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  • We Found The Woman Who The Silver Jeep In The Insurance Scam Video Belongs To, Please Send Us Info On Them

    We Found The Woman Who The Silver Jeep In The Insurance Scam Video Belongs To, Please Send Us Info On Them

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    Update – The silver Jeep parked outside of Central Auto Body that plowed into the dark sedan on a snowy Worcester night as part of a car insurance scam, is registered to a woman named Tanya Renee Hutchins, of 14 Ferraro Street, Worcester. Grafton Hill. Shocking.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.33.35 AM





    Tanya Hutchins was recently married according to the City of Worcester’s website, to a Raul Villalobos:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.15.23 AM

    She was also recently in the Worcester Courthouse facing charges on assault:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.59.20 AM

    We can’t find Facebook pages for either Tanya Hutchins or Raul Villalobos. We can’t find anything at all on Raul Villalabos, which is almost impossible in this day and age. But a lot of time these people use names like “Tanya Marie” or “Clarence Woods Emerson” or “Dan Margolis.” If you know who they are, or if they have Facebook pages, feel free to send them to us. Remember to screenshot first, because ratchets love to deactivate when they know the turtle is coming.

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    1. BobnMic



      1. BobnMic

        Actually no you are NOT “the man.” You’re a drug dealing pussy is what you are Teflon Tredge Scarface wannabe. How many drug overdoses at the hands of you again? Oh that’s right my bad – you don’t give 2 fucks! No drug dealer does and you epitomize that.

    2. Goatse's Ghost

      If you can’t find anything on Raul Villalobos, maybe the marriage is an “anchor” marriage to keep him in the country.

      1. BobnMic's Gaping Anus

        I once had an anchor tossed in my ass. Best sex ever.

    3. Inspector Clouseau

      Great job Turtleboy. Out of the thousands of crimes and criminals in the city you’ve really sunk your teeth into this $2000 fender bender. I’m sure the thousands of scum bags committing $millions in welfare fraud are thrilled you have found your calling.

      1. Goatse's Ghost

        Hi Tanya!

      2. titiho

        lol..and the 10s of thousands in aches and pains…nic try maura but your voters aint gettin paid

      3. ZephyrCat

        Turtleboy doesn’t get paid to out all these scammers, dipshit. Bless ’em for every bit of slime they uncover. What’re you doing besides being a critic, bete-male?

        1. Meow

          He doesn’t? Do you think he writes these articles for free? Are you really that dumb? TBS is a for profit business, no different than any other media outlet.

      4. JessinMass

        I am VERY HAPPY that the claims for these fraudulent acts will not be paid. It’s not the cost of the damage to the vehicle that is the concern here but the cost of the injury claim. They got out of the vehicle to avoid injury but their “chiropractor” friend is going to treat them anyway. Those claims cost way more than the “$2,000 fender bender”
        Have you received your renewal quote yet for your auto insurance? Mine went up a lot because of people like this staging fraudulent accidents and repairing vehicles that shouldn’t need to be repaired and treating injuries that don’t exist.
        I personally appreciate that someone has the tenacity and integrity to stand up to those that would take the rest of society down with them for the quick hit of a few dollars in an insurance. There are so many cogs in this wheel, I’m really surprised that it’s profitable but when you live day to day for $50.00, then who knows what truly motivates someone to commit this sort of act.

    4. Lucy G

      Could I please be first?
      These scumbuckets need to be deported asap. All using fake names, multiple EBT cards. Slime of the Earth.

    5. DJ's BobnTurd

    6. ElJefe72

      I think “Villalobos” translate to village idiot. 😉

      1. Light of My Life

        Nope, Villa is house, lobos is wolf. How he’s the Home dog or House Dog, sort of like the maid who does what she is told. He’s somebodies bitch.

        1. ElJefe72

          Yes, I know. I speak a fair amount of Spanish. I was making a joke.

    7. Felony time ?

      Could have killed someone.

    8. UsualSuspect

      Well Tanya, that whiplash story you floated out there to all your friends as a cover is blown right the fuck up! I hope she has a job and told all her coworkers about the “accident”. Keep it up, expose all these fucking fraudsters! Looks like she’ll have to suck a bunch of dicks on Main South to pay for the repairs herself.

    9. ANON

      Get that over to Liberty Mutual SIU to continue the investigation

      1. True Reality Speaks

        Insurance companies could care less about this fraud. Costs more to investigate and deny than to just pay up. Like Deval – they consider it leakage. They’ll pay the claims and the rest of us will watch our premiums go up.

        1. Go away. I'm batin'

          As someone that has worked in the insurance industry for a decade I can definitively say that you are wrong. Fraud costs the companies tons of money and considerable resources are dedicated to detecting, investigating and preventing it. Additionally they are required by MA law to report cases of fraud to the Insurance Fraud Bureau who then investigates and will prosecute if the cade is strong enough, which this one likely is.

    10. Karma.is.a.bitch.Mike.Sweeney.

      Pats and Central Auto Body have an extensive relationship. It involves illegal towing working around the city contracts, theft of property valued over $1000, a fake charitiy, auto insurance fraud, and much more that they planned together. Check your email later, spam folder too for details Mr Turtle.

    11. Publius

      Great investigative work.

    12. Sixto Villalobos

      They should arrest me so I could sue you motherfuckers for your false accusations and trying to tie me to that white trash. Maybe when you get your detective badge you will find the real Raul. Until then keep feeding the public your gossip. We all know how bitches like to gossip.

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