Garage Doors Plus Turtleboy Live Show With Manchester Turtlette Featured Ratchet Death Threat Call Ins, Interviews With Sirloin Steve, Mack Sauce’s “Property,” Mullet Montana, Fall River Skag With Baby Up At 11 PM, And Rant About Spank Bank




This week’s episode of Turtleboy Live is brought to you by the good folks over at Garage Doors Plus in Quincy. Support the Turtleboy sponsors by giving them a call for all your garage door needs, visit their website gdplus.com, or like them on Facebook to support the turtle.






Uncle Turtleboy has never been threatened by a ratchet on the live show before, but that changed in this episode. We had all sorts of ratchets call ins, including the “property of Mack Sauce” chick who walks around her hood on a leash, “Montana” who says the Barnstable Police beat the shit out of him, Sirloin Steve, who claims that he didn’t know anything about his brother Eddie Porkchops’ juicy sex scandal in Rockland, and the only chick in Fall River who hasn’t gotten pregnant yet (even though you can hear a baby awake at 11 PM in the background). So much good stuff on the agenda. Thanks for riding with us on the greatest show on the Internet.

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