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Bootleg Dog Trainer Becca Hammond Is Back In Operation Under New Name After Long Social Media Hiatus, Tried To Erase Past, Doesn’t Seem To Understand That The Turtle Never Forgets

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If the name Becca Hammond sounds familiar, but you don’t know why that name inspires a feeling of general anger and images of scared dogs, lemme remind of this chick. She’s the “dog trainer” who trained Amelia Ferreira, the one who killed Jarrod Mayo’s dog. She’s pretty much the worst and abandoned all social media about two months ago once she was called out for being fucking awful. If you have the stomach for it, check out this video that shows off her dog training prowess as she keeps dogs in crates stacked on top of each other while she complains about one who likes to piss in his crate and splash around in it while she just yaps about it into her phone, because that’s fine:

Except that it’s not fine and those 9 dogs that she kept stacked up in what appears to be her living room are fucking miserable. Those dogs are crying and whining, and the best she can do is roll her eyes and shake her head. I’d much prefer to gouge my own eyes out with a rusty spork sans tetanus shot than to ever have to see this chick’s face again, much less write about her. But she’s back at it with a new company, so here we fucking go…

Last time we wrote about her, she was working for Off Leash K9, LLC and was promptly fired upon having her dirty deeds come to light. That was a great day. I don’t necessarily like seeing people go down in flames, but when you douche it up to that extent and get shitcanned, I’m gonna celebrate. Naturally, I was pissed as fuck when two people contacted me today to let me know she’s back at it operating under Pacific Paws K9 Academy, LLC:

Let me take a second to clarify that this Pacific Paws in Seattle , isn’t to be confused with the Pacific Paws that’s located in Santa Cruz, CA.  I’m no internet lawyer, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to use the name of a preexisting place of business when starting your own. I’m also pretty sure that’s fucking absolute bullshit to use their name when you have such a deplorable reputation like she has. So once again, Becca works in Seattle and has nothing to do with the place in Santa Cruz. She’s capable of a lot of shitty things, but splitting herself in two isn’t in her dodgy skill set.


Considering what landed her on Turtleboy Sports to begin with, her pricing isn’t so much of an issue. The fact that she charges about twice as much as a trainer who doesn’t have a history of mistreating animals is a minor problem and just adds to her douchcanoe resume:

 Whether or not lube is included in that price has yet to be confirmed. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that the price of the e-collar that she’s been known to misuse in the past is included since she loves it so damn much and wouldn’t want to miss out:


Poor thing, she missed out on all the taco memes! And there’s absolutely nothing suspect about returning to your old Facebook account with your only profile picture being one that proclaims how humanely you use e-collars. Nothing. There’s nothing odd about having the no old pictures of yourself, or any without a sunglasses or at least a hat, either. I mean, everyone who has been accused of mistreating dogs in such a manner dips out on social media for two months, then comes back practically incognito refuting such claims with a FB frame that basically screams “I dundu nuffin!”. Totally normal.

It states that she started this new venture on August 24th, so it seems really shady to not advertise or have any connection with this until nearly 2 months afterwards, with most of her previous posts completely gone. That seems like someone who’s waiting for shit to blow over and for people to forget about allegations you refused to dismiss. I vividly recall not only making a few attempts at contacting her via messenger both prior to and while writing about her, but also trying to give her a call on Turtleboy Live. It was the weekend when Bret and I got to host because Unc was on vacation. That’s something that’ll stay with me. Pretty sure I have PTSD as a result of Bret leaving me on air alone while he took several pisses. Nevertheless, wouldn’t you want to clear your name if you did nothing wrong? She chose to remain silent, most likely in hopes that this would all go away. NOPE.

Maybe she avoided us because she knew damn well that there’s no talking your way around that video. That’s all the you need to see to understand what this chick is about. She had nine fucking dogs shoved in grates stacked on top of each other like cargo in a small room in her house. All dogs barking and whining while she stood there bitching about one of her paychecks splashing in his own pee, feckless and ineffectual. Goddamn right, I broke out the thesaurus for this grundlesmear.

