Deskie Gets Dick Pics, Mr. Zuckerfuck Goes To Washington, Biggest Ratchet Madness Upsets So Far

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In today’s podcast…..

Mr. Zuckerfuck is going to Washington DC today to testify in front of Congress and Uncle Turtleboy has a lot to say about the this inevitable farce.

Desk Girl finally got her first dick pics, and we examine how it started with death threats and ended with bondage.

And finally the first round of Ratchet Madness is complete, Uncle Turtleboy talks about the biggest upsets and who is now favored to win the whole thing.

2 Comment(s)
  • Harry Analogy
    April 10, 2018 at 1:58 am

    Uncle is Mark Zucker’s BIATCH! Whining like a little girl who had her lolipop taken away. Oh poor fucking whine bag. Guy is 40 billion rich, must be doing something right. Your ideas aren’t used, he still rich. LOL, think about it. You may hate him with all your being, butt to Zucker, you don’t even exist. Strange how that works. And don’t get me going on Killoran, that fucktard, Zuck has a spot for him 2, you said it yourself, “swallow some cock, …. here to suck cock,” match that with ol’ brett kisser pict, you’ll get dinged for deranged behavior every time. Stop with the lawsuit BS. You’re back to “building a case,” you’ve been talking about how that case was going through and lawyers were going to wipe FBs up with the street back in December and Jan, but now its in the early stages again. PEOPLE, don’t you see the tom foolery? BS after BS after BS. Kudos for the Braintree dick thing though, that is what Turtleboy is good for. Keeping it in perspective zipperheads. By the by, we all know youre desk girl, if you cant stay up running without donations, like yeah, you got an admin. sounds like you missed business 101 bro.

    • Screw PC
      April 10, 2018 at 9:51 am

      He speaks, yet says nothing.

      Stop talking and giving people douche chills. You’re too fucking mentally vacant to see what a whiny faggot you sound like coming on here and bitching about Turtleboy, so you only exist as an object of ridicule to us. The only thing you accomplish slithering onto these boards is making people with a conscience feel uncomfortable about how much of a tool you make of yourself. You’re not going to make a pinhole in a pile of shit of a difference in anything that is done on this site.

      Look at this sentence. “By the by, we all know youre desk girl, if you cant stay up running without donations, like yeah, you got an admin. sounds like you missed business 101 bro.” What the blue fuck is that supposed to mean? I’ll tell you what the fuck it means. That’s the kind of shit sentence some waste of oxygen comes up with who was huffing gasoline at 2 AM while he’s beating off to thoughts of Bret Killoran breaking a hockey stick over his head. “Gee, I think I’ll be a fucking toolbox and say shit to make people hate me just like back in high school.” That’s why you’re a fucking waste product now. You got so used to losing and being kicked around that you’re now set up to have life kick you around, so you and your loser herd do rachet shit because you don’t give a fuck about yourselves and you have no fucking dignity, and obviously you end up getting put on blast on this site.

      Save some time rubbing yourself off to being humiliated. Write a note saying how much you suck, put on a dress, bend over and stick an M-80 up your ass and light it. Hopefully, I’ll be on the news for talking you into killing yourself, and I’ll look right at the camera, blow a fuckin’ noisemaker and say your mother is a useless cunt for spawning you, that you’re her fault, and that she should kill herself too. Fuck off, drown in your own puke, turn blue and die in agony.

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