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  • Cornfed Grundle Shroom Posts Viral Made Up Letter Her Disabled Child Got From Friend’s Mom Telling Her That He’s Too Slow To Play With Her Kid

    Cornfed Grundle Shroom Posts Viral Made Up Letter Her Disabled Child Got From Friend’s Mom Telling Her That He’s Too Slow To Play With Her Kid

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    A bunch of people messaged us about this viral Facebook from an Iowa mother named Lacey Brandenburg who claims that her disabled child’s friend’s mother wrote a nasty note to her:

    Alright, so as soon as we saw this we IMMEDIATELY knew it was a hoax. Didn’t even need to see the note. Here’s some dead giveaways:

    • She refuses to name the parent who sent her the letter
    • She calls her son’s ability “mental retardation”
    • Not only does he have “mental retardation,” he’s also autistic, ADHD, and has cognitive disorder. You name it, he’s got it
    • She writes like Forrest Gump
    • She’s using her son as a prop in a viral attempt to get strangers to feel bad for her
    • This is what we are dealing with:

    She’s with a guy who wears cut off tees and crocs. Nuff said.

    Then there’s the letter itself:

    Oh for fuck’s sake people! She didn’t even fold the note! This evil, unnamed parent gave a “mentally retarded” child a note to take home, that shits all over his entire existence, and the child delivered the note with no wrinkles, no folds, and in pristine condition. Oh yea, that definitely happened. Definitely.

    The handwriting on her car after she got married looks oddly familiar too:

    Just sayin.

    Nevertheless the MSM has reported it as real news:

    And thousands upon thousands of morons have lined up to offer their support:


    Nothing better than an Internet mob going after an imaginary bogeyman who they all can agree is evil. So virtuous of them. Imagine how much of a moron you’d have to be to waste a minute of your day typing out your condolences to a woman you’ve never met, who is telling you a story that is clearly designed to set the stage for a GoFundMe. And make no doubt about it – the GoFundMe WAS coming. Not her first rodeo:

    A fundraiser to “support Donations for children.” Sounds legit.

    Sure, you could just donate directly to St. Jude’s on their website. Or you could give to this strange woman’s GFM, trust her to give your money to them, and watch as GFM keeps 5% of it.

    Very few people actually called her out on her bullshit, and those who did had their comments deleted. But after a while Lacey decided to take the whole post down as a result of this:

    So why’d she do it? Well, the GFM that never came to fruition was probably part of it. The bigger piece of the equation was the unquenchable thirst for attention. Not the first time Lacey Brandenberg has played the white knight for disabled children on Facebook. Like the time she found a random kid walking 8 blocks through a blizzard without proper clothing:

    As you can see from Heather’s comments she got exactly what she wanted – affirmation that she is indeed a great person.

    But that story was just the beginning. After picking up the stray child she brought her back to her house where the girl’s mother was sleeping on a urine soaked couch, and instead of saying thank you, the ratchet Mom just told the girl to eat an apple for dinner:

    Naturally Super Mom Lacey went to the food pantry, dropped off a meal, and left it on the doorstep. This led to more pats on the back:

    When she’s not making up stories about saving children she spends most of her time judging other shitty parents:

    But I guess this time around she couldn’t find a real parent to crap on for Facebook likes, so she had to make one up and use her “mentally retarded” child with ADHD and autism, as a prop.

    And according to the WCVB article, it was mission accomplished when she posted it:

    “I feel pretty good right now.”

    Of course you do. Because you got the one thing you always wanted – attention. The MSM might not call you out on your bullshit, but we will. Stay woke.

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    1. Burt Hurtensteiner

      Turtleboy’s bent because Gaffney rode him hard and put him away wet!

      1. Burt Hurtensteiner

        I guess imitation is a form of flattery.

        The real Burt H., esq.

        1. hate

          lol welcome to the land of imposters, enjoy, we’ve been putting up with it for fucking ages

          1. E Boyler's Girl Loves Me In Control

            What the fuck do you know? You’ve been commenting here for the equivalent of about two minutes. I’ve got shoes older (& smarter) than you, noob.

            You should spend less time embarrassing yourself here and more time keeping your girl from punking you.

            1. wow im really getting to your head

              you’re completely insane, Mirror Mirror

            2. weird anger noobly noobles

              Noob? Seriously calling a commenter a noob? When did you learn to read and write and can you do it well? What are you even angry about, your not making much sense.

              Bragging about how long you been on TBS and your old shoes, gets you nothing, just shows you wasted more time here than others and your shoes are old.

