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Exposing Off Leash K9 Training LLC Part Three: Former Employees Come Forward, Becca The Beast Fired, And Baloo’s Story

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Welcome to part 3 of Exposing Off Leash K9 Training LLC. If you need to catch up, here’s the preface, part 1 and part 2.

I would like to let you all know that since part 2 was published, OLK9 in Seattle has since fired Becca Hammond. This is already a victory in the exposing of this company, and it affirms that Knox has not died in vain. His death has lead to more dogs being safe from abuse at the hands of Becca and this is cause for celebration.

We were going to be talking about a dog name Bruno today, but since lawyers have been hired in a case against OLK9 in Sarasota, Fla. we don’t want to compromise their investigation. This isn’t about who has what story, this is indeed about getting this place shut down. Best of luck to them in their case. Instead, we’re going to be introducing you to Baloo. We’re also taking our time in investigating Packleader Pettracking, so that will be coming to you later after we get to the bottom of things. We have spoken to an ex trainer who worked for OLK9 in Knoxville,TN. She was once a client and became a very short lived contractor for these people, let’s move on as to why.

For obvious reasons, this person would like to remain anonymous. In her own words, she confirmed many things our guts were telling us about how these people operate:

Hello Esther, I was directed to you on the OLK9T project you are working on. I am a sickened former client/short lived contractor for OLk9 until I realized very quickly that care and quality were far from their concern. I told them to go fly a fucking kite because I couldn’t be a part of their lack of ethics and morals. I am ready to blow the fuckin whistle on the fuckin queen of olk9 or so she thinks. She will make Becca look like a saint. We need to connect so we can sort through this from most severe to least severe so the exposure is heard to the fullest extent. I never held a hand in any kind of harm in any dog and actually still communicate with the 3 dogs I worked and told them when I parted ways do quickly, why I did so. Let me know your schedule, appetite and tolerance for this subject because there are several others of us former contractors who worked briefly for them and couldn’t do what they ask. And then there are some who couldn’t take the pressure and fell victims to the manipulating narcissistic Queen who would manipulate and push more and more dogs on them along with classes and private in home lessons, this all while having 2-5 board and trains! Fucking no!!!! Please allow me to help you bring a behind the scenes look at these bastards. Even some of the trainers who fell victim of the multiple dog scenarios are willing to speak about how it haunts them still even after leaving, that they were manipulated into doing something so inhuman. This bitch I want roasted is [redacted] master manipulator who will use her narcissistic ways to make things go her way at whatever cost. She is admittedly money driven and has lots of skeletons in her closet, some I have good proof of, and some I will need some help exposing. I have no doubt however that the magnitude she has on the domino effect of her subordinates in such as wide spread area, that if we bring her true colors to surface that her brain washed followers will bring down OLK9’s largest market!!! They bring in millions and it’s disgusting knowing how!!! I have extremely graphic photos that may not even be suited to reveal but should be. And this was suppose to be a life saving service dog! Anyways, let me know what you can handle cause I wanna roast this bitch so she cannot touch another animal ever!!! Warning: she paints a pretty picture of what she wants the world to think, but don’t be fooled this bitch is fucking crazy! Anyone who has been through 20+ nannies in a year raises a red flag!!! And her rescues and inmates and strays program, well that’s all for profit, and she cooks the books!! We have proof of that!

My word…now, as I have yet to finish my investigating on this particular person who runs the Knoxville location I can already get the gist of what I’m going to find. Obviously my ears perked up when I read this message and wanted to know everything this woman had to say. Not many people who’ve worked with these frauds have come forward out of fear that they will be exposed as Becca was. As they should be as we intend to not  only take down OLK9 but also every single person involved. Luckily, this woman in particular stated she had no hand in the abuse of animals and I believe her, you’ll see why in a moment:


