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  • Webster Brother And Sister Chudlumps Rape 16 Year Old,  Tie Her Up, Shave Her Head, Burn Cigarettes On Her, Put Machete To Neck With 2 Year Old Present Because They Think She Set Them Up For Weed Robbery

    Webster Brother And Sister Chudlumps Rape 16 Year Old,  Tie Her Up, Shave Her Head, Burn Cigarettes On Her, Put Machete To Neck With 2 Year Old Present Because They Think She Set Them Up For Weed Robbery

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    Here’s one of the more disturbing stories you’ll see out of Auburn….

    Four people are facing charges after a 16-year-old girl was held against her will in an Auburn cellar, confined to a chair by duct tape, burned with a lit cigarette and had her hair shaved off, police say. The girl was previously drugged and raped, police wrote in a statement of facts filed in Worcester Central District Court. Auburn police say that Krystal Lugo, Christopher Lugo, Yariel Torres-Abee and Yuleny Ortiz were at 10 White Terrace in Auburn on Wednesday. Christopher Lugo lives at the address, police wrote. Also inside the home was the transient 16-year-old, who police say was victimized by the defendants both before and after a home invasion at the residence on Wednesday.

    Krystal Lugo and her 2-year-old child were in an upstairs bedroom during the early morning hours Wednesday when two armed men forced their way into the residence and confronted Christopher Lugo, police wrote. Three rounds were fired in the house. According to police, the purpose of the home invasion was to steal marijuana the gunmen believed was at the address. The suspects fled without any property. That’s when the four started to believe that the 16-year-old set up the home invasion, police wrote. Krystal Lugo was upset that her life and her child’s life were put in danger and tried to make the juvenile name the suspects, police wrote.

    “The victim was said to have been confined to a chair via duct tape in the cellar of the home,” police wrote. “The victim stated that [Krystal Lugo] took her cell phone against her will, kicked and punched her and was involved in confining her while the victim was burned in the collar bone area of her body with a lit cigarette by a female known as ‘Katie.'”

    Used and unused duct tape was found in the cellar, some of which was still on a post behind the chair, police wrote. Police said the juvenile told them that a machete was held against her neck and that Krystal Lugo told the person holding the machete to press it against the victim’s neck harder if she lied. It is not clear who was holding the machete, police wrote. The victim’s head was also shaved against her will, police wrote. A bag with what appeared to be hair inside was found in the cellar.

    Multiple discarded condoms were also found in the cellar, police wrote. The victim told police that on Christmas she was given a “Xanax laced ‘blunt’ for the purpose of incapacitating her in order for the defendant to engage in sexual act(s) with her.” Police said Christopher Lugo told the victim that on Wednesday.

    Krystal Lugo, 23, of Webster, is charged with kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery and larceny under $250; Christopher Lugo, 19, is charged with kidnapping, rape and drug to confine; Torres-Abee, 22, of Southbridge, is charged with kidnapping and assault and battery; Ortiz, 19, of Auburn, is charged with kidnapping.

    Krystal ad Chris Lugo are Bay Path grads and besies till they did. Or as Chris calls her on Facebook, “my main n word”


    Shockingly he owns a hat with a curved brim, and she owns clothing that says, “SWAG” on it:

    If you own any clothing that says, “SWAG” on it, you definitely passed the MCAS on your third try at best.

    The two others from Southbridge don’t appear to be on Facebook. If they are, let us know. Here’s the thing with Facebook that we’ve learned over time – Latinos are much harder to find than white and black people. I’m not even kidding. Whenever someone is Hispanic we almost don’t even bother looking for them, because they’re smart enough not to use their real names. Basic wypipo leave everything open though. Free lunch.

    Obviously the first thing we look for is the hat of champions. We almost couldn’t find it. Then this showed up:

    There it is!!

    If you could’t tell he was a crotchfruit from all the raping and kidnapping, the hat should’ve been your dead giveaway. Parents, if you see your child wearing one of these please burn it for their own good. You don’t want your babies appearing on Turtleboy. That will kill your property value.

    Chris Lugo is a real winner too, which is why the only way he can get his weapon of ass destruction is wet is by feeding a 16 year old a roofy coolata and tying her up in the basement. Shockingly he is a “musical entrepreneur”:

    Translation – he occasionally fills in on a 860 Money Crew rap video when 2$moke is in jail.

