ESPN Parades Race Baiting Liar Michael Bennett To Lecture Cops For Black History Month, Medai Loves North Korean Slave Cheerleaders, Leicester High LGBT Triggering

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Sorry , we’re a little late with today’s podcast because we recorded it this morning. Turtleboy Jr. was being a pain in the ass last night.

Anyway, what we want to make the daily podcast a little different from the Turtleboy Live show. TBS Live is the most entertaining show on the Internet. We have great interaction with turtle riders on there and the topics discussed are usually entertaining ratchetmania red meat.

But with the Uncle Turtleboy Late Night Garage podcast we wanted to discuss more thought provoking topics that we might not have gotten a chance to blog about. It gives turtle riders access to new content, and now you have more of a reason to subscribe on iTune and SoundCloud.

Oh, and when you subscribe to our iTunes channel, make sure to give us a 5 star review (if you think we are worthy) and leave a comment. Because there’s only one comment so far…….

Tough crowd!!

Here’s today’s podcast on ESPN parading race baiting lying fraud Michael Bennett to lecture cops about how to do their job for black history month, the media’s love affair with dictatorial North Korea and their army of slave cheerleaders, and triggered parents at Leicester High School who are keeping their kids home from school because of a LGBT bake sale. Enjoy….

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