You can’t talk your way out of this, either. Remember Blondie? The big ol’ baby who weighed 72 lbs went she went to stay with Becca, but came back at a measly 52 lbs. Blondie was kept in a chihuahua crate and is obviously not a chihuahua:

While details were kinda murky as to why Becca wouldn’t give her back, the gist of the situation was that real trainers had given her over to be trained. Later about less than two weeks later they saw pictures showing that Blondie was in trouble and then had to wrestle her away from Becca over a drawn out period of time. Once they got Blondie to a vet, it was found out that she had cancer and underwent two surgeries:

As you can see, she was fucking defeated and miserable. This wasn’t just undetected cancer, this was straight up neglect. Blondie had sores on her little snout, plain as day, yet Becca didn’t get her any medical attention. That’s bullshit. Thankfully, Blondie went into remission after her  surgeries and she’s still doing great to this day:

You go on and get spoiled. Treat yo’self!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Becca having a history of taking more dogs than she can handle is partly to blame:

I’m  alsogonna go ahead and safely assume that 10 dogs is too much for any one person to handle at one time. Even if they are locked up in crates all the damn time. I don’t think is how you actually do crate training. Like, you have to let them out at some point.

I’m really hoping for the sake of any dogs she currently has in her care that she’s turned her ways around. I really, really fucking hate writing about shit like this. I hope in those two months she was away from social media that she took some time to reflect on why she was written about in the first place and did something about it. I doubt it, but I’m a fucking optimist. Even if changes were made out of shame and embarrassment, I do hope they were made.

Here’s the thing I don’t think a lot of people understand about being featured on Turtleboy, just because we don’t write about every move someone makes after writing about them once doesn’t mean we don’t know about them. The very minute we publish a blog, we begin getting tips about even more shit that person has done, what they’re doing now and what they’ll likely do in the future. We’ll get messages about them for months, even years later. Most of the time, it’s just not worth following up on. When it comes down to a matter of public safety or the safety of innocent beings, fuck yeah we’re gonna bring that shit back up.

If someone has done something this deplorable in the past, chances are they’ll do it again. Truly bad people don’t just change. Here’s someone who did something awful and is now operating under a new name. It would be negligent as fuck not to remind everyone of what this woman has done while she’s still working in the same industry.

Here’s to hoping we never have to mention the name Becca Hammond ever again.





20 Comment(s)
  • Jerod Mayo
    October 13, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Im still waiting for the rest of the series, last posting got alot of shitty comments, but i felt it was a buildup episode. I for 1 am looking forward to the rest and hope that last one wasnt the end

    • Dog Obsessed
      October 13, 2018 at 10:20 pm

      I couldn’t even finish reading the series. There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do for my animals. I’ve gone without meals, medical care, haven’t had a vacation in yrs so they had/have what they needed. The horse I got when I did have money I still have despite his expenses. He’s hurt now and it’s killing me that I don’t know what’s wrong so he can be out of pain. I cannot comprehend how evil & depraved one must be to allow or cause the suffering of an animal.
      If this is the real Jerod Mayo… condolences to you & your family. I shared your missing pix with everyone I know hoping for a quick & safe return. Knox’s story was not what I was expecting. I figured the worst that happened was they used/sold him for breeding because he was a unique color. I am so sorry. I think of him & K9 Nero often.

  • Dog Obsessed
    October 12, 2018 at 12:46 am

    Thanks for continuing to follow this evil person. She must be stopped.
    I can’t stop thinking about Blondie. God willing that poor baby will have a long healthy happy life from now on.

  • Spread the word!!
    October 11, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Search the previous articles that TB wrote about this woman. Then provide the local humane society etc with this information. Post the blogs on your social media sites…share them with everyone you know from the area…spread the word…this disgusting excuse for a human being will NOT change her ways. No more animals should suffer in her “care” nor should pet parents have to to thru this with their babies. This bitch needs to be charged for animal cruelty and fraud. Shes def not properly licensed and guarantee it’s against the law to have that many dogs in your care in your home…should look into the laws in Seattle and see…but I’d bet money on it that what shes doing is illegal.

