nibbling on your old wrinkley foreskin every night before, murder she wrote.   The only good thing that comes from her, is that she doesn’t mooch off the system….She gets her subsidized housing in business loans through an old rotted piece of shit for a human instead

    11. Vicxh

      I would do a downward dog on this.

    12. Local yogi

      This doesn’t surprise me a bit. She passed them out like candy to cut the throats of other studios. They’d post a party or gathering on FB and she’d post one up 3 days later promising all sorts of Free this free that … always wondered how she was still in business. THIS GIRL IS UNREAL… no taksey backsey? Spoiled girl doesn’t understand common curtesy SMH

    13. Tango Romeo

      I’d break out the Rod O’ Justice and go spelunking and spunking in her crap cavern.
      Shame on her for welching on the coups.

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