Boston Rustic Are A Bunch Of Boners When It Comes To Weddings, End Up Screwing You On Your Big Day And Don’t Even Have The Decency To Wait Until That Night

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Not too long after we wrote about a ratchet wedding scammer, Michael Burris, whose own sister came out to talk shit about him we started recieving messages about another wedding vendor by the name of Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals.

Their website says they were featured in some nice wedding magazine ,The Knot, and seem like they have all that fancy shit and a good reputation that you’re looking for when you’ve been scammed into a wedding.

Weddings are seriously the biggest and longest running racket I’ve ever seen. I almost got duped into spending an obscene amount of money on a single day after getting really excited that my husband-to-be was just scammed into buying me a ring. Thankfully, I realized that we could put down a good portion of cash on a house that we could actually live in instead. I got a wedding dress off of a cousin who had been married a few times, had it tailored and made friends with someone who had lakefront property. Hell, I even sprang for those little ball shaped twinkly lights and shit. It was beautiful and cheap, in short, perfect. I’m lucky, I never bought into the entire “This is your day!” thing that gets shoveled down so many people’s windpipe since birth. I’m pretty sure no one thought I’d snag me a man who’d put a ring on it, so my expectations for life were kept to a bare minimum.

The whole wedding thing is sold as the best day of your life and it’s supposed to be perfect. Which is bullshit considering I’ve had plenty of days that were way better than my wedding day, but the point is if you pay for something you damn well better get it. Doesn’t matter what it is, if you drop considerable coinage on anything it better turn out right. That hasn’t been happening with this place:

So that woman was set to get hitched today, congrats. Except the place she had set her wedding up with hasn’t been returning any of her phone calls as little as 2 days prior to the ceremony. That’s not highly upsetting or a red flag at all. No sir.

That other lady there got married in her parent’s back yard and had actually gotten Boston Rustic to come through…before the wedding. After the wedding, they had left everything up until she came back from her honeymoon and grass has this nasty tendancy to die when it doesn’t adequate sunlight.

Holy shit, check out this backyard:

I’d be ripshit, and my backyard is another thing I don’t care much about. It’s in the back. No one sees it. BUT if it’s gonna be ruined, I had best be the one to fucking ruin it! It’s mine to ruin, not theirs. This place place is paid for the set up and removal of their tents, so this shit is unacceptable. Getting to hang on to it longer for an event you’re no longer having doesn’t constitue value, it makes for a dead lawn.

A lot of the stories coming out of the people who’ve used this place goes like this: They put down a deposit or pay in full, and then this place either A) Never gets back to that person or B) Shows up with some of the stuff ordered, most of which isn’t at all what you wanted.

That’s not shady at all. Fuck up a perfectly good wedding by bringing broken shit with wet paint two days late, not return phone calls and delete your Facebook business page. Totally seems to be on the up and up.

Wedding shit has to be the perfect scam in history, even if you get everything right. It’s supposed to be this magical, gorgeous and perfect thing that they’re forced into paying a shit ton of money for. The entire purpose of a wedding is to add romance to a legally binding contract. Yeah, it’s a legally binding contract to someone you love, but it’s a legally binding contract nonetheless. If the court system is involved, that shit ain’t magical.

Places like this understand that just about everyone is going to shell out a shit ton of cash on their special day and that oftentimes no expense is spared. Just because I, and some other people, don’t get why anyone would do that doesn’t mean what they’re doing isn’t wrong. People are paying for a service, one they hopefully won’t have to do over again, so you best deliver whatever was bought before hand, on time, not broken. Anything else is fraud. Period.

Evidently, they can’t even get the very simple practice of employing people right:


How the hell is this place still in business? They have terrible reviews going back since they started business which they have absolutely no idea how to run and chicks who get together to talk weddings don’t have a single good thing to say about them. They have some of the worst reviews I’ve personally ever seen for any establishment, let alone the place people trust on a really huge event like their wedding day:

Why are venues suggesting this place as a vendor? It would make sense that a place made for hosting the wedding would have all the stuff to make a wedding happen, but I also understand that some people want their weddings to have extra shit. OK, fine. How the hell do you use the excuse “We misplaced the money”!? HOW!? How does a business lose money in a literal sense? Even if you manage to do something like that, how is that even the problem of the person who paid you? This is an entire multi-billion dollar industry. In industries like this, people talk.You can’t show up late for things like this. You need to allot time for things to go wrong, as they often do on a wedding day. That’s some sort of universal rule: Shit will go wrong on your wedding day.

Boston Rustic is giving people plenty to talk about and the vast majority of it is really bad unless your order is for some sort of charger, it seems:

It doesn’t matter what you’re dealing in, you have to make sure the person paying is satisfied. Their Better Business Bureau reviews are absolutely shit. This one actually has a response from Boston Rustic going on about their non-refundable bullshit and it’s pretty epic:

Vulgar language? Yeah, when you fuck up someone’s wedding day and charge shit to their credit card without permission and had 5 months to fix it but chose not to, you can expect to hear some vulgar launguage. When you fuck with someone’s wedding day and you’re not supplying a refund I can’t see how anyone would ever be able to muster being even remotely nice. Have you not seen and/or heard of Bridezillas? You’re lucky to not get a wedding dress shoved up your ass for this sort of thing! This account goes into depth about how they seem to get you:

That’s a pretty generous 3 stars considering they got exactly  jack shit right. OK, so this appears to be what happens. They have  discounts on floral crap, and other wedding crap, and they’re undermanned with inexperienced staff. They make promises about what they have,then they dip on the rest when you’re unhappy with what they gave you.

