Coventry High Student Posts Threats To Shoot Up School Walkout, Legion Of Chowderbrains Blame Concerned Parents For “Bullying” Him By Discussing It

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The massacre in Parkland, FL could’ve been prevented in a number of ways. Perhaps the most obvious was the fact that no one did anything despite the fact that the killer (who shall go unnamed) had been posting pictures of guns with threatening messages on social media. And no one did anything about it.

So you would think that anything resembling this would be taken seriously. But in Coventry, RI that apparently is not the case. Lots of people were buzzing about a student posting threatening things on social media about today’s “walkout” along with images of guns:

FYI this kid made the news last month and is known to the media as the “snow angel” because he goes around digging out the elderly and disabled. Which is very nice of him, but certainly doesn’t excuse this.

Some students perceived these snapchatted images that the student posted as a threat to the walkout today:

It’s caused a lot of uproar in Coventry, prompting the police department to issue this statement on the Facebook machine:

They’re “confident it’s not a credible threat,” because it was a “purposeful hoax in anticipation of tomorrow’s national walkout day.”

Oh yea, no big deal. Just a little “I’m gonna shoot up your protest” joke on social media. It’s a hoax. Get it? School shootings are funny now!!

Clearly we’ve learned absolutely NOTHING from last month’s shooting. As usual everyone will blame guns, while threats like this are dismissed as “hoaxes.” Because unless they actually murder your children, it’s just fun and games. Kids being kids. That’s what the Florida shooter was doing too – he was just fucking around with all those posts on social media. Until he killed 17 people. Then it was the gun’s fault. Better protest guns rather than get to the actual root of the problem.

His posts were shared by adults (who thought this matter of public interest should be discussed openly) in a Coventry Facebook group, but were removed because apparently the kid who posted the threats is the victim of “bullying” in school.  Here’s what one of his classmates had to say:

Newsflash – lots of people get bullied. It does’t excuse making vague threats to kill people less than a month after a deadly school shooting. Keep in mind, this kid has been all over the news as a local hero. People love him. He’s not some weird goth kid that’s never been patted on the back and told that he’s a good person. This was obviously done to get a rise out of people, and we shouldn’t be poo-pooing the fact that he’s posting images of guns and ammo on Instaface.

But lets suppose for a moment that he has been relentlessly bullied in school. If that’s the case then this child needs love and counseling. What he does not need is for strangers to make excuses for his actions. Seriously, all we do is try to find ways to make sure that no one is responsible for their behavior. Ever. You got bullied? Tough shit. Deal with it. Being bullied is part of life. I’ve been bullied relentlessly. Yea, it sucked at the time but you get through it. What you don’t do is threaten to go on a shooting spree as some sort of sick, twisted act of vengeance.

Nevertheless the PC patrol in Coventry has been out and about in full force blaming everyone who shared these images, while making excuses for the kid who posted them in the first place:

No Jess, the “bullies” (if in fact they exist) are not “just as bad” as the kid who threatened to shoot up the protest. Only a complete and utter moron would reach that conclusion. And if the bullies are the problem here, then why aren’t these student protests focusing on ways to eliminate bullying? Instead they’re protesting gun laws in a state that has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

“I’m not saying that being bullied is an excuse to make threats. Now excuse me while I come up with a plethora of excuses for this child who made threats while blaming his actions on other students.”

It’s OK though because “everyone makes mistakes”:

God, what is wrong these dolts? Yea, lots of kids make mistakes. Like copying someone else’s homework, or destroying your parent’s computer with viruses by going on the wrong porn site. Posting threatening messages on social media is not a “mistake.”

Then there was this:

Jesus H. Christ. This is what a society that has gone insane looks like people. Bullies who are “convicted” (because bullying is a crime now) should go to jail. They’re the real problem here. Not kids threatening to shoot up the school. That kid had no choice because of the bullying.

And when adults who are concerned about their children’s safety post about it on social media, this is also “bullying”:

Gee whiz, I wonder why nothing ever changes.

Nicole Picard has apparently appointed herself to be town hero and is telling anyone who wants to know all the facts about this threat that they need to sit down and shut up:

“I think we should all be able to know the facts.”

“Stop being nosy.”

And if you post a picture of those threats because you think they are worthy of public discussion, Nicole is calling the Facebook Popo!

And she’s armed with screenshots!

Watch out Internet bullies! She’s watching you!

She was backed up by several Facebook legal experts:

Better call up Dick N. Vulva, because Turtleboy is about to get “served” again!!

No Rhonda, it shouldn’t be illegal to post pictures of kids who are threatening to shoot other kids. That’s a very dumb thing to say.

