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Dianne Williamson Can’t Criticize Mosaic But She Can Generalize White And Black People

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So Dianne Williamson wrote a column in today’s Telegram about the whole Beyonce Super Bowl halftime thing. And this was the headline:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.04.21 PM

Now Turtleboy is normally a fan of Dianne Williamson’s writing. Not necessarily because we always agree with her, but because she’s unpredictable and honest. Clive McFarlane has one singular agenda and is only capable of spitting out the same race-baiting drivel column after column. You know exactly what he’s going to say, which is exact opposite of what Dianne is all about. We dig that.

With that said, she is not only wrong about this and misguided, it’s also clear that she’s having her work censored by Karen Webber and the fascists who run the Telegram and Gazette.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.05.25 AM

Let’s start with the fact that Dianne wrote a column last week that was critical of Mosaic. We never read the column because Karen Webber refused to publish it. But a column that blankets all white people and makes fun of them? Fair game. Because the Telegram has become nothing more than radical, racist, hippie propaganda.

Here’s some things Dianne got wrong, but Karen Webber published anyway:

Apparently, some angry, red-faced Caucasians still have a case of the vapors after being subjected to a politically-charged show that was all about the black experience and nothing about them.

No Dianne, the show was not about the “black experience.” First of all, it’s ignorant to suggest that billions of people of color in this world have some sort of shared lifestyle, and we can lump them all in together under one singular “black experience.” That’s just silly. Black people all over America live life differently. Some like the cops and trust them, and some don’t. Some think America is the land of opportunity and others whine about how the system is unfair.


More importantly, this was clearly not about any sort of “black experience.” This was a big “fuck you” to police officers everywhere. I noticed Dianne forget to mention the most important part – the backup dancers posed for pictures like this before and after the performance:


Mario Woods was a black man who was shot to death by San Francisco cops after coming at them with a knife. Earlier that day he had used that same knife to stab someone. As you can see in the video, he ignores countless pleas and bean bag warning shots to put the knife down. Instead he comes directly at a cop with the knife in his hand and the police officer shoots him.

And because people like Beyonce spew their simplistic bullshit for the masses, the camera woman immediately starts yelling at the police for not taking the knife from him. Because everyone in America is an expert on how to subdue a dangerous criminal in 2016.

Mario Woods was also a known gang member with a lengthy criminal record. This is why people were upset. Because these dumbass, ignorant morons held a sign calling for “justice” for a guy who got shot after stabbing someone and lunging at cops with a knife. What kind of justice? The cops should go to jail for doing their jobs? For protecting themselves? For keeping the streets safer? This is what the Super Bowl is for? Shitting all over cops?

Do you get that Dianne? Do you see the difference? Because believe it or not, stabbing people and lunging at the cops isn’t part of this shared “black experience.”

It was a shout-out to black women everywhere. It was unapologetic, allegorical, edgy. In other words, it was an artistic statement.

So why is there a shoutout to black women at the Super Bowl? This is why we all tuned in? To watch an overprivileged multi millionaire give a “shoutout” to a select racial and gender group? How would Dianne and others feel if Jessica Simpson did a “shoutout” to white women? Yea, that would be go over well. Very “artistic” indeed.

But it didn’t sit well with some white people who harrumphed that a national sporting event was no place for politics, with critics choosing to focus on what they considered an anti-police theme because the women were depicted as Black Panthers. Never mind that the performance wasn’t “anti” anything, but rather, pro-black.

“Considered an anti-police theme?” Newsflash – this WAS an anti-police theme. We all know the Black Panthers didn’t care too much for the fuzz, which is why they chose to dress up as them.

Good God. No wonder black people probably make fun of us behind our backs.

Yea, us white people are so sill about that. Black people are probably laughing at us behind our backs. It’s OK to laugh at white people. We’re a big joke anyway. Substitute the word “black” with “white.” Tell me how that would go over.

All you need to know about the ridiculousness of this particular column can be seen by the vocal supporters:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.03.38 PM

Cara Berg-Powers supported BU professor Saida Grundy when she tweeted that white college males were a “problem population.” She also fabricated a complete lie about Turtleboy calling her 2-year-old daughter a “white bitch.” And then there was that time she accosted a woman and child in a grocery store because they were wearing “I Am Turtleboy” t shirts. This is an awful woman, with awful instincts. If she’s agreeing with you then you know you fucked up.


Oh yea, and if this guy is agreeing with you:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.21.55 PM

Then you REALLY messed up. Old Balls is so senile he somehow managed to get fired from his unpaid job as a Telegram blogger. Literally everything he has ever written is wrong. We’ve been over this a million times already. If you are on the same side as Old Balls, you should reevaluate what you just wrote.


Anyway, like I said, it’s pretty clear that Dianne’s writing is being forced to align with a certain agenda now. As long as she writes exactly what Karen Webber and her lilly white friends and coworkers approve of, then she’ll be employed at the Telegram. But if she keeps having the audacity to share her thoughts about a criminal organization like Mosaic Cultural Complex, well, she might be better suited at Turtleboy Sports.



