• Boston Globe Forgot To Mention That Dudley Doesn’t Want A Muslim Cemetery Because It Will Affect The Water, And Now SJW’s Are Calling The Entire Town Islamophobic And Bigoted

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    “Fake news” is the buzzword of choice for social justice warriors lately. Because they still can’t come to terms with the fact that their worst nightmare was elected President fair and square. So they need excuses, and “fake news” is the best they could come up with after “Russian hacking” didn’t catch on as they hoped. SJW’s have pressured Facebook to add a feature where you can report “fake news.” Of course we all know that this will be abused rather quickly by overzealous people from both sides of the aisle (but mostly SJW’s) who simply don’t like to see news and opinions that that don’t align with their worldview.

    Of course all that’s gonna happen as a result of this is the censorship of real news. Because the fakest news out there is the mainstream media. And ironically they’ll be the safest. Check out this headline from “Boston.com,” (which is just a fancy way of saying the Boston Globe) about an ongoing dispute about a proposed Muslim cemetery in Dudley:


    Here’s their story in its entirety:

    A deal to allow a local Islamic group to build a cemetery in the small Massachusetts town may be off again.  The chairman of the Dudley Board of Selectmen tells the Telegram & Gazette that he won’t sign off on the agreement when the board meets on Monday. Jonathan Ruda cites comments made to a local newspaper by a lawyer for the Islamic Society of Greater Worcester that appeared to question the town’s ability to further review the cemetery plan. Last month’s agreement would allow the society to buy a long-idle dairy farm and build a 6-acre cemetery. The group agreed not to expand the burial ground for at least a decade and drop a lawsuit against the town. The lawyer, Jason Talerman, says the society stands by all agreements in the settlement.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.56 AM

    That’s the whole story. That’s it. It purposely omitted the most important part – the Muslim cemetery is a public health issue.

    “Residents began protests in January, when the society sought a special permit from the ZBA to develop the cemetery. Of the many concerns aired during months of contentious public hearings, most prominent were the risks of polluting underground water supplies and increasing traffic on the narrow, winding country road.”

    Abutter Mathew Dix told a reporter he and many of his neighbors object to turning the former dairy farm into burial grounds. “My first concern is what I’ve heard about their means and methods of burying. I understand there’s no vaults and no caskets,” he said. “People decay and the water table is right there and we all have wells here.” Muslim internment rites prohibit embalming and call for the immediate washing and shrouding of the body, which is, in some cases, buried without a casket. The underground water table, Mr. Dix said, flows through the farm and feeds area wells.

    It’s also a narrow, curvy country road, and any neighbors in any town would probably object to a sudden influx of traffic that brought their town zero increased revenue. You’re not opening up a casino. You’re burying dead people near drinking water.

    Oh yea, and the people trying to purchase this land aren’t from Dudley. They’re part of the Islamic Society of Worcester. The same organization that had a teacher on its staff who was arrested for a terrorist plot. Of course none of the people they’d be burying there currently live in Dudley, and they don’t have to drink the water there, so its not their problem. Boston.com could’ve mentioned all these things but they purposely chose not to. Ya know, because they’re “fake news.”


    But of course we know the reason Boston.com came up with this misleading headline and purposely omitted relevant information – they were trying to make the town of Dudley look “Islamophobic” and bigoted. They’re feeding off of SJW’s fears of all things Donald Trump. Trump wants to ban Muslims, and so obviously Dudley is following suit.

    And this was exactly the type of reaction Boston.com was looking for:








    You’re right Beth, there is no mention of anything relevant in the article. Sure, you could’ve just researched it yourself, but it’s easier to call people names and toss up a couple hashtags instead. This is how social justice warriors make the world a better place.


    There it is – “Trump people.” Because if people are concerned about their water, they’re automatically Trump supporters. But then again Patrick has a right to toss in his two cents about this issues. After all, he lives in town:


    Oh wait, no he doesn’t. He’s just an asshole from Suffolk Law School who wants to make himself feel better by calling other people bigots.


