Chudwump Breeder Previously Tied To Dog Fighting Leaves Pit Bulls Outside In Uninhabitable Warwick Property Owned By Maryland Trustee

Chudwump Breeder Previously Tied To Dog Fighting Leaves Pit Bulls Outside In Uninhabitable Warwick Property Owned By Maryland Trustee

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I feel like I’m getting punched in the face whenever I step outside these days, because as the junior hoodrats used to say, “It’s mad brick yo.” Imagine how these pit bulls feel in Warwick:

The guy who oversees the property is named Clifford Dennis. Google his name and a whole bunch of fun stuff comes up:

In 2010 this happened:

Authorities found 15 pit bulls with no food or water chained in the woods near an abandoned house in Warwick, RI, on December 27, 2010, according to the Providence Journal. The dogs were spread over a four-acre area and only small doghouses with a little straw inside protected them from temperatures in the 20’s and 12 inches of snow in blizzard conditions. Each dog was secured by a heavy six-foot tow chain. Animal control officials stated the dogs are owned by 47-year-old Clifford Dennis. 

Four of the pit bulls are puppies, and it is believed Dennis was breeding the pit bulls without a breeding permit.He also did not have a permit that allows more than three dogs in the city.

The dogs were found to be in a developing dangerous situation that was potentially life threatening. Due to the evaluation, the dogs were removed from the property,” according to the police report.

But Clifford Dennis will only face misdemeanor charges for failing to provide adequate shelter for the animals, 15 counts of having unlicensed dogs and 15 counts of having unvaccinated dogs, according to Warwick Police Sgt. Robert  Rocco. Rocco also stated that Dennis was issued a violation earlier this year for having more than three dogs.  Dennis will be allowed to keep three of the fifteen dogs he left out in the winter storm.  

The dogs reportedly did not appear to be scarred from fighting, but a Game-dog forum post about Dennis reads:  “That man used to come on this forum. He is well known at the ADBA shows.”  And a link is provided to the APBT on-line registry pedigree for one of Dennis’ pit bulls, showing a lineage of fighting dog champs.  There is also information that Dennis had been bringing in dogs to the shelter for years, and a volunteer speculated that these were the ones that didn’t sell.

Yup, somehow he was allowed to keep three dogs after that. Turns out at least one of them had been involved in dog fighting:

Although they appeared healthy, and with no indication of abuse other than being found chained outside in the cold and driving snow, at least one of 15 pit bulls taken by police from a wooded area on Toll Gate Road near Kent Hospital shows signs of having fought other dogs.

City officials have questioned whether they will pursue charges against Clifford Dennis when he appears before Judge Joel Gerstenblatt in Municipal Court this evening, because of the wording of the city law. The law prohibits owning more than three dogs at a single domicile, unless the owner has a kennel license. As the pit bulls were not kept at a residence – Dennis’s last known address is in Potowomut although he’s known to sometimes stay in a trailer at the property – the question has been raised whether the city would have to return the dogs to him.

Place learned of the pit bulls from a Dec. 17 call. He subsequently received more calls and, when he heard the dogs were still outside during the blizzard of Dec. 27, he filed a complaint with police. The animals were quickly liberated from 6-foot 25-pound chains, staked beside some small shelters, and taken to the Warwick Animal Shelter. Dennis was charged with 15 counts of not properly sheltering the dogs; 15 counts of unlicensed dogs; 15 counts of unvaccinated dogs and a single count of possessing more than three dogs.

Earlier this week, Place received an email from Matthew Adams who, with his fiancée Bethany Calkins McGuire, adopted one of the male pit bulls. Adams has since sent more than 20 pictures of signs of abuse on “Bubba.” Adams worked for two years as an animal control officer for the Narragansett Police Department and was a deputy for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida for four years. McGuire is a certified veterinary technician at Atlantic Animal Hospital and a certified dog trainer with a focus on taming aggressive behavior.

