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    Turtleboy Sports was founded by a small group of bloggers in December of 2013. It was initially supposed to be about sports, but quickly transformed into much more. We found out that what the people have been yearning for is a media outlet that isn’t afraid to cover hard-hitting stories that the mainstream media shies away from. By thoroughly investigating local, statewide, and even national stories, Turtleboy has established its reputation as the only media outlet that consistently gives readers the story behind the story.

    As a result our readership continues to grow. In September of 2014 we averaged less than 1,000 views per day, and had only 700 followers on Facebook. In March of 2016 we averaged 65,000 views per day and have over 26,000 followers on Facebook. The brand will only continue to grow as Turtleboy is providing a service for that communities everywhere have been looking for.

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    We love to hear feedback from our readers, both good and bad, because we want to make sure that this site is something you want to go to on a daily basis. We thrive off of constructive criticism and want to make your experience at Turtleboy a positive one.

    Thank you for continuing to ride the turtle with us.

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    1. Walter

      Walter Bird from Worcester Magazine here. Would like to meet you for possible interview and story about your site and how you got started. 978-518-7777

      1. Finnish goalie

        Is this occuring?

      2. Turtleboy Fan

        Of course you won’t reveal your identity. Post a screen shot and get a few chuckles from your fellow Pats fans at my expense. Much like you, I crave any attention I can get. I will find you. I promise.

        1. todd

          you sound like a really tough guy.

      3. Rich Barker

        His real name was exposed already!!

        1. Finnish Goalie

          Except, it wasn’t.

          1. Turkey Boy

            It was exposed. There will be another blog shortly with more detailed info

          2. d

            I love it in the poopshoot.

      4. mack4966

        Walter…you really don’t want to miss this guy. Trust me. Not a pretty sight.

    2. Granny Jones

      Hey honey, love the new blog!

      xoxo Grandma

    3. C&K

      Mr. TB,

      If you’re looking for PR/Media/Marketing help – contact us at Callanan & Klein Communications.

      P.S. We’re big fans.


    4. Gonewestbutnotsoft

      Where are we at in the process of making t- shirts?

    5. Aitkenhead


    6. Jay Heaps

      Shitty blog.

    7. suck me dick

      barstool is better

    8. TB's Tiny Penis

      Own up to your shit asshole.

    9. Jamison Wou

      I dislike this blog. Bad blog. Enough said.

    10. Wistanative

      I love this blog, thank you. ~ A Worcester native stuck in the political politeness of the Pioneer Valley after graduating from UMass in ’91 and returning to this area to start a business and meet/marry my husband in the process.

    11. ds

      Terrible blog. A disgrace to the holy Turtleboy.

    12. Lmao

      This blog is poorly written, riddled with grammatical errors and filled with senseless ramblings that do nothing more than further someone’s own backwards understanding of how anything works in this country. If you would like to be taken seriously try presenting articles from an unbiased and well thought out standpoint instead of reducing this blog to nothing more than another idiotic mouthpiece with which to spew condescending remarks about something you really have no idea about. It’s hard to take anything you say seriously when there are grammatical errors in the first line of the title….

      1. E

        Well said this guy is an idiot and a coward can’t even reveal hiself and own up to his beliefs instead he shits and critisizes in secret what a bitch

      2. the_wolf

        FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Our most valuable right. No one HAS to read this blog, nor agree with any view point. However, EVERYONE has the Right of Freedom of Speech. We all should Respect it, Personally Exercise it and Protect it.

        I see this blog as entertainment with current events as a spring board. Usually a comment makes me smile… apparently it reaches a large audience, has a decent fan base. I am fairly sure this Blogger was not thinking “Pulitzer” with his/her original concept. I have not read anything that suggests danger, I.e. a call to arms, jihad, or Jim Jones’ style brain washing..

        Fortunately every American has an opinion, and the right to share their opinion, their voice. Far too many governments or countries restrict and/or punish this with public shunning, stonings, incarcerations even executions.. for Words.

