Turtleboy Sports was founded by a small group of bloggers in December of 2013. It was initially supposed to be about sports, but quickly transformed into much more. We found out that what the people have been yearning for is a media outlet that isn’t afraid to cover hard-hitting stories that the mainstream media shies away from. By thoroughly investigating local, statewide, and even national stories, Turtleboy has established its reputation as the only media outlet that consistently gives readers the story behind the story.

As a result our readership continues to grow. In September of 2014 we averaged less than 1,000 views per day, and had only 700 followers on Facebook. In March of 2016 we averaged 65,000 views per day and have over 26,000 followers on Facebook. The brand will only continue to grow as Turtleboy is providing a service for that communities everywhere have been looking for.

Turtleboy Sports has always been and always will be a free website for our readers. However, we would not be able to function and provide this valuable service to the community without financial support. Thus we do have advertisers, and we strongly urge you to support them. Without them none of this is possible. Another way to show your support for what we are doing at Turtleboy is to buy your favorite things from the Turtleboy store linked below.

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Click on the image to view all products in the Turtleboy Store. Shirt are also available at the Union Tavern and The Buzz Barber Shop.

We love to hear feedback from our readers, both good and bad, because we want to make sure that this site is something you want to go to on a daily basis. We thrive off of constructive criticism and want to make your experience at Turtleboy a positive one.

Thank you for continuing to ride the turtle with us.