Firefighter’s Union Spits In Face Of Their Members And Cops Everywhere, Apple Daddy Forces Kid To Be Transgender Against His Will, Red Sox Bring Us More Duckboat Parades


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Uncle Turtleboy has been slacking on the late night garage podcast due to the Red Sox playing every night until the crack of dawn. They finished early tonight though so the show has made its glorious return. On the agenda:

  1. Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins dominating life
  2. Pocahontas calling Geoff Diehl’s “back the blue” rally a “hate rally”
  3. The Firefighters union spitting in the face of law enforcement by endorsing Joe Early, Maura Healey, and Pocahontas
  4. Apple Daddy returns and is forcing his 5 year old boy to be transgender against his will

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  • Karma
    October 26, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Turtle Riders
    I Back the Blue, I thought you as well shared my feeling of utter contempt for the bovine herd that mindlessly chew the toxic chud that flows from the echo chamber that is RIGHT NOW reaching critical mass. So from “insert bullshit publication name HERE” . A innocent black child just wanted to make some extra money to donate to the local “insert fake gfm HERE”. Please gentle readers stop writing right now …lol his aunt was on chaperone duty, please return to your safe place and just remember what Patch Adams writes on every fucking goodlife wall in the world “It’s okay if your not okay”. Wanker . You will now have to pause Ellen, this is important, while working for free to donate to just cause the child was suddenly attacked by a uniformed white officer. After the officer had gut punched the child he proceeded to assault the aunt. The aunt caught unaware cried out for help….to no avail. Security cameras are being reviewed as we speak, but rest assured GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY……….BRING FORTH THE GUILTY. The Chief is protecting this child rapist ? GUILTY yada yada yada. A few short days from now the aunt has the courage to admit to a now global audience that the “pig sexually assaulted me”.Go Fund Me is over 500 000 in one day, Ellen we are going to need 2 first class tickets for ratings GOLD.

    October 25, 2018 at 8:53 am

    Turtle Riders
    Please look into the story of the officer being nailed to the public cross because the young male is 12 years old and black. The Chief stands behind the officer but the agenda machine is starting up. The Chief nailed it when he said lets change this fake hate agenda to a talk about we the people. I love the guttermuppet stories but when turtle riders make a difference is when I keep coming back.

    P.S. Meg voodoo donut pure evil.

    • FUCK Thugs, Past Present and Future
      October 25, 2018 at 11:21 am

      You’re talking about that POS POC Li’l C-Note. Fuck that little fuck. Take him behind the woodshed and beat some respect into him before he ends up in prison like all the other assholes who beg for it and then blame white people for their douchery.

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