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      1. Of course you won’t reveal your identity. Post a screen shot and get a few chuckles from your fellow Pats fans at my expense. Much like you, I crave any attention I can get. I will find you. I promise.

  1. I love this blog, thank you. ~ A Worcester native stuck in the political politeness of the Pioneer Valley after graduating from UMass in ’91 and returning to this area to start a business and meet/marry my husband in the process.

  2. This blog is poorly written, riddled with grammatical errors and filled with senseless ramblings that do nothing more than further someone’s own backwards understanding of how anything works in this country. If you would like to be taken seriously try presenting articles from an unbiased and well thought out standpoint instead of reducing this blog to nothing more than another idiotic mouthpiece with which to spew condescending remarks about something you really have no idea about. It’s hard to take anything you say seriously when there are grammatical errors in the first line of the title….

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