        Seriously, in 2015 you can still be killed in certain countries for speaking certain words. You could not criticize this Blogger’s technical skill, or any others.. so I ask, who really gives a shit about sentence structure or punctuation in an online blog? If this is something you are passionate about, as it is with my own daughter, Please, I urge you to write your own blog – DEFEND, PROTECT, PRACTICE your FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

        1. mack4966

          We can and do respect the free speech. But it is okay to disrespect what is said. This Turtle dung is just nasty, unintelligent garbage.

        2. Louie

          Everyone should have the right to express themselves freely, and face the consequences of doing so.. Turtle hiding his identity means he is not ready to face the fallout. SJW’s have a habit of exposing people that hold different views than them.. I may think he’s an asshole for dissing my hometown but that’s neither here nor there.. I’m confident that my state will literally smoke out cuntservatives like this guy once weed is legal for recreational use. If he hates western mass now he is gonna hate it even more when thousands of pot tourists flock from the neighbouring states when the law goes into effect in 2017 🙂 If he moved to Florida he would fit right in.. Aren’t gun laws significantly less restrictive there?

      3. Grammar Police

        “with which to spew condescending remarks about something you really have no idea about.”
        from which you spew condescending remarks regarding something about which you have no idea.**
        Never end a sentence with a dangling modifier, maybe then people will take your comments seriously about this “idiotic mouthpiece.” 🙂

    13. Ari Lehman

      Great blog! You guys really do a nice job of writing about the Patriots and other Boston sports topics. I am like you. My name is Ari Lehman, I am a 12 year old sports blogger and I am trying to build a fan base just like you. I have already followed you and you can follow me at sportstalkwithari.com

      1. mack4966

        Ari….when you get a few years older, thus smarter, you will see that there is nothing great about those Turtle blogs….. mostly nasty and unintelligent. You can and will do a lot better.

    14. Lee

      Will you do a blog regarding the rush hour blockade in Milton and other towns by blacklivesmatter goup

      see boston globe 1/15/15

    15. DDOS

      Have you heard the term”Direct Denial Of Service” if not I urge you to find out what that means. Now that I assume you have and atleast did a little reaserch on it then you know your website can ex taken down with the click of a button, now I’m not one to threaten but defimation of character is illegal and your website is filled with this contet. Now most people don’t know or even understand what defimation of character is so thst why you got away with this alsong as you have. Now a choice. Take down your recent post about the fools from grafton hill formally appologozie to everyone you Rudley criticized as a new post and stop being a judgmental ass hole over the internet that hides behind the name turtlebot. Again if you did enough research a DDOS attack can even be powerful enough to completely destroy a router not mention having your ip adress makes I really easy to find out who you are and where you live. You have 48 hours to remove the post formally appologozie and stop your crudenes.

      1. Ricky Bobby

        Shut up you idiot. I grew up in Grafton Hill and I have worked for top level IT security firms. Aint nothin you can do brah with a DOS attack. Freedom of speech fucko

      2. CBD


        Please DDOS bluehost and go to jail. People who can’t spell shouldn’t be allowed near the general public.

        1. Skeptical

          By that logic I guess Turtle Boy shouldn’t be allowed around the general public.

      3. Finnish Goalie

        This again? More nickels for me!!

      4. Dave Martinovich

        DDOS – sounds like a threat.

    16. T

      Come on that video of those two dummies “rapping” in the Grafton hill plaza does not represent the people that grew up on Grafton st at all!