My inbox is blowing up with current and previous contractors who want to see shit get exposed! Olk9 tries to recruit weak but passionate people in the dog world and then convince them that they’re held to a noncompete which means that if they try to leave their company that they will never get to work for another dog business which is absolutely false and I want to expose that as well!! This is exactly why so many people stay because they love their job more than they hate the situation and hate the boss which is no excuse however that is what gets this whole process started!! People who love dogs and are in it with their heart in the beginning get turned into monsters because they become controlled and blackmailed!! I have cease and desist letters to show you that they send out threatening the people that have the guts to walk way before their name is slandered, and I’m sure you know how attorneys get mud slinging in their face for writing these letters!! That’s why a good attorney will not write one so big mistake on their part. Anyways I’m going to try and put this shit in some kind of order for you because it’s all kinds of fucked up from driving drunk with dogs to blackmailing contractors into staying to abusing dogs, oh yeah and the big kicker cooking the books on non-profits and supposedly 504C rescues!!
And I’m certain I don’t have to tell someone like you that a noncompete is only held when certain criteria is met and we all know their training is a fucking joke so there is no specialized training and they breached the fucking contracts way before any of their contractors could possibly be held to the bullshit contract, (which ironically wasnt signed by them for any of the contractors. I’m trying to advocate for them and let them know that they can get out of this mess and still work with dogs if they get out now before she ruins them. This could actually be a very beneficial spin on the story, I swear this crazy bitch will recruit people who she know she can dominate and people who have a big following crowd and the animal and dog right community such as rescue directors and shelters. I swear to God it’s just like she is trafficking dog trainers that she brainwashes to do exactly what she says, which is whatever it takes to get the bottom dollar!!”
A lot of what this woman is saying is exactly what we have been hearing from many, many different sources. To those who are still working for this company and would like to get away, or to those who’ve left but are afraid to talk: They cannot do shit to you, so please leave or come forward. These dogs need help and you can be their voice. This company may believe they can blackmail you or threaten you into silence, but they can’t. You can even come forward anonymously and we will help you be their voice.
As this person confirmed, this company is all about the money and doesn’t give one single fuck about dogs. These “trainers” have  no training. They aren’t even certified in canine CPR. What appear to be good people who go into this line of work with hearts hopeful to help animals end up being pressured into doings things they’re not comfortable with and disagree with, they stay out of fear. This seems very much like an abusive relationship more than an occupation. I’m going to be working with this person more as the days go by to be able to bring you more information in taking these fuckers down.
I’d like you all to meet Baloo:

From a blog written by the family who owned him and sent him to another OLK9 facility in Florida:

We’ve started this many times and have been unable to continue. My wife and I owe it to Baloo to tell his story. Baloo was our 1.5yr old Akita that lost his life, in our opinion, due to starvation, dehydration, mishandling, reckless abandonment, and neglect. He is survived by his other house pets, Rambo, Kitana, and Oakley.

My wife and I had planned a European cruise for our 30-yr wedding anniversary. We found a training company run out of West Palm Beach, Off-Leash K9 Training, that provides both boarding and training, although I think they may be incorporated in Tennessee, hmm. It was highly recommended from trusted sources, so we reached out and arranged for our 109-lb. beautiful, strong Akita to receive some incredible training. My wife and I were very excited for him, given Baloo’s response to the trainer, Michael Breitsprecher, when we first interviewed him. My wife dropped Baloo off the day before our flight and she was pleasantly surprised that Baloo seemed happy to go off with the trainer.

We left very clear instructions as to emergency contacts. Additionally, I have 3 adult sons all within 30 minutes of the training facility. My wife and I were comfortable that Baloo had an extensive support group should the need arise.

After being away for about 1 week, one of our sons tagged us in a Facebook post by Off-Leash K9 Training, that specializes in advanced canine training.   There he was, our Baloo posing for a picture on their site. We were so happy to see Baloo and felt reassured that his training was well on its way.

About 1 week later, and during one of those days at sea, I received a call from the trainer…Baloo had been taken to the vet to receive care.   I was notified by Michael Breitsprecher that Baloo was dehydrated, and according to both text messages and phone calls that I received, he was lethargic and non-responsive so he took him to the vet to get him looked at. In discussions with our vet, who is also a friend, I felt slightly better that Baloo was under medical supervision. They ran a bunch of tests and suggested that he should be kept overnight for observation, so he was admitted to an emergency hospital.

The next day, while still at sea, I received a call from my oldest son. I could tell from his voice that he was shaken and something went horribly wrong. He didn’t have the heart to tell us what had happened.

I immediately called the vet and he told me those words that you never want to hear when you know in your heart it shouldn’t be… he said Baloo had passed away. My wife and I responded as any parent would losing a loved one. Our trip came to an immediate end. We spent the remainder of our trip in seclusion, providing support for one another. None of the sites, or ports of call, seemed to matter anymore. We would give it all up just to have our beloved Baloo back.