“We began to notice apparent and extensive signs of animal abuse with him,” Adams wrote to Place. “If one of us is sitting next to him and we stand up he will wince and cower profusely. He has a crooked jaw, no left K9 [canine] tooth, missing top teeth and signs of trauma to the face and mouth region. He also has extensive scars on his nose, face, and body area as well as a massive deep scar on his side.”

That was 2011. Why does this chudwump still have dogs? Well, according to him he’s just a really good guy who’s breeding hunting dogs to sell down south:

“I love them I take care of them the best that I can and if I was a millionaire they’d probably be living in a mansion but that’s not the case.”

Clifford Dennis defends himself and his dog breeding business on Toll Gate Road in Warwick.

“Right now there are 3 dogs outside – they’re rotated with the three dogs that are inside the trailer. The trailer has a wood stove where we keep it pretty warm. It’s five hours out five hours in.”

Dude, it’s like negative a million degrees right now. You shouldn’t be keeping any dogs outside. You think a rotating schedule of animal cruelty makes this all good in the hood? If you don’t have the facilities to keep all the dogs indoor at all times on days like this then you have no business being in the dog breeding business. Da fuq is wrong with you and your Saver’s brand shirts?

I mean, this is how where these dogs live:

Looks like the final scene of every Lifetime movie ever.

According to Warwick Watch, Clifford Dennis is the “caretaker” of this property

I’m baffled. Dude has been tied to dogfighting and animal cruelty in the past. Yet he’s still allowed to get away with this? As Warwick Watch points out as well, the fact that they’re left there on a property where no one lives is also a safety issue:

There are other issues regarding the safety of the dogs. Dennis claims he uses one of the trailers that has a heating stove in it to bring the dogs in at night should it be too cold outside, so that the dogs have a warmer shelter. This is a major safety issue. Not only should there not be trailer on the property, dogs are being left inside of one– what if something goes wrong and the trailer catches on fire? 

Oh, and the guy who owns the property lives in Maryland and is basically using this useful idiot to make them more money:

The property owners- Edward Allen Trustee— residing in Maryland, have been offered a substantial amount of money several times for the sale  of their property– but they refuse. They just don’t want to give it up?   WHY???   You live in Maryland and you have this “caretaker” living on your property in trailers, running a highly questionable pit bull breeding business on it, who just so happens to be able to come up with all the explanations and excuses while  providing no current, documented evidence when it comes to this breeding operation.   WHY?  So pit bulls can be bred and given away to hunt boars in some southern state? 

So obviously Rhode Island laws are more than likely much more accommodating to dog breeders like this. If the Ocean State wasn’t one of the most corrupt states in the country I’d suggest changing the laws so that people like this don’t set up shop here. If you live in Rhode Island or Warwick, call your state representative or city councilor and demand that the laws be changed so that wealthy trustees can’t breed dogs like this in deplorable conditions in order to have another profitable piece of their portfolio.

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  • Dick Dover
    January 2, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Whatever, I’m just glad we are past that stupid fucking countdown of Massachusetts trash you folks are so proud of.
    It’s like y’all celebrate your race to the bottom.
    Stupid fucking yanks.

  • January 1, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    Special place in hell waiting for this fuckass and every animal abusing, child abusing asshole. Eat a dick 20 times over. Sickos.

  • Publius
    January 1, 2018 at 9:26 pm

    maybe Mr. Allenin his woodbine spread needs to be contacted. a few thousand times.

  • Sierra
    January 1, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    This is absolutely insane, how can this guy still even be able to own a single animal?? I work at an animal shelter and with the temps we’ve been having, the dogs are literally let outside in the yard to go to the bathroom, we clean their kennel and as soon as the kennel is set back up, they come right back in. Also, a simple google maps search of this place shows that it’s located almost next door to Kent Hospital which certainly cannot be a good thing, god forbid one of those dogs got loose. I wonder if anyone who works at Kent knows about this situation.

  • heart
    January 1, 2018 at 11:58 am

    happy new year to our beloved turtleboy <3

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