    17. Steven Viner

      I’ve had enough. At first, I was pissed at the Patriots for putting their fans through this crap…AGAIN. But the media and non-Patriot fans have taken this to another level, and it’s pathetic. “Belichick should be suspended for a year,” “Brady should be suspended for the Superbowl.” Let me count the ways a player and teams cheat in sports that get anywhere from a few games suspended, to ignored! #1 Depending on the sport, this deflated ball crap is no different than when a professional athlete takes a dive, or flops around like a fish, looking for a foul, a penalty or pass interference. I don’t want to hear this is “gamesmanship.” No, it’s fucking CHEATING! You are FAKING the amount of physical contact that was applied to you to buy a call from the referee. #2 If Brady is responsible for deflating balls, why should the TEAM and head coach be punished for this? If this is the case, explain to me why a team and its head coach aren’t punished when one of its players test positive for performance enhancing drugs? You had a player on your team, competing in a game, that isn’t normally that strong, or that fast. THIS, is another form of cheating, that the team or head coach never pays for, even if the team had multiple players in one year test positive. So why should Belichick be punished if Brady screwed with the balls? #3 Baseball pitchers putting substances on the ball, hitters putting too much pine tar on baseball bats, hockey players having to much curve in their blade, Quarterbacks screwing with footballs: (Tons of former Quarterbacks are coming out saying they altered footballs in all sorts of ways.) Again, these are all forms of cheating! #4 Teams video taping the other teams signals. (No the Patriots weren’t the only team.) the base runner on second base giving the batter signals of what type of pitch is coming next. The punishment that the media and non-Patriot fans are screaming for is a JOKE! If you are one of them, calling for a punishment more than a fine, then I am calling Brady deflating the football, GAMESMANSHIP!

    18. KC

      GET HYPE FOR SUNDAY – https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1422503916&x-yt-cl=85027636&v=qIvpMPA8fkg#t=69

      And to all the Pats haters out there….suck it

    19. KEK

      You do a great job keeping us Massachusetts ex – pats apprised of our beloved Pats.

    20. KKK John

      Let me know if you are ever interested in joining the ranks. I think you could be a strong contributor

      1. E

        I agree racist

    21. serious

      Serious question… How can you defend your blog as not racist when it clearly garners support from people who are outlandishly racist, yet is rejected by those who try to be conscious of how different races are treated?

      1. Leo

        Serious question… was your mother constantly drunk while pregnant with you, or did she just drop you on your head several times a day as a baby?

    22. Kevin Flanders

      Hi. I’m writing an article on Douglas being awarded #1. Can someone reach out to me with a quote or two?


    23. Turtle Man

      You, Turtle Boy, are an imposter and a painful disgrace to the journalism community. You are also 100% unethical and seem to be in it for all of the wrong reasons. Please do some soul searching and maybe, just maybe then you won’t be such a FUCKBOI PUSSY ASS BITCH. But you’ll always be a FUCKBOI PUSSY ASS BITCH THAT HAS NO FRIENDS

      1. Dave Martinovich

        You seem to have a problem with the First Amendment.

    24. dose

      I think the blog is funny and full of information that we dont get from that “newspaper”,Worcester needs more of this.

    25. J. SpiritWolf Vega

      Dear Turtleboy (As a community driven in freedom of expressive words)

      I have been introduced to this website and am currently researching your articles and sharing of knowledge by the community of those who wish to bring the raw truths, even against those who wish to continue their ignorance and defile the freedom of expression. How does this affect them? In many ways. But. It is obvious that it begins with the facts of their own decision to continue in the self blindness by their own acceptance and their total refusal to accept the fact that they are as much of the cowards that are accusing you of being. Let’s face this. We have all fallen cowards to the system in which have done nothing but failed us and have learned the methods of conditioning. A simple form of repetitive image and dishonest impressionism to the sub-conscience that you are now living. Will you ever fit in? No. Even as one of them? If you are ever exposed, or even slipped up? You are shunned by dis-association and flat out denied of any value in the first place. Sound familiar? We see it every day when what is finally exposed to the public and are being held accountable? All whom you have heightened your social status with? Are all GONE! You are ALONE! I don’t make haste decisions and will continue to read your ‘BLOG’ page, understanding that you encourage the raw truths of those who do have the courage to share their words and may continue to share so that one day they shall come to understand that their forms of media is just a way to keep you unaware of the truths behind their lies. Be assured that there will be more shared in time, but as I have expressed, it shall come with understanding more of what this all represents in the long run. Quitters never succeed as the self chosen blind ones shall never see the truth when they are in power to actually see. It is the very same lack of courage that has failed not only America, but the people who have believed in it in the first place with those who knew we mattered as ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.