    Yea, that’s not how freedom of religion works. Shocking that this thing doesn’t understand how the Constitution works:



    Of course the only voice of reason in the comments was an actual Muslim who knew what the fuck he was talking about:


    Classic. It’s just so predictable. A bunch of uppity white people looking to feel warm and fuzzy inside label an entire town as bigoted because the people there are concerned about water and traffic. White people are the worst.

    So why did the Islamic Society pick Dudley of all places? Oh yea, because Dudley voted pretty overwhelmingly for Trump in November. And if you voted for Trump then you hate Muslims due to your bigotry. The Islamic Society chose this town because they wanted to make a big scene and pick on a town that they believe was Islamophobic.

    Of course Attorney General Maura Healey is doing what she does best – getting involved in something she knows absolutely nothing about:

    “Genevieve Nadeau, chief of Healey’s civil rights division, told Dudley’s board of selectmen that under state law a community cannot “prohibit, regulate, or restrict the use of land or structures for religious purposes,” the Boston Globe reported.”

    I know people will chime in with the usual about “libtards” and then liberals will respond with “bigots,” and the cycle will continue. But this is not liberalism. Liberalism is supposed to be about finding ways that the government can use a safety net to help the downtrodden become more self-sufficient. But instead modern day liberalism has been hijacked by social justice warriors whose primary concern is calling people white nationalists and accusing them of Islamophobia. But by all means, keep doing it. Worked out great in November.



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    1. Kevin's unwashed penis

      I could use a place to bury some bodies too.

    2. Buck Futts

      I have a pig farm I’ll sell them

      1. Morton Salt

        There were pigs on this farm at on time.

    3. Light one up

      You can rest assured they might start out with a few bodies being buried, but there WILL be a mosque there, AND it could turn into one of their training centers as have many places already in the US. Perfect secluded place to do a lot of training. Be prepareed for 5-8 years from now when it is no longer a cemetery.

    4. Dick Hertz from Holden

      it would be a shame if juveniles desecrated the cemetery after it was built, we all know that will happen

    5. Dick Dover

      Sure, as long as it’s a
      “unmarked mass-grave”

    6. Wtf

      First , the dead cows buried there have rotted also , second, if the wells in the area are bedrock wells the likelihood of dead bodies, shit, chemicals etc leaching in is very low and takes a really really long time. Third dont think about it, do you really know what is in your fast food? If you think about it you will not eat it, dont think about the dead bodies ignore it and it wont affect you. Ta dah! Its just something to bitch about. Do some research see the horizontal travel
      Of the natural water table or better yet MOVE if you dont like it. I dont necessarily agree with it but who cares what i think of someone has the right to buy , sell and use a property. Maybe the seller of the farm needs the money due to a life altering illness , but they aren’t allowed to sell and make said needed money because a bunch of sallies dont want dead bodies and even worse, traffic. Wtf is this world coming to that folks may want to visit there dead rotting friends and family. Jeeze.

      1. Morton Salt

        There are many shallow wells in the area, some as shallow as 10 feet not to mention the water table on the property is 18″. This is why the property has been for sale for so long itcould not e built on. The maximum that could be built there was two houses that’s it.
        When the town boards requested details of how they were going to bury bodies with an 18″ water table that’s when the bigotry claims started.

        1. Rochambeau

          News for nerds. News that matters!

        2. Reddog

          I live on a former farm from 25 years ago. The farmer still lives here(dairy),and we were talking this fall because he kept on seeing a work van in my driveway. I,along with all my neighbors have water softeners because of hard water. He commented that when he built his new house when the land was developed he kept his original well,a 12′ deep shallow well,and his water is fine. His family had farmed the land since the early 1700’s. He said they have always had that well and that well alone with the water feeding all the cows over the years.
          I don’t buy this argument.

      2. Hugh Jass

        You’re a moron

    7. Elizabeth Warren

      I thought they ate their dead?

      1. Shitheadra Jackson

        That’s racist, they prefer to be buried in sand. Everyone knows that.