        2. Burt Hurtensteiner

          What’s your problem fake Burt?

          1. hate

            Just accept it Burt. Fuck even the Turtle writers don’t admit which ones they are it’s just part of the game.

            1. hate

              lol, see? that’s not even me.

            2. hate

              me either!

        3. Burt Hurtensteiner

          Listen fake Burt but the readers CAN tell the difference because I can form a sentence and spell. I’m not sure what you are trying to prove?

    2. Not AnnAttention Whore

      If the kid looks like his mother then I think retarded is an appropriate description. She looks to have a touch of the Downs and her writing appears a bit…off…as well.

    3. Anonymous

      I personally know this women, and her husband (who actually has special needs). She is a terrible human being and mother. Also an in home daycare provider(scary). I knew from the second I read the letter that she wrote this and was seeking attention, sympathy, and or money. I was sickened by the outpour of support she got. She absolutely needs investaged and mentally evaluated. I also have a picture of a handwritten note from her that is an identical match to “letter” she received.

      1. Itsjustme

        I knew when I first read this it was a hoax. She saw what those other two moms got, the fake lynching and the other bullying kid. She is hoping for a big payday like they got.

    4. Anonymous

      There is nothing I mean absolutely NOTHING I enjoy more than picking on the mentally ill. Why should retards get a free pass?

      Anyhow I forgot my cat outside for a few hours and it’s really stiff. Does anyone know how many minutes I should put it in the microwave to warm it up?

      1. #duheveryonedoes

        I like to use the pizza setting or the popcorn one, if there’s any ice on it make sure you throw on the defrost cycle for a few. Should warm it up good.

    5. Uncle Randy

      Who else is amped for the Pats next weekend? Fuck yeah.

    6. Biatches

      Dammitt! Every time I write a comment that has the name A K in it it goes straight to waiting for moderation and then gets suspended? Is it to early for me to cry like a bitch? Should I threaten a law suit? WTF?

      1. Mirror Mirror

        What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

        Maybe you should try writing for the MSM. They like self-aggrandizing puppets and other liberal useful idiots.

        1. wow im really getting to your head

          you. You are the definition of insanity, running around the place crying about some crazy Mary constantly.

    7. stomach noises

      Thanks, now I have to find some good corned beef hash or a thick pastrami sandwich.

    8. Burt Hurtensteiner

      I’m not sure but I may be fucked! Then again how would I know?

    9. Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot.. nah they don't miss him;)

      This is all Obamas Fault, ripped the economy and country apart for 8 years left peeps believing the welfare and disability was the only way out.

    10. hate

      This might help Burt

      1. doh

        lolll You was farting in bath tubs and laughing yo ass off

    11. Fiesty Lawyer Lady

      I want to go on the record as saying I’ve never been obsessed with BobnMic. That being said Bob I want to cut your penis off with hedge clippers, stuff it thru your ear and pull it out your nose!

      Hey Turtleboy can I write for you? Not that I’m desperate

    12. Caucasian Persuasion

      A blm affiliated blog slandering white folk for fraud?
      That’s the pot calling the kettle black.
      I will not support anything affiliated with BLM.
      Tbs is grasping at straws.
      History dictates , white lives are all that matter.

    13. Whiz Fallawfill

      Women like this, and the dingbats supporting her, are the reason why I’m gay.

    14. Mike

      Although I totally agree that this is total BS, I wouldn’t want my kid playing with a retard. I want my child to to mentally stimulated by similarly developed children. I don’t want my child to suffer the social stigma of pal’ing around with a mentally challenged kid, and I wouldn’t know how to deal with a special needs child if they started tarding out in my home. No thank you!

      1. ****

        Mike you seem like quite the retard yourself. Get fucked.

      2. Two shits & a fuck

        Plus one.
        No retards allowed.
        Full fucking stop.
        Too much liability with genetically fucked up people.
        Sorry, keep your freak on a leash.

    15. Slow Adult writes stupid fake letter, how is this a story?

      Two obese parents with limited intellect write a fake letter and fail… breaking news, wow.

      1. love

        the letter was interesting, because in it she tried to sound intelligent but she repeated herself at least three times over so same off looking like a retarded person whinging about a retarded person.

        and also, her TEETH!!

    16. suckittrebek

      just scrolling to the discussion section was too much time spent on thinking about retards. thanks turtleboy.

    17. E

      The note is still in the Notebook she wrote it on. Lol

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