    26. Leith Larson

      hi i wanted to know if you could send the photo from the parade. keep on typing turtle boy. I’m loving the articles.

    27. E

      Why can’t you stand behind your positions with a pic and let us know who you are

    28. Dave Martinovich

      Dear “E”

      Ghost-writers are nothing new. They have freedom that others don’t. Imagine what trouble “Mark Twain” would have gotten into if his real name had been known. Same with actors, many performers, etc….,. Having a pen-name is a sign of intelligence, not of cowardice.

      I have an idea. If you don’t like TurtleBoy’s rants – they’re not for everybody – don’t read them. Sound reasonable?

    29. RSoxGuy

      Comment issues again. Im trying to post but its not showing.

      1. Finnish Goalie

        I get that on occasion as well.

      2. Nicole

        That is because he doesn’t like what you are posting, it is making the writer look bad. Happened to me a lot after he/whoever writes this twisted my words, after copy and pasting my article to garner ratings to make money. Horrible writer. You copy and paste pictures as well as stealing other people’s ideas and pictures.

    30. CommunityPolicing

      Have you seen Worcester lately? Have you read any factual new stories about it? It’s flooded with gang banging drug dealers and their countless victims and exploits. Poor parents raising disrespectful criminals with no regard for the law or this beautiful city of ours. I’m okay with this judgement and words that need to be spoken from an offensive point of view. There is nothing fair about the lesser cooperative section of this city causing actual damage to security and our sense of pride. The home invasions, Heroin rings, prostitution, overall filth, and adolescent violence in our public schools and public places. I personally enjoy having someone finally send shots back at the same scum bags who are getting away with murder in my city. I could care less about being fair and playing nice… if words can make a difference in the hearts and minds of my city, enough that maybe we arm ourselves with guns, bats, or thoughtful resistance to the scum bags dragging Worcester through the mud, then so be it. I welcome the change. It’s not racism. It’s an active offensive on the people who take advantage of our freedoms and liberties to conduct themselves in demeaning and uncivilized ways. Stay anonymous. In fact embrace Anonymous. The system isn’t fucked. It’s the people across the board that need the uncomfortable truth told to them that we are all responsible to keep each other in check. There seems to be a serious lack of that going on… so continue doing your think TB. The fools and criminals hate the spotlight because it highlights their obvious lack of self respect for each other and our beloved city. Post their pictures. Name their names. And hopefully it will make more folks think twice before making stupid fucking decisions. #TurtleSlap

    31. lol

      Just a thought for whoever runs this, most of the article titles are too long to be read viewing the site on mobile..and the advertising for running an ad with you guys is kind of unnerving since theres no description of the cut off titles. Just my 2 cents.

      1. Andi

        What a plarsuee to find someone who thinks through the issues

    32. MamAshley

      Your articles usually have me darn near peeing my pants. Great job TB!!! Keep it up

    33. Anonymous

      Hi tutle boy, in all honestly I hate you and I think your a joke your reviews are just nonsense and are never true. Especially north high school . You honestly like to cause more problems and make people’s lives miserable.well stope making ours at north high school. Stop listening to student input and listen to the real story or better yet don’t talk about my school at all… Get lost!!!!

    34. joe

      you have been warned. leave jen roy alone or it will get much worse then shutting down your site ……smokingjoe

    35. tlb233

      Your site need to be upgraded and streamlined. Also, know lots of people who want to order t-shirts etc online. If you would be interested in this, please email me and I can show you a few options.

    36. random kid

      No matter what people say, agree or disagree, judge, etc. You still probably make some good money monthly from running this website. Especially from ads! 🙂 this is an awesome website. I’m currently trying to work on mine. I’m 20 years old and I’ve always wanted to make extra streams of income. Goodjob man!

    37. Disappointed

      This website is sadly how predominantly white people think. You can down this all you want, but this is a racist pushed website and it has no concern for the real evidence. Grow up in this shitty hidden racist state long enough as a minority and you will become fast to learn you need to leave it behind. Fuck people like this they are shitty and the people supporting these fuck faces are no better.