    He’s come a long way from his Bay Path days when he was an acne covered moptop perpetual virgin:

    Then he went the Private Pyle route:

    Before finally giving up on hair and rocking the flat brim

    Along the way he discovered marijuana. But instead of just getting high like a normal person, geeking out, and eating those 6 packs of chocolate donuts from Cumby’s, he did shit like this:

    Bro, do you smoke weed? So edgy!

    Once 18 hit and he finally graduated from puberty he immediately did what every chudlump from Webduh does – grew a chinstrap:

    He gets one free rape mulligan though, on account of that time he saved France from ISIS:

    Seriously though, all this over weed?? Fucking weed? What the fuck is wrong with these gutter maggots? It’s legal in Massachusetts now. You don’t have to kill each other over it. They’re all from Webster and Southbridge too. Do you understand what weed costs in Webster and Southbridge? They sell it at the Dollar Store. If you’re so poor that you can’t afford weed in Webduh you should just give up on life.

    And let me get this straight. The 2 year old is in a house where weed is being sold by her winner of a little brother. Dudes come there to rob them, steal nothing, and fire the gun inside. The “mother” is so afraid for her daughter’s safety that instead of calling the cops she elects to have a 16 year old child who she assumed set them up, beat her, tied up, shaved her head, watched her get raped, burned cigarettes on her face, and put a machete to her neck until she named names.

    Keep that shit out of Auburn, and back in Southbridge where it belongs.

    The bottom line is that the Lugos are obviously dangerous psychopaths. He should be be in jail for a long, long time, and she should never be allowed to see her child ever again. In a perfect world that’s how it would work. But this is Massachusetts, so some Deval Patrick judge will give them both a CWOF and they’ll be back to their ratchet behavior in no time. Until then, can we borrow those clippers Chris?

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    1. deb

      May the state take her kid away – it is the only chance the 2 year old has of having a normal life.

      1. Marvin

        The Dollar Store in Webster closed. No one could afford anything there.

    2. QueefChief

      hmmmmm… thinking…
      Would I rather pay for this piece of shits incarceration through my tax money and have him potentially do it again?, Or have him put to death. Death. Zero chance of repeat offense and I’m not paying a private corporation to keep him incarcerated, feed, and clothe him.
      I’d say just give him the chair, and every other ratchet rapist piece of shit. Less scumbags in this world the better. I have 2 young daughters, after reading this all I can think is I hope these scumbags all die of heroin overdoses, and natural selection corrects society before my daughters get to high school. If not, I’ll have to keep the ratchet repellant on hand. (.45). If someone raped my daughter they would get slaughtered, toe to head, so they can watch, and reflect on their actions in their last breaths…

      1. The Rant Queen

        100% agreed & same.

      2. Fuck u cunt

        First off GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!
        Second if you were in his shoes youd prob do the same shit if you were woken up to being hit by 2 random niggas that walked in your house and you have a random bitch in your house WHO WILLING SHOWED UP AT THIS HOUSE SO AGAIN TO EVERYINE WHO READS TGIS COMNENTS ON THIS OR EVEN FOLLOWS WHAT THIS FAGGOT TURTLEBOY SAYS (I MEAN I CAN BLAME YOU GUYS FOR FOLLOWING WHAT TURTLDBOY SAYS YALL PROB FUCKIN INCONSIDERD CUNTS) ALL OF YOU CAN SUCK ON A BIG ASS DICK HOW A FUCKIN BOUT THAT BITCHES

        1. QueefChief

          No, I don’t think I’d tie up and rape an underage girl. Why exactly was there a 16 year old girl allowed into your house to smoke xanax blunts in the first place? Who’s fault is that? Hmmm…

        2. Marvin

          The Webster is strong with this one…

        3. Kanacke Hasser

          Aww, hold up. We definitely got off on the wrong foot, Webster bro. Don’t be mad. We’re not all “c*nts”. I’m one of the good ones.

          How about you let me know about a quiet parking lot close to where you are so we can talk for a few. I’ll bring you a six-pack of tall boys. Make sure the place is out of the way so that yelling won’t attract the cops.

