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Boston Globe Says Tom Brady Is Bad Sport For Swearing After Loss To Green Bay Packers

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Boston GlobePatriots fans who also value sportsmanship are regularly left with things to frown about. On the field, it’s sometimes overt enough that flags fall, as they did a couple of Sundays back when Rob Gronkowski drove the Colts’ Sergio Brown, with whom he has some history, not just well out of bounds but to the ground and into the camera cart. Other times, it’s Coach Bill Belichick’s sullen moods or nano-second postgame handshakes or disdain for TV niceties like a quick on-the-field interview after losing a playoff game. But on Sunday, Tom Brady was the frown-inducer. After the Packers made a win-sealing first down, our franchise quarterback treated fans to a temper tantrum, pacing the sidelines and repeatedly yelling what was almost unmistakably the F-word. For that display, Brady is the New England Patriots poor sport of the week.

 “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” —Bob Cousy.

Hey Boston Globe, stick to what you do best – defend welfare leeches and kiss the Devel Patrick‘s ass. So let me get this straight. The Boston Globe will publish an article by Gish Jen telling Boston marathon victims that it’s their fault because they “failed the Tsarnaevs.” They’ll publish an article that defames entire football coaching staffs and their players from Dedham, Walpole, Everett, and Brookline by calling them homophobic meatheads because the Patriots didn’t sign Michael Sam. That stuff is fine. But when Tom Brady says the “f” word (fuck, he said “fuck”) that’s where they draw the line? Because that makes TONS of sense.

Newsflash Boston Globe – swearing doesn’t make you a poor sport. It means you care about the game. You know who’s not saying the “f” word after the other team scored? Every other quarterback in the NFL. Because no one gives a fuck like Tom Brady does. Brady is a born winner. He’s 100% invested in ripping your heart out and taking a steamy dump on it. Michael Jordan mentality. The fact that Brady couldn’t help but unleash a series of f-bombs tells me that the Patriots could not possibly be in better hands.

Wanna see how losers respond on the sidelines when their team loses? Here’s how Jay Cutler reacts to a loss:

Jay Cutler memes

Jay Cutler just oozes dooshnozzelry. Here’s how an evil ginger like Andy Dalton reacts to losing to the Miami Dolphins

Andy Dalton memes

That is what a quarterback who can’t make it past the first round of the playoffs looks like after experiencing devastation. Speaking of devastation, how bout Geno Smith and those New York Jets!!!

Geno Smith memes

If Geno doesn’t have the face of a winner than I don’t know who does. Speaking of people who are well experienced with losing big games…

Peyton Manning memes

Peyton Manning might not swear on the sidelines, but he has mastered the art of the sad face like no one I’ve ever seen before.

Didn’t hear a word from them about Jon Papelbon’s crotchgate either:

Jon Papelbon grabs crotch

My question is, what was Brady supposed to do? Stand there and say, “No big deal, it’s just a game guys. We all had fun and gave it our best shot. Time for grilled cheese and fribbles!!!” 

Because the NFL DOES have a lot of problems. Some people are beating the shit out of their wives. Others are beating their kids with a switch. Everyone on the Seahawks is on drugs. But all of those problems PALE in comparison to Tom Brady saying the “f” word after a loss. Sure Brady is the ideal family man who doesn’t cause any trouble, never gets arrested, and always is respectful and professional at press conferences. But none of that matters because he has a potty mouth. Luckily the Boston Globe is here to set us straight.

This is why you NEED Turtleboy Sports in your life. Without us you’re stuck with “newspapers” like the Globe spitting ice cold Tom Brady takes like this one.

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  • Joe Momma
    December 4, 2014 at 7:29 am

    The Globe sucks so bad my dog won’t even shit on it.

    • Wabbitt
      December 5, 2014 at 3:28 pm

      My dog only shits on Dan Shaunessey’s half-a-tard looking mug.

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