      1. Finnish Goalie

        But out of the goodness of your heart, could you give to one of the sponsored Go Fund Me pages?

    38. E

      I think you should be entitled to pay royalties to all the ppl u make money off of by shaming them and defacing their character i believe i will have to ask an attorney if a class action is possible

      1. Finnish Goalie

        Get a ticket for the waiting line.

      2. Steve Gambone

        Don’t forget to point out to your attorney that the liberal, Politically Correct Klan has been blacklisting and punishing people for years. People have been forced out of jobs, shamed and defaced for not obeying the PCK language rules. When a black man disagrees with the PCK he is branded as an Uncle Tom. If the man is white he is called racist.

        A class action suit against the left-wingers for their organized politically correct McCarthyism would be in the billion dollar range. Big cash awards for the victims.

        Your anti-Turtle lawsuit might get you a free Turtleboy T-shirt once the lawyers take their cut. Just buy one and burn it in protest to save yourself the court hassle.

      3. Nicole

        I agree

      4. Nicole

        I also agree with this

    39. Nicole

      Mr. “Turtleboy” and I do mean “boy” You obviously require a website to boost y our ego and or give you a sense of accomplishment in your “writing career”. You will have to excuse my excessive use of quotes as it can not be helped. I am many things. Call me a “Hippie” if you wish. That is not, by any means an insult. I dare you, you little coward. hiding behind the face of a cartoon turtle…..to watch just ONE u-tube video of my choosing of an innocent animal being slaughtered alive for FOOD in this factory farming industry. And you are right I was “sheltered” as a child. I did not know about the factory farming as a child, I did know about ethical farming practices however. I have educated myself, and recently become a vegetarian. I think that these women who work at Hooters are beautiful, but are also many other things. Unfortunately, this restaurant does not broadcast these things first and foremost. I have much to say on the topic of feminism that would probably go right over your head. My assumption about you, (since you made many about me, )is that you are a 20 something year-old who has failed at a writing career. You are making money off of advertisements, and write poorly written articles in order to do this. I would try and educate you in the ways of feminism and or communicating your ideas to a broader audience besides mindless sexist men, but obviously you would rather COPY AND PASTE MY WORDS FOR YOUR PAGE IN ORDER TO GET RATINGS, DO I GET A CUT? You probably won’t even paste this since it will display your utter weakness as a writer and human being. I’d like to meet with you one on one. As soon as possible. Lets call it a meeting of the minds. Oh wait I just read that YOU NEVER REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY HA HA HA HA HA ! WHAT A COWARD!!!! I do not take kindly to someone judging my character based on a few lines and boasting about them on his lame website. I heard about your comments from a family member who lives in Northborough. She is a vegan and I was supporting her by writing these comments. Please let me your private e-mail and we can set up a time and place. I will never give you my real name. You don’t deserve it. I am a scholar, a professional, and as you will see in person the hottest hippie” you have ever seen. My husband (a real writer ) will be with us. I look forward to our meeting, if you are brave enough…………. Then you’d have a REAL interview to write about……. Your supporters are fellow attention seeking trolls.

      1. The Philistine

        You already posted this. Keep it in the relevant thread.

      2. RSoxGuy


    40. KP

      I don’t understand why you won’t reveal your identity. I’m new to this blog, a friend of mine likes it, but knowing you won’t reveal yourself makes me wonder about how authentic the content is.

    41. Ryan


      I am contacting you due to the fact that I am published on your website without permission. I am asking you to remove the entire “P.K. Subban Racism” post off of this site, due to personal information that should not be revealed without permission. I have teamed together with 3 other people in which you have also posted on this website as well. We have agreed and came to the conclusion that if you do not remove this post with in the next 48 hours, we will be taking you to federal court, no questions asked. We all have lawyers lined up and will proceed with these actions if you do not comply to this offer given. I am willing to e-mail you the list of lawyers, so that you do realize, we are being serious and mean business. I am coming at you in a respectful manor asking to remove it, that is up to you if you do or not. I have made it clear of the timeline given, and the consequences that will be risen if you do not comply.