 We had just lost one of the most special animals I’ve ever come to know. Baloo, for all his imperfections, was the single most perfect dog I’ve ever had the privilege to know. My wife and I looked forward to a long life with him. As I mentioned earlier, he was a 1.5-yr old, strong and healthy boy. It breaks our heart that his life came to a tragic end as he suffered under the care and supervision of Michael Breitsprecher. Based on what I was told by the trainer himself and I have on text messages, Baloo had stopped eating for several days and later had stopped drinking water. It was not until he was discovered lethargic and unresponsive that he was brought to the vet.

We had a professional necropsy performed at the University of Florida to ensure that we would know the cause of death. Eight weeks after returning home, we received the results of the necropsy, I saw that our boy was 80 lbs. at time of death. This is after receiving several bags of IV fluids.   How could an incredibly healthy 109 lbs. Akita drop almost 30 lbs. in just a few days?   The necropsy stated that he had a broken canine tooth. The necropsy stated that Baloo had organ failure. It was incredibly hard to read. After talking to some of the staff at our vet’s office who received him initially, they did not recognize Baloo.   He did not look like the same boy they knew. We are extremely grateful to the staff there who loved him and treated him with the love and care we would want for him.

My wife and I cannot believe what has happened, it was surreal. How could someone who works closely with animals let them go that long without eating. If you notice that they are not drinking, why would you wait to get him help. Baloo had 3 different family members that would stop what they’re doing and immediately pick him up. That call never came. Again, it’s my opinion that the handler, Michael Breitsprecher, directly caused the painful death of our dog. My wife and I keep asking ourselves “why?”. 

Sadly, the biggest lessons we have received from this is to never ever trust anyone with the life of your pet, do not hesitate to be a pain in the ass, and always put your pet’s well-being before everything. 

For fear of continued rambling, I will end this incredibly lengthy message to say that my wife and I will do everything in our power to ensure that this never happens to anyone else’s dog to honor our baby boy, Baloo. As we recall a poster that we saw in an emergency room at an animal hospital a few years ago, “You are their only voice”, we hope and pray, Baloo, that we were and will continue to be your voice! #JusticeForBaloo


This poor dog and that poor family,man. How does this happen? Again, this is something on-par with everything we’ve been hearing. I know that the protocol these people follow is to notify the family within 3 days if their animal isn’t eating…so what happened? We know these folks had 3 grown kids in the area should anyone need to contact them, so why didn’t they? How did his tooth get broken? How did a healthy, strong animal drop 30 pounds in two weeks!? This is unbelievable! And yet, this is happening at just about every location of OLK9’s 80+ locations all over the country!

The headquarters for this place in Virginia has yet to return our phone calls, or anyone else for that matter…but The Dog Show With Nick And Joe (Nick White is the owner of this entire company) doing a podcast tomorrow at 2pm. It’s almost as if they want to be in control of the conversation so it can’t be rightfully twisted against them…


I’m NOT saying to listen to the podcast and blow up their feed demanding answers, but I definitely am telling you to blow up their newsfeed demanding answers. That will be pretty telling if they have a million people asking questions and they don’t address any of them.

We’ll be back tomorrow to see how the podcast went, to speak with the former employees and to introduce you to another dog who has been tortured by this company. We love you all and special thanks to everyone who has been helping us and those who’ve come forward.




Esther Manch on the book

11 Comment(s)
  • deflateddoritodinks
    August 15, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Sorry people are fucking morons. It’s their fault. Caveat emptor.

  • Esther?
    August 14, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Now that’s a name you don’t hear very often these days.

  • Y
    August 14, 2018 at 11:39 am

    Glad to see I am not the only person to think this series is not up to par w/the standards of a traditional TBS exposé.
    I questioned the subject matter and the way it was presented after reading the initial blog (Part 1); my comment was down-voted, and the down-voter said “Chill the fuck out” because “It’s part 1 for a reason, an introduction to the subject of the story with an I (sic) trouble to the subject matter”.
    No, Dickwad; the preface should have been the introduction, and Part 1 should have been much more informative vs another preface-like installment.
    I said it again after reading the 2nd installment, and again, my comment was down-voted.
    Part 2 seemed like another introduction; nothing from Part 1 was discussed (or elaborated on), and we, the readers, were left with additional questions.
    Be more concise; time to sum it all up.

  • By Proxy
    August 14, 2018 at 8:20 am

    For cripes sake this is an embarrassment to Turtleboy and disappointing to Turtle riders.

    Why would you even mention Bruno if you can’t talk about him?

    Did you have permission to post that WHOLE blog article? You don’t permission to cite but you certainly need permission to copy and paste a whole article.

