• Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse’s Signature Is An Exact Match To The “Alex” Written In “Threatening” Letter That He Probably Wrote Himself

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    Yesterday we wrote this blog about the Mayor of Holyoke, who allegedly received this “threatening” note at his house:


    We estimated at least a 90% chance that he wrote this himself. Alex Morse is a well known social justice warrior who will do just about anything to put himself in the spotlight. He is openly gay, which no one has a problem with because people around here stopped giving a fuck about gay people a long time ago. But he NEEDS to feel like a victim, and he CRAVES the spotlight.

    This is the same guy who banned all Holyoke workers from traveling to North Carolina for business because of their bathroom law. As if anyone in NC is gonna be missing out on planes full of Holyoke’s finest getting dumped into Charlotte.

    Anyway, we got a hold of this letter that Mayor Morse signed in February of 2016 (about a local “artist” named James Bickford who ended up passing away a couple months ago):


    Does this signature look familiar?



    Hmmmm, now Turtleboy is not a handwriting expert or anything, but…….yea…….this is obviously the same person. Both use a lower case “a” in Alex. The “x” in both is eerily similar as well. The signature on the top angles upwards as it goes along. If you tilted it so that it becomes level the “x” would look almost exactly the same as well. Just sayin.

    Of course this doesn’t 100% prove that he did this. But at the same time Alex Morse blamed this letter on “#TrumpsAmerica.” How does he know a Trump supporter wrote this? Even if he didn’t do it, how do we know it wasn’t an angry Hillary supporter who knew that Alex Morse would react like this and blame it on Trump? We don’t. And Alex Morse doesn’t know who did it either. But he immediately rushed to judgement, blamed it on “Trump’s America,” and his story went viral. It’s been covered by every major media outlet and NOT ONE has questioned whether or not this letter is authentic. It’s INSANE that we are living in a society where it’s this easy to get the media to dance EXACTLY how you want them to dance.


    Oh yea, and it seems to have worked out well for Alex Morse financially too:


    It’s actually brilliant marketing. Make yourself a victim of homophobia. Collect $200. Pass Go.

    And here’s another fun fact – the day after Morse allegedly received this letter he spoke at a Holyoke “rally against Trump’s bigotry” in the city. Gee whiz, WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!


    But wait, it gets better.

    Some chick from Holyoke is kicking it up a notch:


    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! How stupid do these people think we are? I mean, look at the spelling. Everyone knows that Trump supporters are dumbass rednecks who can’t spell. This sign obviously fits the profile then right? LOL. Here’s a pro-tip for the SJW’s coming up with these brilliant hoaxes – if you’re gonna try to frame someone, don’t try so hard. It’s a dead giveaway. We all know who’s really behind it now.

    Then there was Alex Morse’s reaction to Trump’s election on that glorious Wednesday morning of butthurt:


    As a gay American, I worry about what this means for my place in this country.”

    Scary stuff. I’ll tell you what would prove his fears to be valid – an anti-gay letter that magically appears in his mailbox from an emboldened homophobic Trump supporter. Ya know, because lots of homophobes proudly got behind the most gay friendly Presidential candidate in American history. And what happens right on cue? The very letter he was fearful about receiving ends up on his Facebook page.

    “These realities make me angry.”

    Translation – he’s pissed off. And when you’re pissed off, and you’re a politician, you’re pretty much capable of anything.

    “This election has only amplified this country’s ugly truths borne out of an ugly history that we have to fully recognize.”

    Translation – America is filled with racists and bigots. Always has been, always will be. We didn’t realize this for eight years because a black guy was President and gay people got all sorts of rights from the Supreme Court. But now that Trump is President y’all better get ready for the crazy’s to be out in full force. And what do you know? Look at this letter I found in my mailbox.

    Then there’s this, which he posted a day before the letter arrived:


    Oh look, there he is taking a stand against Trump. Imagine he got a threatening letter from a Trump supporter the next day? Wouldn’t that be juicy!!

    Anyway, if you had a gun to your head right now and your life depended on it, would you guess that Alex Morse wrote this letter? Anyone who says no is a liar. Even the biggest SJW in the world knows in their heart of hearts that he’s behind this. But as usual Turtleboy Sports is the only media outlet telling the truth and saying EXACTLY what is on every normal person’s mind when they saw this.


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    1. Jack Mehoffer

      That looks pretty similar. Not exact but I’d say 80%. What a scumbag.

      1. Carlos Danger

        Also consider the notes CONTENT: “You are selfish”! That’s a threat? Who would take the time to call someone selfish??

    2. Publius

      The “x” very similar. TB did it again.

    3. Brian Northboro

      An even better twist would be if he didn’t personally sign the letter, but had an assistant do it…and he now realizes that his assistant wrote the threatening card but can’t do anything about it because it would reveal he isn’t signing his own letters!

    4. Holyoke is A Dump

      Practically all these “hate crimes” turn out to be hoaxes by people who have
      to make the other side look like awful losers somehow.
      If some idiot did write those things to him, they should be punished, but
      if this article is true, then this Mayor should be kicked out of office and never
      allowed in the public sector again. If he’s capable of lying about stuff like this,
      makes you wonder what else he lies and deceives people about.

    5. Tom Simmie

      why don’t you use some the T&A ad money you’re collecting from this site to hire a handwriting expert? They don’t look the same to me. At least not enough to take a dump on a guy before you have proof.

      1. Troio

        Oh Tommy Boy keep sticking your head up your ass so you block out the truth. Sooo obvious don’t need an expert.

    6. Hugh Beaumont

      One day these idiots will realize that it’s this “I’m a victim and it’s your fault (or not my fault)” mentality being megaphoned is one of the big reasons that got Trump elected.

    7. no more gay pride parades

      I don’t care if someone is gay, what I don’t like is having it shoved in my face, go be gay, I don’t give a fuck!

    8. Turd Burglestein

      I’m surprised the dumbass didn’t use official letterhead from his office. SJW’s not only always lie, but they’re not the sharpest spoon in the knife drawer either.

    9. LadyDicks

      The “e” doesn’t look the same at all and the “x” is crossed down to the right in one picture and down to the left in the other, something no one would ever change up. Are you all stupid?

      1. peanut

        are you retarded? rotate them so they’re level, the dipshit wrote it and why not, look at all the perks that come with writing yourself notes with mean words

    10. E. warren

      Hilarious that the SJWs have all found these incrimating notes that are mysteriously left for them and they immediately post on Facebook, hahaha. What a joke, what is this 1942? No one writes notes. There’s approximately a one million percent chance this moron. wrote this stupid note to himself.

    11. Disappointed fan

      Both use a cursive a…. a cursive upper case and lower case a are the exact same except for size. You’re reaching on this one Turtleboy I can see why Facebook marked you for false news.

    12. Jesse

      In cursive, a capital “A” and a lowercase “a” are exactly the same. I learned that in second grade. The only difference is size and as you can see in the letter he signed, the A is larger than the other letters, indicating its capital intent. In the “threatening” email, it is is also a bit small but is a capital. The “A” and “l” are only disconnected in one. The suspicion lies in the cursive ‘l” being so much bigger than the capital “A” in both pieces. I’m only a handwriting hobbyist, not a professional analyst.

    13. tom devine

      The interesting thing about the signature is the unique way Morse signs his first name, with the first letter smaller than the second. In 99% of signatures the largest letter is the first one. That Morse’s alleged homophobic tormentor does the exact same unique thing is at the very least a startling coincidence.

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