      1. Boo Boo Bobby Gibbs

        Wow…… Maybe you shouldn’t have tweeted stupid shit


      2. Jill

        So what happened with this? Follow up article please. Did any goons come find you with baseball bats and findlaw.com word documents???

    42. Davidsl

      Hey TB, I started reading your blog when a friend posted on Facebook Bennie’s Diner’s response to the email threatening to boycott the business. Idiots. So then I read a couple more stories and got hooked. I HAD to start at the beginning. You had 50 pages then and by the time I got back to the present you’d added 6 more (slow your roll kid LOL). I’ve lived in Worcester for 50 years. You’re talking to me. Your stories are hilarious (so Worcester!) and painful – because I remember when it was a great little city and I actually wanted to live here. Now we’re literally the Brockton (and apparently Taunton) of Central Mass.

      Like you always say, keep being you, TB. Keep being you.

    43. sarah

      how do I sign up for your website, yup I am an idiot

    44. Mark

      Brenda Jenkins son is apparently an outreach worker for social change: https://youtu.be/2wsugMvdmWY

    45. Mg041191

      Hey TB,

      Love the general concept and 90% of the articles. It’s about time we’re all able to toss aside the bs and point out the root causes. I wanted to let you know that I agree with you ticket, and have a campaign manager who’s willing to move back east to help get everyone elected, feel free to reach out and I’ll connect you with him. As an fyi, he also shares our collective views and worked as an associate campaign manager of CT’s governor Malloy’s campaign.

      Cheers boy, keep up the good work!

    46. John Howland

      Hello, TB

      I enjoy your commentary. Listen if you would like a story. I may have a lead into one.. Illegal immigration and our local government who does nothing !!!!..I have reported a person who has been here for over 20 years illegally and had multiple Identities and social security numbers…defrauded a prominent local company and huge employer for over 5 years.. I have notified local police. mass state police ICE, DOR IRS,Social Security admin, mass unemployment, my sate Rep here in Worcester county… GUESS what!!!! not one agency “NOT ONE”: has ever followed up of even returned a phone call or contacted me… it been 4 months. And we wonder why our communities are failing and are taxes are so high and we have a huge drug issue in our area.. WE can not even do our civic duty and report crime and get a response …sickening…

    47. jbd22

      Hey Turtlehero, Do you think you cud possibly give us your take on the EPA fucking up the abandoned gold mine in Colorado. Our tax dollars at work kind of stuff. Although its not near by it is the perfect example of how our government dollars are spen thru the current administration. Thanks

    48. John

      Turtle Boy, i am disappointed that you did not pick on a story lead i sent you and our government and politicians turning a blind eye to illegal immigration and identity fraud…I have info on those politicians and police departments in the Worcester district

      even a Congressman could care less about what I reported

      sad cause it our tax dollars and they don’t do anything even when you report it

      a concerned veteran

    49. Disgrace to the world

      HORRIBLE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!! DISGRACE TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! Republicans.. lol

    50. graphic t shirts

      Great items from you, man. I’ve be mindful your stuff prior to and you are just extremely
      fantastic. I really like what you’ve acquired right here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you assert it.
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      That is really a great web site.

    51. Mari7

      A few months back you wrote a great blog about a 15 year old kid named AJ Jackson who was shot 9 times while probably dealing drugs at 3am. His parents were so mad you alluded she may be un fit. You should probably do a “where are they now” blog. In particular see how well this kids parents are keeping track of him. He has a video of himself smoking drugs with money and cell phones in what looks to be a school. It’s posted Aug 4th and as a parent of Worcester public school children I AM HORRIFIED!!!

    52. dave pepper

      alls I want is a t shirt n some bumpah stickahs where the hell can I get them without pay pal etc I juyst wanna walk in py for n walk out simple right??

    53. Dan

      You really need to work on this site. Selling ad space under every news link, this about page is just a comment section, can’t see any news past a week (no way to go to older stories), not enough links to more specific categories, etc etc. If you need help with the site design, just say so, I’m sure people would be willing to help! But, as it stand right now, it’s one of the most user-unfriendly sites out there, even though the content is good.