    3. Dick Hertz from Holden

      Don’t come to Holden, we don’t tolerate shitbags here . . . .

      1. Fuck u cunt


    4. Jon

      Looking at these nerds i cant believe it. If its true these asshats are gonna get smoked. He’ll end up 8 10 at walpole getting beat up everyday then register as a sex offender for life. All over weed the sister will get 5 yrs probation they never send girls to jail unless they kill someone.

      1. Dayo

        HE will be a girl in jail.

        1. Homey, homo, same difference

          He’s getting his eyebrows and toenails done as we comment

    5. Brand

      i read this over might go back on it but WTF really going on here. Wt really a crothfruit? i gts but it seems over simplified.
      i juss need a summary or sum shit.
      Is this rape really bad? i need answer

      1. Batts

        Some rape is worse than othe rape? I don’t think so. Have you committed some not-so-bad rape yourself? “Crothfruit”

      2. #doyouevenenglishbra?


    6. Ralph

      What we need here are 2 retroactive birth control pills …

    7. bigdaddy

      Suprisingku the Turtlegram was short on details on this story

    8. whatevuh

      One of Webster’s finest . . . . I’m guessing his music career is pretty much over at this point LMAO Mom must be so proud of her little boy

    9. Brett Killorans 2 lonely meth teeth

      Can’t duck tape me down cus I would chew threw it like a rabbit eating a fresh carrot pulled right from the soil I shit in.

      1. ugh

        duct…. it’s DUCT.

        1. Brett Killorans dirty fingernails

          I dont spell the best. Too distracted while I type on my flip phone.

          1. aight

            k Kevin

    10. Bulldog

      How much you want to bet that they lived in section 8 housing and are on EBT/SNAP aka food stamps? A 23-year-old single mom living with her 2-year-old, her brother, some other randoms, and selling drugs… yeah, this has the DTA office all over it.

      1. Eyes and Ears

        Lugo kids were born and raised in Auburn, and both lived on White Terrace with their parents until they both died of drug overdoses a few years ago. Chris has been running drugs out of there for years now, and his butt buddy Ortiz lives up the street and got busted for transporting a pound of dope earlier this year (busted in Charlton, i think). There’s another, younger Lugo sister, too. Cops know the house and the kids very well. Hope they hang the fucks.

        Kids never had a chance with the low life parents, though. The Ortiz kid’s in the same boat with his scumbag Papi and the mother finally got fed up and left him earlier this year. Don’t know the other lowlife. No Section 8 – just no real parents. The young girl who got raped probably comes from a similar family situation. Sad.

        1. 51758&1

          Parents didn’t die of drug overdose lol everyone should get the facts before commenting. Nor did it have anything to do with how children are raised. All the people involved were adults minus the poor girl. They all made their own choices

        2. B


          1. Joe Biden

            Get a hold of yourself!

          2. B IS FOR BITCH

            NEVER MIND



      2. deval patrick

        That is just an anecdote

    11. Kevin Lynch

      Just giving you an update. I had another thread removed from your site.
      You caused my page to be suspended so I am busting paying you back. You are easy as you post many things that are in violation.
      Happy New Years.

      1. getalifewhileonparole

        Moron – do you keep doing that so the people who check for violations can take time away from REAL issues (ie: see the WSJ article)?

        1. Kevin Lynch

          When I was in jail spent a lot of time on my knees

      2. Kevin Lynchs tiny penis

        Fuck you ashole

    12. The Devil

      leny Ortiz is facebook name for Yuleny Ortiz js

    13. DJ Trump

      Spics man, I’ve never met one I liked. …Their entire mongrel race is morally bankrupt opertunistic shitheads

    14. Horny HarborMaster

      I hope North Korea nukes us. I mean WTF is a “xanax laced blunt” (some new spice, or a flavoring, or a garnishment, or just a waste of a xanax) ??? Smokin, tokin, all that xanax Kim Jung needs to put us out of our own misery.

    15. don

      how does one smoke a blunt laced with xanax? pills dont burn.

    16. Jethaniel Bridgeton

      You soulless piece of shit

    17. A T

      Yulenys Facebook is Lenny Ortiz he sells weed and tried to get with my 13 year old, older sister in the summer

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