  • Frank Rizzo
    October 11, 2018 at 9:53 am

    The phone video says it all, watch her eyes, this bitch is insane. She’s got a perfect set of lips though, I bet she sucks doggie dick, I’m tempted to go on the bestiality sites to try and find her. Wadda fuckin bitch puke.

    • Hugh-Bo Mont
      October 11, 2018 at 3:21 pm

      She seems more suited to be starring in the sequel, Anal Buffet II.

  • Judge dread
    October 11, 2018 at 6:23 am

    That initial video of her talking with the dogs whining in the background is disgusting. I have pretty thick skin but I could only watch a minute of it before I had to shut it off. Poor dogs.

    This woman should be hunted for sport.

    • God created dogs and they are far kinder than humans.
      October 11, 2018 at 6:52 pm

      It’s heart breaking, dogs are extremely emotional animals. This makes me want to step in as an equalizer on behalf of those dogs who are suffering and feeling abandoned without hope. I’d get a kennel license to keep them at my home and give each dog the best life possible and if I had to forgo some of my own desires, so be it. The reward of rescuing these innocent spirits would be enough.

  • Love dogs
    October 11, 2018 at 6:09 am

    I hope one day this is what anyone would do for a dog and not ask what the dog will do for them, we’re not that far off, most people couldn’t imagine treating dogs like this trainer woman has. I would never let my dog stay at a strangers house anymore then leaving a child with a stranger.

  • Lock Her Up
    October 11, 2018 at 5:54 am

    No tolerance for cruelty to dogs and intentional cruelty… you’re dealing with a psychopath (zero empathy for the suffering of others).

    Thousands of dollars for a couple weeks of abuse in her urine filled home. She’s a thief, stealing from well meaning and trusting people. She is a cruel woman abusing and tormenting caged animals in her living room for cash. She doesn’t have an ounce of remorse, concern for their suffering or problem living in a urine soaked and probably feces stained home for easy cash.

    Her appearance is decent and probably has opened helped hide her cruelty and evil personality. We would all like to see her turned over to isis for a similar treatment. I hope somebody sees this where she lives and she is convicted under a felony law and a judge has the sense to punish her in a way that she doesn’t continue her fraudulent business and cruelty.

  • Stunt Princess
    October 10, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Does the original paws co have their name trademarked fed?
    (A federal trademark registration is issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks may also be registered at the state level. State registrations are less potent than federal trademark registration.)

    Either way let’s all let the original company know about Becca so there isn’t confusion. 😉

  • Stunt Penis
    October 10, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    “I’m no internet lawyer, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to use the name of a preexisting place of business when starting your own.”

    You’re absolutely right, you’re not an internet lawyer, and you’re completely clueless about company names.

    Two unrelated companies in two different states can have the same name…. especially something generic like “Pacific Paws”

    If a company wants to protect its name in another state, it needs to file documentation with the secretary of state’s office in the other locality.

    • Stunt Princess
      October 10, 2018 at 11:32 pm

      Stunt Penis,
      Unless the name is trademarked and the original owner feels it could cause confusion.
      Just went through this with this and won in federal court . Had our name trademarked fed & state and someone tried copying our name.

      now, let’s talk real: what’s up with your name?

      • Stunt Penis
        October 11, 2018 at 12:36 pm

        You won a federal trademark infringement case. Much different than is being alleged here by the blog writer.

        Register a business in California, the California Secretary of State could give two shits there is a company with the same name in Seattle, Washington.

        5 seconds of research could have revealed that to the author. An unfortunate trend lately with new bloggers on TBS is they throw shit out there without doing any verification whatsoever.

        My name is derived from the porn industry.

  • foleyworld
    NateDog in Seattle
    October 10, 2018 at 9:51 pm

    Helol Turtle Riders. I’m from Quincy but I’ve been living in Seattle for a few years. I want some ideas about how I can help to oust and expose this piece of shit here in Seattle! I’m willing to donate a reasonable amount of time to make sure this ratchet skank doesn’t get to start over and abuse dogs in a new city. I’m serious please if anybody has any ideas about how I can make her heinous past known to new prospective customers here, I’ll be the boots on the ground. 