    54. Turtleheadpokinout

      This site is gay as fuck and you suck shit out of assholes

    55. Curmudgeon

      Is there a way to contact TBS directly?

    56. Peter

      Lol you made this site on weebly

    57. Charlie Moore

      where is the media on Joe Petty and his state job. how is it possible to be in the city as often as he is for ribbon cuttings and meetings and still hold down such an important job in Boston

    58. Sloppy7ths

      Loved your ‘Hippy Towns in Massachusetts’ post. I live in #2 on the list, and I’m an activist of sorts myself, mostly supporting labor causes.
      I’m planning a mass ‘Mcdonalds eat-in’ at the local organic farmers market. We’ll be leaving our trash strewn about after we finish our burgers, because not only do we support the local fast food workers, but also our local and sanitation engineers’ job security.
      I also support causes such as leaving extra lights on when not in rooms to support electrical workers, I eat lots of genetically-modified high-gluten food that’s been trucked in from thousands of miles away because I support the workers at my local Stop & Shop, and I try to introduce cultural diversity into my othersiwse peaceful town by honking and shouting obscenities at self-righteous hippies on bicycles who encroach the lanes of vehicular traffic.

      I just thought you’d like this gem I saw the other day in a local hippy town that did not quite make the list, Ashfield. This hippy had his ‘Stop the Pipeline’ sign in his yard with his 500-gallon propane tank just behind it. Priceless.
      Feel free to use the photo for your website should you wish, I hope my attempt to post the photo below is successful.
      Keep up the good work!

      1. Louie

        You probably are familiar with the art of rolling coal as well.. Go blow a Koch brother lol

    59. Curmudgeon

      Bella Bonds sperm donor caught shoplifting. Priceless!!

    60. Ken

      Hey TB, i love the site and you have articles i can actually finish without wanting the throw my laptop from the roof. I was hoping you would expand you line of Hoodies and other items for sale…. Maybe even come out with a New England proof hoodie. Like the old ones there were really thick… Might be a great niche for yall. Keep up the great work!

    61. Kate

      I normally just stay away from this type of gossip and slanderous stuff but I thought that since I’m from Colrain I should stick up for the town a bit. I won’t deny that the center of town has become a bit “dumpy”. I wish you could have seen it about 10-15 years ago. With that being said, I wish you had published a bit more of the town besides just the center. I grew up on one of the remaining farms in the town and they are the heart of the town. Did you go up to the hills and see some of the most spectacular views the town has to offer or the food we provide? Colrain is no hot spot but it is beautiful and has a lot to offer. And hey it could be way worse, it could be full of heroin or other heinous things like the “hot spot” cities are. :/ Just sayin’

    62. ItsAllABadDream

      Looks like Old Balls’s latest blog about how blacks need to get violent in order to scare the evil white man away was pulled. Good to see the T&G has at least SOME sense…

    63. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

      You need to fix your fuckin’ site. Every time I come on here, I keep seeing posts from December 23, 2015. Once in a blue moon a newer post will appear, but later it will be gone and the old posts start appearing again.

    64. James

      Agreed with previous poster, having the same issue across multiple devices

    65. helana

      Hi, I’m doing a debate on white privilege. I was reading your article “Top 11 Reasons That White Privilege Is Not A Thing” and I was wondering what your qualifications were for discussing this. Questions such as “what is your race?” “did you study this?” and “where’d you get this info?” could help a lot. Please get back to me, thank you

    66. helana

      Hi, I’m doing a debate on white privilege. I was reading your article “Top 11 Reasons That White Privilege Is Not A Thing” and I was wondering what your qualifications were for discussing this. Questions such as “what is your race?” “did you study this?” and “where’d you get this info?” could help a lot. Please get back to me, thank you

    67. Steve c

      Checkout masslive for article about girl in Salem ma who bit cops ear off.

    68. Michael

      i would like the contact information for your CEO or manager for complaints. i hope to hear back from you promptly.

