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  • Fall River ZZ Slop Is Selling Hallucinogenic Mushrooms On Facebook Yard Sale Pages But It’s Cool Because “Only Friends Can See It”

    Fall River ZZ Slop Is Selling Hallucinogenic Mushrooms On Facebook Yard Sale Pages But It’s Cool Because “Only Friends Can See It”

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    Anyone looking for shrooms? I know a guy in the Riv…..

    Oh for fuck’s sake. See what he’s doing here? He thinks he’s wicked smart because he’s only “giving a jar away.” Then you negotiate privately for the contents of the jar. This works with marijuana now that it’s legal. It doesn’t work if the drugs you possess are illegal.

    Remember shrooms? I had no idea people still did shrooms. I did shrooms once, and it was almost as wild as the time I took a shot of the date rape drug (liquid G) from the shady guy on the 15th floor of Coolidge dormitory. It was fun at first, but I just remember wanting it to end and convincing myself it was never going to. I was with my roommate and my hippie chick friend Suzanne from Central. After about four hours of wandering aimlessly through Amherst I decided it was time to go our separate ways because I couldn’t stand the sight of them anymore. Then I wandered off somewhere and talked about my feelings with strangers. That was the last and only time I ever did shrooms.

    But this mother fucker apparently has had much better experiences than I did, because his life apparently revolves around shrooms:

    Someone pointed that it probably wasn’t a good idea to post homegrown illegal drugs on Facebook, but he had already devised a plan around that:

    Yea, real private dude. It’s not like complete strangers can go on your Facebook page and see that. Obviously this man right here has the Internet all figured out:

    It’s all good though because his church lets him grown the hallucinogenic mushrooms:

    I think I know who the pastor of that church is…..

    Not that he’s not interested in opiates….

    He just prefers old school shrooms.

    Pro tip Keith – stick to Craig’s List. You can be a lot more anonymous on there. And if you do choose to sell mushrooms on Facebook, at least use a burner page like the rest of us. Just sayin.

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    1. Mom's Basement

      Why are you blowing up his spot?

      1. Chrissy's Cutely Racially Prejudiced Troll

        the personal shrooms story was adorable though ^~^

    2. Tattle tale

      It’s fucking 2017, who the fuck is being a tattle tale on people over drugs like weed or mushrooms.

      Jesus sometimes this site is so off the mark.

      1. jamesso33

        There is a war on idiocy ongoing and these idiots can’t breed in prison. Think of it as doing the rest of humanity a favor.

      2. Tell Ponchito That if He Knows What is Good for Him He'd Best go Run n Hide

        the point is not that he’s a naughty boy, but that he’s a silly boy

        judging from everything, i suspect that the boy left his posts public so that his haters could notice what a guru/boss he is nowadays, ego overtook him and he plays it off like he left it on private

    3. Anonymous

      Mushrooms cured my depression, I don’t understand why people hate on them. If you’ve been drunk before, then you’re a hypocrite, because that’s much worse for you than tripping.

    4. kevi packs a mean 9 iron

      Oh for fuck’s sake. Shrooms as far as I know haven’t caused many (if any) deaths and far far less than booze. There have been studies that say they help certain forms of epilepsy, chronic migraines, autism, etc. Aren’t you a libertarian TB? I know a medical doctor that grows them. Grow up and get some fresh material. idiots posting to FB don’twarrant a blog.

      1. Tell Ponch That if He Knows What is Good for Him He’d Best Go Run and Hide...

        Turtleboy’s a libertarian? awesome

        I mean it’s an interest piece I guess

    5. Bernie Sanders

      More shrooms = more Bernie voters! No one in their right mind would vote for me so, please, please, please – do more drugs!

    6. ?

      Is there a segment on this site for supreme or mega nudniks? This knob falls in such category.

      The real idiocy lies in using Facebook to advertise. If this plonker assumes having such communications set only to friends will keep it confidential, then he’s naive as ever.

      On side note, is this where the Atlanta Falcons coach got his drug supply from? That sorry team was in a funky daze…

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