    Which is it? Did you talk to the Mayos yes or no? You said you did not then they support your “investigation” which is going no where.

    Why post this woman’s full email ? Why not take the hints she gave you and look in to them instead? A good place to start would be how these people are employed by contract status vs an employee since they can’t set their own hours or charge their own fee as the person said above.

    The lady on the news talked about her dog having a boo boo on her neck when she came back. Most likely it’s from them fucking shock collars they use.

    Why not start with the obvious? Knox was sent to the trainer for pissing in the house. So why was Knox even sent says for minor training in first place? Why was Knox even featured in a video outside of Walmart? Was Knox sent there to learn how to walk off leash?

    Please wait for Turtleboy to come back and let him finish this. This is not about a fat geeedy man. This is about a company who has great google presence and people are sending their dogs who don’t have a voice to be abused. Please give all your tips to Turtle Boy and let him take over or at least make him help you. Turtleboy is famous for his exposes. This is not an insult to you. I just think you need some practice and this too important for you to (keep) fuck(ing) up.

  • Kimye
    August 14, 2018 at 7:50 am

    This series sucks.
    It’s either you are in over your head with this or you just don’t know what you are doing .
    You keep promising to talk about Pet Tracking place – who by the way- these are the assholes who would not communicate with the Mayos because they were not party who paid. And didn’t they say originally the collar had a scent of a deceased animal?

    Are you focusing on how these assholes train their dogs? With shock collars?
    I could go on what is wrong with this. Instead you post private conversations of someone offering to help you which you actual need is help with this.

    This is not up to Turtleboy Standards . SouthShore Turtle Girl help this girl out. Show her how it’s done. You won’t be stepping on toes.

  • linda
    August 13, 2018 at 9:54 pm

    Rest peacefully sweet puppy.

  • True Reality Speaks
    Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies
    August 13, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    No way that dog lost 30 lbs in two weeks. No way.

    Someone is lying.

    • msheadkracker
      I think not
      August 13, 2018 at 8:33 pm

      A 109 pound dog would have to eat 2-3 times a day to maintain his weight, otherwise any physical activity would make him lose weight incredibly fast because they are high energy dogs. There are some cases of dogs that stop eating when they are boarded, but he was happy when he got there and ok with the trainer so the owners had no worries that this would happen. Id put money on he put this poor dog in a cage smaller than he shouldve been, and he tried to pace himself to death while not getting the proper amount of calories or even water. The trainer tortured this dog, it doesnt take long for a big dog to lose that much and go into organ failure. 

      • Stunt Penis
        August 14, 2018 at 12:08 am

        I agree. Something doesn’t add up. There were posted photos 1 week into the board and train where the dog appeared healthy. Now, granted, those pictures could have been taken on day 1, and days 2-7 the dog was in a cage.

        Dogs may stop eating when they are boarded. I have one who is a finicky eater, and I have to give food to the kennel whenever I board him. Most kennels have ‘feeding times’ – once in the morning, once in the evening, where the dogs are fed and after a period of time the food is taken away if not eaten (to prevent rodent issues). Dogs not eating at kennels is usually self-correcting because after 2 or 3 times of this cycle the dog realizes if I don’t eat now I’m not getting fed again so the dog will eat.

        Organ failure is a bit extreme, almost makes me think the dog got into something toxic, there are a lot of human foods that are toxic to dogs.

        On the larger issue of this particular blog “installment”, I do have to say I am disappointed. It is extremely disjointed, starting out with “Deep Throat” who wants to blow the lid on the conspiracy by revealing the Narcissist Queen, and then goes into a relatively shallow unsubstantiated account of a dog (where is a copy of the necropsy report for us to read? screen shots of the facebook posts, etc?)

        This whole posting seems like it was cobbled together. I am disappointed how shallow the reporting is.

  • Emily
    August 13, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    I had tears falling just reading about Baloo. That place needs to be shut down. There was no excuse why they couldn’t have called one of that couples sons when they noticed a problem. That so called trainer had the numbers of all of the adult children.
    RIP Baloo.
    Thoughts and prayers to the couple who lost that beautiful boy.

    • Kimye
      August 14, 2018 at 8:01 am

      My comment didnt post cuz I had a link I guess.
      What I said was I don’t see a reason for the family of Baleo to have to post the neocroosy to their personal Blog since they wrote the blog in 2017 way before this happened. Mrs Mayo posted the blog on her Instagram.

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