    8. Donald J Trump

      Hey, we’re gonna need someplace to put’em.

      1. Jimmie D

        Did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said “Dead Muslim Storage”?

    9. Phong

      I’d say sign off on it. and casually mention about all the dead pigs that are buried at that old farm.

    10. Maura Healey

      The residents of Dudley WILL bow before Sharia Law. Infidels will be publicly shamed.

    11. Bill P.

      Imagine what SJW’s would be like if it were 1938, Germany…

      1. Dick Dover

        They’re fascist, they’d fit right in goosestepping

    12. James

      All muslims prefer to be buried at Sea (especially dumped off an aircraft carrier) according to Islamic Law–did you guys forget Osama Bin Laden’s burial already?

    13. Ms. Nimby

      No Thanks, and it’s not because I have anything against dead muslims either.

    14. Dirty South

      Simple solution for the citizens of Dudley
      … just introduce a dozen or so of those nuisance wild tusked boars onto the old farm, theyd have to kill them to get rid of them and desecrate the soil in the process.

    15. Reddog

      I wouldn’t want someone to by land across the street from me and build a cemetery either. Don’t care what religion. So,if they don’t like it,why don’t they all kick in and buy the land?
      It’s one thing to buy a house next to a cemetery. You know that going into it. But this crap about it contaminating the water is exactly that. It was a dairy farm for years,and cows shit all over the farm,and they spread cow shit all over the fields to help the hay and corn grow for feed for the dairy cows. Now they are afraid of a few dead bodies,a few at a time? That’s just an excuse. My septic system is in my front yard,and like maybe a hundred feet away is my well. My family survives just fine.
      Bottom line is they don’t want a cemetery,and I get it. The fact that it’s a Muslim cemetery just compounds things. The Muslims have brought this on themselves. But I’m a firm believer of if you own the land,you should be able to do what you want with it. If they want to preserve it,than buy it themselves,or have the town buy it. If not,so sorry,so sad.

    16. Globe is dying quickly

      Not surprising, they’re known for bias reporting and fake stories.

    17. Worcester County Trap Queen

      Dudley didn’t win by Republicans by that far a margin–there’s a lot of blue
      voters there too, it’s Massachusetts.
      With that being said I don’t understand why they
      want a cemetery miles away from Worcester and on some rural
      road so out there. Because the land was cheap?

      1. Lightning bug

        Because, they don’t want the land for a cemetery. There will be a Mosque there.

    18. Paul Larson

      Who are these people calling Dudley “Islamophobic and Bigoted”? Are they Christians? Are they Jews? Are they Kafir (Kafir is a person who does not believe in Islam)?

      Well, the Sura of the Sword, Sura 9 of the Quran, calls for the murder of Christians, Jews, and non-believers! And the the fundamentals of Islam believe in slavery for those Kafirs, Christians and Jews who are not killed. How can Liberal Democrats support a religion that believes in murder of non-believers and which believes in slavery? How can Liberal Democrats support a religion that seeks to replace our Constitution with Shuria law.

      Paul Larson

      1. Mirror Mirror

        Libs needed a new religion. Climate Warming (err, Change) has been exposed as a hoax, and Scientology is a little snobby about including brown or poor folks, so they went with a fanatical Cult that could keep them as useful idiots.

    19. Chris From Georgia

      Why not buy some land in Worcester for the cemetery or better yet why not just use the existing cemetery for Worcester?

      1. Chris

        That might be a good idea, since Worcester is now the Bay State’s dumping ground for fake refugees. (Only Middle Eastern Christians and other minorities are the true refugees) The problem is that Muslim burials are so simple that they just wash the body and bury it in a shroud, which could cause environmental problems. I’m surprised the EPA didn’t get involved in this one.

    20. Peter Griffin

      Just think What will they say about Dudley after the cemetery gets vandalized.

      1. Paul Larson

        Jihad or Crusade, what’s the diff?

        Paul Larson

      2. wabbitt

        Positively haram!!!

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