Groomer McGregor Fired As Hull Superintendent For Trying To Bang Former Students He Groomed Attacks Marshfield School Committee Candidate For Not Being Woke And Opposing School Closures 


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This is Ashleigh MacKinnon, a Marshfield mother and cheering coach.

Ashleigh is one of many parents across the state who was motivated to run for her local School Committee after watching her district fail the children by keeping the schools closed in order to prevent the spread of a virus that has never posed a threat to children.

Frustrated with the decisions being made, MacKinnon decided to not simply complain, but to put her own hat in the ring.  

“It really forced people to open their eyes and see what was truly happening around them, both on the local level and the national level, especially when it comes to schools,” she said. “It’s really lit a fire under a lot of parents, especially myself.”  

MacKinnon said she didn’t think the School Committee was making decisions based on “true scientific evidence,” but rather on “personal feelings and personal thoughts,” which she says she would set aside and speak with doctors and infectious disease control experts to make her decisions.  

“I truly don’t understand why it’s taken over a year to get these kids back in school full time,” she said.  

She was recently interviewed in the Marshfield Mariner and had some sharp words for the teacher’s union, whose endorsement she is clearly not trying to court.

Marshfield Public Schools conducted extensive surveys of district teachers, which overwhelmingly showed that teachers would not feel safe returning to in-person instruction until they had been vaccinated, which MacKinnon said highlights their “hypocrisy.”

“I don’t know who those 200 responses were, but I’ve heard first hand teachers say to me it’s not safe to go to school, yet they’re on their personal Facebook pages flying to Florida and having parties with friends and out shopping and out eating in restaurants,” she said.  

Thank the good Lord people are calling this shit out! How many teachers have we blogged about this who did the exact same thing? These people hurt our children and they got away with it because their School Committees were run by Blue Anon science-denying conspiracy theorists who did the bidding of the unions by keeping the schools closed.

But it was what Ashleigh said about some of the kids she coached that has gotten her in hot water in town:

MacKinnon also coaches cheerleading at MHS, putting her in contact with students, contacts that she said show her that similar results from a survey of students wasn’t based on safety concerns – but on a desire to stay at home attending Zoom classes.  

“They don’t want to go back to school because they’re going out to breakfast with their friends,” she said. “I’m not going to say that all of these high school students are lazy, but I’m going to say that the majority of them are.” 

I mean, she’s not wrong. And many high school kids who are enjoying remote learning will tell you that. The rationale behind closing the high schools was that the virus would spread amongst kids if we didn’t. But these people clearly don’t understand how teenagers function, and the idea that you could separate them for a year was the most poorly planned strategy ever. Almost as dumb as thinking that we could hide in our homes until a virus went away, or assuming a cheap piece of fabric could stop the spread of said virus.

Kids are gonna get together and socialize, and they’re not gonna wear masks when they do it. So a lot of these kids are getting the social aspects of school while getting to wake up 2 hours later, leave their house during the school day, cheat on quizzes and tests, and dick around with their friends. This is laziness.

People started criticizing her on her page, but one of them in particular stood out.

Michael Devine was the Superintendent of the Hull Public Schools. I say “was,” because he was because he was fired last April after we exposed him several times for grooming high school boys, who he then attempted to have sex with once they became of legal age.

I have known Mike Devine probably since I was about 12 years old. I had two older sisters that went through Norwell High School before me so he got to know my family and myself pretty well. I attended NHS from 2005-2009 during which time Mr. Devine was my Dean of Students as well as my AP Government teacher senior year. He even wrote one of my college recommendations.

While I was in high school, I never experienced anything inappropriate from him. However, in 2012, I was 21 and going to school in DC and received an email or message from Mr. Devine, informing me he was going to be visiting DC for a conference or something. He asked if I’d like to meet up with him for some drinks, which didn’t strike me as unusual, and I thought it would be cool to catch up with an old teacher who I very much respected.

So we met up at a bar in downtown DC and caught up through some decently normal conversation during which he felt out my sexuality and also informed me he was no longer with his wife. After getting me a few drinks, we stepped out for a cigarette. At this point he started coming on to me, telling me how attractive I am and what not. He tried to make out with me, an advance which I rejected and then he continued to try and get me to go back to his hotel with him. Luckily, I actually had plans which I had already told him about so I was able to make an exit.

He repeatedly contacted me during the time he was in DC, trying to get me to come to his hotel. I was completely ignoring his messages but he didn’t stop so I eventually told him he made me extremely uncomfortable and I wanted nothing to do with him. At this point, he went into super apology mode and even went so far as to ask me to make sure everything that happened stayed between us. In the months and years after that, he would periodically contact me, despite my repeated requests for him to leave me alone. He would also message me on dating apps such as Grindr and even went so far as to make me feel guilty for “outing him” because I told my friends from Norwell about what had happened.

Although he was never was alleged to have had inappropriate relations while these kids were students, the fact that he was using his position as a role model to establish relationships with kids who he then attempted to sleep with shortly after they became adults, was extremely creepy and unprofessional. You would think that someone who put his family through such public humiliation would stay off the Internet for a while, or perhaps refrain from casting judgement upon the morality of others in such an open and public forum. Ya know, because a quick Google of his name tells you everything you need to know about him.

Mike Devin kept accusing Ashleigh of not supporting diversity because she’s opposed to the racist and divisive ideology of critical race theory being taught in schools.

Actually, it’s not in disagreement with the state frameworks Mike. Nowhere in the frameworks does it say that white privilege is an undeniable reality, or that people of color should go to the front of every line because they’re oppressed. These are things that critical race theory pushes for. But Groomer McGregor had the balls to accuse her of not supporting diversity, whatever that means.

Mike Devine also accused her of being insensitive to the number of cases of COVID in Marshfield.

Oh no, not cases! Better close the schools so that kids are unable to hang out socially. Oh wait, they do that anyway, which was her entire point.

The bottom line is that people who get fired after multiple former students come forward with incriminating and creepy emails showing their former principal trying to get in their pants, probably should stay off the Internet forever, or at least not throw stones at other people.



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