Christie Luther has a PhD in Facebook legal studies with a minor in cyberbullying:

And no, the policy of the Providence schools is not to handcuff and arrest “bullies.” You’re literally making that up because you get off on the sound of your own voice, and you want people to think you know what you’re talking about you. But you don’t, and we see right through your bullshit.

And because this whole thing is being kept hush-hush, more rumors are spreading:

Someone is pretending to be him? Wait…what? Are you saying his account was hacked over a period of several months and that this was all just a big setup to frame him? Well then, some chicks on the Internet said it is so, so it must be so.

Don’t worry though – Nicole has a solution:

Good point Nicole. We need to “do something about this.” We can’t just write words on the Internet. A good way to figure out how to get this done is by writing more words on the Internet so that people hit that like button and it makes you nice, warm, and fuzzy inside.

Ironically for a woman who is so deeply devoted to ending cyberbullying, she seems to do a lot of that herself. Ya see, Nicole wants to open a coffee shop in town, and she wisely posted her business idea on social media. Unfortunately some “local bitch” took her “idea” that she posted on a public town Facebook page:

But wait Nicole – I thought we were supposed to be nice to these people? How exactly does posting, “a Big FU” to another woman in town make you any better than the bullies you’re so devoted to stopping? This wasn’t very nice either:

“This bitch leased Indigo pizza.”

“Some people deserve to rot in hell.”

“Is it wrong that I hope she fails?”

Yup, this is what a woman whose primary goal is to eradicate bullying posts on her Facebook page. Makes sense.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you need to get over the fact that you were bullied. Unfortunately it’s part of life. Most of us have been bullied before. It makes you a stronger person, especially when it motivates you to become better people than your tormenters. Or just kick the shit out of them. That usually works too because they never expect you to actually fight back.

Excuse making just opens the door for whiny adults who can’t get over the fact that someone was mean to them 20 years ago in high school:

Yup, it’s the Internet “consensus” that the schools are to blame for the fact that your kid was bullied. Because it’s their job to police your kid’s social media, emails, and text messages. Not the parents though. They’re not to blame for anything.

No Nicole. That never actually happened. Your sister was not “kicked and thrown down a flight of stairs.” The imaginary students who didn’t do this were not excused by the schools for their violent behavior either. You’re literally just making this up because it’s cool to be a victim now.

Yea that never happened either Christie. You never punched a 14 year old who was “giving you a lap dance.” He was never “arrested” for this. You were never told that you were allowed to punch him because you were defending yourself from a lap dance. You’re literally making that up because just like all these other fools, you’re trying to find a way to victimize yourself.

The bottom line is that the kid who posted this needs to be punished and made very clear to him that shit like this can’t be explained by claiming that it’s a “hoax.” No more hoaxes. No more fucking around with this shit. If you post threatening shit on the Internet you get treated like a criminal. I do hope the kid gets help if he’s actually mentally ill, but if he’s just blaming this on a bad joke then he needs to be dealt with appropriately. And the public has a right to discuss this, considering their kids also go to school with him.


12 Comment(s)
  • Dawn F
    March 16, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    Ok this kid has gotten bullied another case of the Coventry Police like Detective pendola that loves to arrest kids that were bullied in the first place then because if you didn’t grow up in Coventry because you know everyone knows everyone that grew up here but my son was bullied in the middle school being the new kid ,,, I complained over and over then one day my son came home with broken glasses and a lump on his head never got a phone call from them about the incident and then two weeks later the assistant principal called me about my son tripping another child same one who was bullying my son and then they suspended my child my son already knows that the system has failed him over and over then your considered the trouble maker and they get victimized by the school and the police and the bully because he got sick of it and started fighting back and so did I ,,, ,,, one of the biggest trouble makers that always seems to get out of trouble detective pendola is always on the phone with his mother and everyone else gets in trouble it’s sad my son started fighting back and acting out because know one listened to the kid nor me and recently my son got in trouble and boy they jumped on that so my son has an nco on someone in the school so my son tell assistant principal in the high school that he wants to be moved out of the class because that person was iin the class,,, I get a call from her and I said absolutely he needs to be moved so he doesn’t get in trouble and she said she called pendola he said no he doesn’t have to move so I called pendola to find out why and basically he wants my son in the training school so he wants to set him up to fail ,,, well you guys dropped the ball in middle school never did a thing and the more he told the more he got bullied then when I called him out on what an nco stands for and why he said not to move him he called me a bad mother the system is about who you know they blame the victims after they fight back … that song explains it the best Jeremy by Pearl Jam shame on police that dismissed it and then they break and you guys don’t give a shit got nothing better to do instead of brushing it off when they get bullied maybe just maybe there wouldn’t be these problems in the first place you have a police officer in the school guidance, principal, nobody does anything then when it escalates the victim in the first place is the bad one I blame the whole dam system maybe they should listen to the kids and the parents,,,, shame on all of you

  • Come on man!
    March 15, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    WTF TBS?!? Though you uncovered shit? The answer is even posted everywhere for you. The kids bullys doctored some shit up and posted it as the kid. Its done, proven, over with. And you blew open the MSP story?? Yet, Didi kicked your ass….