Once I found the owners’ names and got a load of them, I wasn’t in the least bit surpised. They look exactly like the kind of douchenozzles who would start up a wedding scam and fuck everyone’s special day up:


Aren’t they so happy and in love…while running away with other happy and in love couple’s hard-earned money they didn’t get by ripping people off? Aww, barf.


Here’s something telling. If you hop onto Faleesha Gaylord’s (I swear to God that’s her name) Facebook account, you’ll see that nowhere in her intro does it name Boston Rustic Wedding:

The only way to know that this is actually her is that she’s married to the co-owner, Joe Gaylord who only has the website in his intro:

If you owned a reputable business, wouldn’t you want to say you worked there? Wouldn’t you have it listed as your place of employment and state that you own it? It’s generally something to be proud of when you own a business. All of this screams shady. He really doesn’t even have a lot to say about his business on his LinkedIn:

You can see he has background in the automotive industry, sales and marketing. Being “highly motivated”, the catch all buzzword we all use on job applications and resumes, doesn’t make him able to do wedding stuff. There wasn’t anything very eyebrow raising about their profiles, which is exactly what I was suspecting from a couple of assholes who would do shit like this:

When you’re planning a trip down the isle, or any large purchase, it’s up to you to conduct research. Obviously. But these people have this lovely website with lots of pretty pictures, people get referred to them by venues , they make great offers and seem like a great deal and then brides and grooms get left screwed. They look reputable and everyone is excited when they get engaged. It’s the beginning of your life with someone you love! That makes this even more shitty to get ripped off while you’re planning for such an event. Weddings and funerals are pretty much the only thing you can’t really do over. These Gaylords are running off with everyone’s cash and that’s bullshit.

If you’re getting married, do all the research you can and don’t use a business that seems too good to be true. There’s a ton more reviews everywhere you can review them online and in Facebook groups stating that basically everyone who’s hired them has been screwed over by not getting what they ordered, having these people not show up at all and then not try to make anything right and avoiding them throughout the entire endeavor. How in the world these two shitbirds are still in business and able to continue ripping off people is completely beyond me. Any venue that reccomends these people are just as shitty, in my opinion.

This is fraud. At least with fraud you can get your money back, but you’ll never be able to fix your wedding day. As much as I don’t care about weddings, that’s just me. Some people live for this shit and they’re getting their day absolutely ruined even after paying to ensure that it wil go well. Fuck these guys.



10 Comment(s)
  • BHL
    March 21, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    I can’t help but feel the schadenfreuden with this one! I’m no jilted bride but I was once a colleague of Faleesha’s 10 years ago! She was such a scam artist back then. She was deceitful as hell and spread personal and confidential information. I always figured she learned the deception from cutco. Her home life seemed hectic and she had a kid so I just found another job but I was so young back then and that experience really caused a lot of turmoil in my life. I remember one instance where her financial situation was such a mess I suspected she was making a lot of bad choices. On top of that she was continually gloating about going to medical school and becoming a heart surgeon! LOL. BRWR seems like a natural place to flaunt her deceptive personality. BYE FALEESHA

    • BHL
      March 21, 2019 at 6:36 pm

      Also, I have just re-read this article and noticed the screen shots of Faleesha’s LinkedIn profile. I see the 2009-2010 time period seems to be missing but this would be when she was working at Boston Heart Lab in Framingham, MA. I should have taken action against her then for spreading my personal employment details to other staff members, among many other things. I cannot even express the turmoil she caused me during that time. When I saw her on the WBZ I-Team report I was instantly reminded of that 2009 time period and I cannot help but feel the same sadness for the children she has. It appears she has 3 children now. I know I should not feel happy that she is finally getting her just dessert but I would like to know, Faleesha, how is that book your writing? Medical Mom was it?

      TurtleBoy Sports thank you SO much for this great article! <3<3<3 🙂

  • Jumbo Soft Treats
    September 26, 2018 at 10:26 am

    Where my comment at?

  • TJB
    September 21, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    OY GEFALT! this must be how they screw the goyim in brooklyn.

    • Herschel
      September 22, 2018 at 8:14 am

      This is textbook entrepreneurship as they would teach it at Skidmoore, her alma mater.

  • Stunt Penis
    September 21, 2018 at 11:22 am

    The whole wedding reception bullshit is a crock. I know someone who spent over $125,000… yes, you read that right, $125,000… on a wedding/reception, hosted at the Omni in downtown providence… and this was back in the early 1990’s. Now, don’t get me wrong… the reception was wonderful (open bar with unlimited drinks, top of the line hors d’oeuvres like real jumbo shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, etc. in a “reception hall” prior to seating in the grand ballroom for the reception, ice sculptures, a string/brass orchestra… you name it…) but shit I’m thinking at the time “$125k, shit, that’s more than my first two homes cost me each”

    and, for what? a party that lasts a couple of hours? when I took a dump the next day, each time I heard a splash, I said to myself “welp, there goes another $25 shrimp”

  • ChrisInShrewsbury
    September 21, 2018 at 8:50 am

    It is surprising to me, with all the stealing these fucks are doing, nobody has done violence to them.

    • Judge dread
      September 21, 2018 at 11:23 am

      Yup. Find out their daily routine and have someone take a PR-24 (Rodney King beaters) and have them spit some teeth out.

  • Publius
    September 21, 2018 at 8:06 am

    I put corn hole on my lawn for 2 hrs my grass is dead. A whole wedding ? of course grass will be dead.

    • Mom’s Basement
      September 21, 2018 at 9:46 am

      You said cornhole 

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