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12 Comment(s)
  • Joe Max
    February 13, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    More double-standards of course. It depends what the PC rule makers dictate. Then, the PC lemmings follow their rules. Imagine if whites did something, along the lines of this Beyonce nightmare. There would have been a uproar to say the least. If anyone questions this, they will be hit by the PC lemmings. Hater and racist will be used over and over again. Besides, the halftime show basically sucked to the max. Especially the Beyonce thing, still trying to show she has some talent.

  • Reader and Weeper
    February 12, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    Is it true that Joe Petty is an African American in white-face? And, what is he giving his boyfriend, Edwina Augustus, for Valentine’s Day, pansies or Hershey kisses?

  • Steven Stover
    February 11, 2016 at 10:05 pm

    Old Balls from Sutton is correct. And so is Diane the Blogger. Robert Alston, AKA Boo Shemek and his black friends at Mosiac are laughing at us for giving them no work cash.

  • mbronzo
    February 11, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Well said Gronkmonster

  • Gronkmonster
    February 11, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    See man hold knife…see dumb man not put knife down when 20 guns are pointed at him…See dead man hit the ground after repeated attempts to get him to put weapon down..But yet some can not see what went wrong in that situation..

    How is it that I have had lots of interactions with police officers all over the country in my time on this earth..Some could have escalated very quickly..But yet they did not..Is it because I am white or is it because when an officer told me to put my hands up or show my ID I did not act like a total jackass and complied with the requests ?? If I am holding a weapon and the police tell me to put it down and I do not comply..I deserve to get shot!!

    Why is it the clowns always want to stand up for the total pieces of shit ?? Mike Brown..Mario..the fat loose cigarette selling guy who had 200 contacts with the police ..Nope its always the loser you want to jump behind..The gang member the 6 foot tall baby faced man who just strong arm robbed a store

    You want me to be on your side ?? Stand up against the little kids gunned down in drive by shootings because I sure as shit can not cry any tears for gang bangers and career criminals

  • Devils Mouthpiece
    February 11, 2016 at 7:19 pm

    Old Balls – whatever. He’s more irrelevant now than ever. The only thing more irrelevant than old balls, is the racists, gang supporting organization, BLM. Ok, both just as useless…

  • February 11, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    I think turtleboy needs to listen to the first rage against the machine album again to straighten his spine. Sure we need to give respect to police who give you respect but to generalize that all police are good….. Naive for one and bordering religion two, it’s the same as saying all police are bad. Police are people too, the same douchebags you see at work are the same douchebags that exist in the police force. There is always that dick who has ultimately been a dick since child hood and when that dick becomes a cop it makes a dick with power.

    Lets face it, if you have a high IQ you are not a police officer, this isn’t just an observation but is actually a rule that has been discussed in court where judges have found in favor for the police force it’s rights not to employ intelligent individuals. One has to wonder why, well I guess if you fall into the lower category of that IQ bracket… everybody else knows why

    • Devils Mouthpiece
      February 11, 2016 at 7:42 pm

      “Lets face it, if you have a high IQ you are not a police officer”

      Just showed your true colors with that pile of rubbish.

      • February 11, 2016 at 8:10 pm

        Actually my statement wasn’t based off emotion just actual court testimony, facts are facts. By the way It doesn’t meant if you have a low IQ you are a bad person. You just have a different walk in life.

  • JoeD
    February 11, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I never understood why you have agreed with that namby pamby appoligist anyway.

  • Del Griffith
    February 11, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    It’s not a white / black race thing, it’s an anarchist anti-cop self absorbed narcissistic thing. Beyonce knew damn well what she was doing and those behind her against the wall with their hands up only solidified what was thrown in our faces. (Apparently the Ferguson lie will never die). Art? Nope, the whole movement is only there to say “Fuck you, give us free shit and leave us alone to do whatever the fuck we want with no consequences” Thanks T&G for morphing Diane into Clive because we need more race baiting whores

    • BobnMic
      February 12, 2016 at 3:45 am

      Hey I am not racist at all by any standards in my heart but I know many will think that I am when I ask these following questions: (And it has to be asked for the love of all of us)

      I am just stating facts and recent history.

      Would O.J. Simpson still get away with a double homicide (murder) with today’s technology with a more structured and stringent chain of evidence protocol in law enforcement compared to back in the early 90s which lead up to a verdict on October 3, 1995 of acquittal? Their have been and are currently many current major strides in the criminal justice process based on that O.J. case as well as many similar in the past which are wide ranging resulting from recruitment of officers, training, forensic science, legal representation and ultimately judicial adjudication.

      What was bothersome for many citizens across this country of all races is when O.J. was found not guilty and what the media specifically showed was a predominant black community across this nation rejoicing and partying.

      It was not about the murder victims back then. It had nothing to do with them. It was about something far more that did not need to be represented in that theater. This was a murder case. O.J. not guilty.

      And what did our fellow African American citizens do about it back then. Nothing. No protests, no setting fires, no saying “Fuck You” to our elected officials at city hall and ruining businesses.

      I just wish we all could get the same consolation across the board instead of it being one sided so it seems. But issues, albeit, not as involved as O.J and the current issues divide our races in all of our America.

      This is the most important challenge our next President has exceeding that of Radical Islamic Terrorism.

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