  • Jc
    March 15, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Did you fact check the authenticity of this situation with the police department before you wrote this “article”? Had you done so you would see that he was wrongfully accused of this by his tormentors. You are no better.

  • Shawn Silvia
    WTF happened
    March 14, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    this website is borderline unreadable. Does anyone test this on a phone? It was working fine up until a couple weeks ago now it’s pop-ups galore and you can’t type holding phone sideways because of the stupid turtleboy border. WTF fix this shit.

  • GingyKidd
    March 14, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    First things first. Can we please discuss something that is apparently much more important to the education system in these areas? Who the fuck taught these people how to compose a sentence? When did the English language drop punctuation? Does ANYONE know the difference between There, Their and They’re or Too, To and Two? Isn’t that a THING in elementary school? I’m fairly certain that I learned that pretty early on.

    Everyone is so fucking soft now. It’s pretty pathetic really. I got “bullied” growing up. I was fucking fat as hell and kids were incredibly mean. Did it have an impact on my social development? Sure. Did it hurt? Absolutely. Even with being tormented throughout school, I NEVER threatened anything, against anyone. You know what I DID do though? I got a thicker skin, I learned coping mechanisms and I grew the fuck up and got out of that shit hole town.

    Why the hell is everyone crying “make it stop”…. wah! Seriously? Instead of talking about it, take a stand. I’m not saying hurt people, don’t misunderstand, but let’s teach our kids to stand up against bullying. If they see another kid being bullied for being “different”, don’t just pass by, stop. Make it known that this shit isn’t ok. Make the fucking bully feel ashamed of him or her self for being a shitty human. Let everyone around know that we aren’t going to allow this to continue. For fucks sake, kids are killing themselves over this shit. STOP. Instead of watching it happening and then crying out for justice on fucking facebook, take some god damn action!

    It’s exactly why you come to read TBS. Turtleboy is publicly shaming people for their ratchetness, and it’s working. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be here reading this shit right now. If you do it, and you teach your kids to do it, maybe we can get a handle on this shit.

    Also, any child who threatens revenge on social media is screaming out for help. A huge focus needs to be put on mental health resources and early intervention for any child exhibiting signs like this, signs of suicidal thoughts and substance abuse. (IMHO)

  • Miss Monster (The Hybrid)
    March 14, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    All of those hypocrites are fucking retarded. I suppose if that punk had shot their kids, he would still be a poor, tortured soul? The fuck outta here. I was bullied, viciously, day in and day out for all of elementary and middle school & even though I fantasized about killing them, I never threatened to shoot up a school. I never killed anyone. And I never went out of my way to hurt anyone. Alyssa deems herself queen of the fucking internet but she’s just another fucking stupid as fuck attention seeker. She’ll NEVER open her own coffee shop or business because she’s a fucking failure, too busy being an attention seeking, drama skank to maintain any focus on anything else.

    • Miss Monster (The Hybrid)
      March 14, 2018 at 8:52 pm

      Ugh I meant Nicole lol

  • Charlie bailey-gates
    March 14, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    Hey ringworm!

    Put me on the case. And get your cock outta my Chrysler!

  • Miss Monster (The Hybrid)
    March 14, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    …sure wish i didnt have to comment first in order to read the article.

  • johnvanluevan graichen
    March 14, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    he was set up by the kid who bullys him..i know the person this is about..he helps elderly and disabled folks for free with shoveling and landscaping..the person that saved the screeenshots did so so he had something too take to courtand sue his bully

  • Diane Woods emerson
    March 14, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Hey novel idea here. Get. The . Fuck . Off . Facebook.
    Get ur kids off Facebook or monitor what they do better. That kids parents could have found it if they looked. Until he’s an adult and has his own stuff they are in charge of him. I said years ago that IMO if parents were held more accountable for what kids do maybe they would be more alert to things. Having Facebook discussions and bitching at each other is the dumbest most ignorant thing , but amusing to watch. I still do it. I do know one thing I would take lol if that very seriously.

  • Ramon
    March 14, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    Think about it, though. If this kid does shoot up a school, the liberals will rejoice.
    It’ll be another “see what happens when we have guns?” case to make. There is literally zero political gain from nothing happening in schools (aka a nice normal day).

    These kids are liberal heroes.

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