    • Jenn Holden
      October 11, 2018 at 6:02 pm

      I’ve been pretty successful with this sort of thing. 1st there was a guy who tried to screw me over my wedding dress. He was out of business within months. Tried opening another shop elsewhere. I took care of that one too. Last I heard he was a flight attendant. That was just over money & a dress. My best work was when an emergency vet in Acton MA killed my dog. Unfortunately it took a lot longer to take them out but I did it. I’m not willing to be screwed over a dress. Killing my dog and the gloves come off and there are no rules.
      Mostly what I did was tell everyone I know to never take a pet and to tell their friends. I collected stories from others. Shared the situation on social media. Talked to others in the business who had dirt. I did a background check on the owners. I still keep tabs on them. I don’t want them opening somewhere else.
      Word of mouth is very powerful. Now that we have social media & Yelp and things like that you better behave.
      In the dress situation I knew someone who worked for the Lowell Sun so they wrote an article. To no surprise there were lots of others who had bad experiences too. It all adds up.
      There was 1 other thing I did that is kind of in the gray area of legal or not. That was hanging out in the adjacent parking lot and telling people not to go in. I redirected them to a wonderful place less than 6 mi up the road. When I gave them a quick explanation of why they shouldn’t go in they all went to the new place.
      Basically you just have to use the media and talk to people.
      Good luck I hope you get her out of business.

    • Nice! Wish you success, let us know.
      October 11, 2018 at 6:55 pm

      Contact your local humane society or dog rescue organization with the details as provided here and what you can find on your own. The videos will be key evidence in convincing them to intervene. Good luck!

    • Dog Obsessed
      October 12, 2018 at 12:42 am

      You could also try contacting the SPCA in the area. I’m sure Seattle has one.
      Another thing to try is the police dept/animal control. They may not be able to do anything right away if the animals don’t look neglected/abused yet, but it will at least start a file. If/when someone else complains to them they can pull up prior complaints.
      Talk to her neighbors too. See if they’ve seen her mistreating the animals. Build an army. Get eyes & ears on her.

    • NatureGirl0922
      October 13, 2018 at 6:01 pm

      Honestly, I’d just leave a link to these articles in a review on her business via Google and Facebook. She can’t erase or alter them once they are there, and at least the people in Seattle would have visibility on what she is doing. She’s probably having friends pad her reviews anyway, so it seems like she’s legit. What she’s doing makes me sick. She shouldn’t be allowed to touch anyone’s dog … ever.

    • Margaret
      February 11, 2019 at 11:15 pm

      Margaret Hutchinson
      Olympia, WA
      February 11, 2019
      My Google Review:
      On Memorial Day, 2018, My German Shepherd Dog, Jake, died while in the care of Becca Hammond of Pacific Paws K9 Academy. She had been hired to train Jake while she was working for Off Leash K9 of Seattle. Becca was Fired shortly after Jakes Death. Jake was with Becca Hammond for 10 days of a two week board and train. She texted me on Memorial Day morning and told me Jake had picked at his dinner the evening before, and did not eat his breakfast, thus minimizing his actual symptoms. She then left him in a crate in her home to die.
      Jakes Necropsy report stated the cause of death was Heat stroke probably brought on by Rhabdomyolitis. His kidneys failed and he went into respiratory failure. The necropsy report mentioned that he also had signs of starvation, and his fat had atrophied. (Becca had texted me the previous week that Jake was “Fat” and entitled.) All of the complications of heat stroke have symptoms that would inspire a humane and astute trainer to seek veterinary care; However Becca chose to leave Jake alone in a Crate in her home to die a very painful death. She returned home several hours later and found him dead.
      I have suffered terribly from the loss of my beloved Jake. Becca had promised daily photos or video updates with Jakes progress, but during the 10 days he was with her I only received 2 photos and 1 video.
      He was my companion, my protector and a dear friend.
      I settled with her bosses insurance company today in Jakes loss. I write this review in hopes that no one else suffer such a loss of their beloved pet. I highly recommend you research any trainer prior to trusting your pet to anyone.

      Sent from my iPhone

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