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This Local Grundle Vulture Is Scamming Families Out Of Thousands Of $$’s With Botched Construction Jobs!

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Get a load of this douchey, blue-collar-scholar who keeps ripping people off left and right:

Meet Shane Arcidiacono of SJA Concrete. He’s the dildodonkey that’s been screwing up major construction jobs, leaving them unfinished, dodging customer phone calls and conning local families out of thousands of dollars.

He’s a “grade A savage.”

If you’re looking to shell out $7k for a lopsided foundation or interested in an uneven garage floor that runs water into your house, Shane’s your man.

You can check out the Salem NH Residents Facebook Page where he got publicly shamed to the 9’s for being a shady piece of shit.

Like when he charged 5k for an uneven, shoddy patio that doesn’t match:

Or when he botched a garage, didn’t finish it and asked for more money:

Or when he took 900$ for a walkway he never started:


The worst job I’ve seen yet was a foundation he completely fucked up and then bailed on. Shane took $7,000 from a guy named John White for a foundation that had zero rebar in it and was over 2 1/2 feet off square. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. Basically he screwed the entire project up and jumped ship.

So after paying to have THE ENTIRE THING RIPPED OUT, the guy who owns the house had to start all over again.:


Then he had to pay for new drainage materials before he could get it completely re-done the right way:

And where is Shane while all of these people are still shelling out thousands of dollars to fix or re-do his fine craftsmanship? Well when he’s not scamming people and posting proud photos of his bogus handiwork Shane can be found fishing on his boat (likely paid for by unsuspecting customers.) I’m sure he spends the rest of the day sniffing his fish fingers wishing he was fucking something other than unsuspecting families.

And the kicker is that he’s denying any wrong doing AND contests that he doesn’t owe anyone a dime. What an special little queefmuffin.

Consider this a formal warning. Shane is a slippery motherfucker who has no problem walking away with your hard earned $$$. Do NOT hire him under any circumstances. If you happen to bump into him, feel free to hock a loogie in his Dunks and tell him MVTB sent you.



3 Comment(s)
    September 12, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    He’d look good wearing cement shoes! Just sayin’……

  • Peckerwood
    September 12, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Typical Portuguese “craftsman”

  • Mr. T
    September 12, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    First he should change his name from Shane to SHAME. Even his grin is evil. Stick some horns on his head and he’s the fucking devil. As far as the boat and fish, he probably just stole those too. People, going forward, before you hire anyone for a construction job make sure they are bonded and get a copy of the document. That way if they fail their insurance company is liable for paying to get the job completed.

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