    69. AnnonomousUser

      Check into Christina’s Home Child Care in West Boylston. The owner Christina Nixon was arrested Sunday (5/14) and DCF is suspending her license and shutting down the daycare. The police are trying to keep this quiet but it had to be something serious. They said she won’t be available for a long time. Her trial is probably in Clinton. She seemed like a good person who had it all figured out. I guess I didn’t know enough.

      1. anonymous

        Would like to know more about what happened at christinas home child care

    70. Captain Insaneo

      Ever consider podcasting? I’ve been looking into starting a podcast myself and have been bouncing ideas around for sometime now, your site seems like a great platform for multiple podcasts with a broad variety of content. Podcasts would absolutely grow the Turtleboy brand, much like they done for other media outlets.

      I would appreciate your thoughts back, thanks

    71. Wenona

      Dear Turtleboy:
      I want to you very much for the story about the “the 7 dirt bags” from Maine that beat up the 17 yr old girl. It was very informative, we not otherwise know who these people are. Stories like this don’t get covered in our area, esp. if it involves Native Americans! Tia is a Penobscot Indian whom resides on Indian Island. Although it hasn’t been mentioned, I feel this crime was and is racially motivated! The closer proximity to an Indian reservation the more racist people tend to be! Although my reputation proceeds me most the time, even I would not stay at a drinking party by myself in Passadumpkeag, ME! Younger generations experience with racism nowadays is much more subtle. My generation, this would have happened and nothing would have been done about it even if it was reported to the police.These experience is where my reputation comes from, you had to be a fighter in order to survive! I brought up a son and I had to teach him very differently than I was taught. My son is very aware of how people feel about us as a people. I taught him to be very careful of people and his own actions. It’s the sad truth of our history, of violence , trama and historical trama! I feel very sad for Tia and what she will have to face in order to heal and if she can’t face it and deal with these things then she becomes another statistic!? What a grim thought! But that’s our truth, our reality as Penobscot Indians! The other three tribes of Maine have very similar experiences. As a young person I struggled with the thought of even having children, let a lone having a daughter! I probably would have passed on more of my history of trama, not wanting her to be vulnerable like Tia was! Another sad thought. You’re damed if do and damed if you don’t bring your children up to be warriors around here!

    72. shawn

      whats up buddy! i heard you were the person that got ejected fromn the park in boston at the free speech rally after they knocked the hat off your head.. we actually got a shot of you in our video when we’re talking VERMIN SUPREME… you can see the video on my fb SHAWNNY MNEMONIC.. or if you type in ANTIFA ATTACK FAIL BOSTON<—- on you tube your not in the video till the end but if it is you id love to hear from you stay stong

    73. John Smith

      Is there a phone number to reach out to you. I have something I would like to talk to you about that would interest you greatly

    74. Kenny

      Up here in the Oyster River School District, which is Lee, Durham and Madbury NH there is a brewing debate over youth football, there is no high school football program. A local Dr. Barth is against a football program calling parents child abusers for allowing kids to play and says by not having football we are preventing the next Aron Hernandez. He has many followers who agree with him. This might top the Lynn coffee shop for stupidity.

    75. Frank Cincotta

      You made a recent article about Miguel Dones robbing a girl on Thanksgiving for a bunch of weed you put the victim’s name in the article which is ridiculous and I will have my lawyer sue you for defamation of character if you do not immediately take her name and any of her likeness out of the article my phone number is 413-244-5069 I look forward to hearing from you soon if not you’ll be hearing from my lawyers have a good day

    76. Arthur

      A guy has been going into a Quincy barbershop called Goodfellas and telling people he is a captain on the Boston Fire Department and telling some pretty outlandish tales about his firefighting exploits. I have his photo but nobody knows who this guy is. It’s been said that he’s also been overheard in a Quincy bar telling the same stories about his alter ego. I have his photo but I’m trying to get his name. This is bizarre. Honestly, this is not a prank on a guy I know. Please investigate. Email me and I’ll send his photo. Thank you.

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