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  • Here’s The Podcast Of Uncle Turtleboy On Bax And O’Brien Discussing BiBlowgate Today 

    Here’s The Podcast Of Uncle Turtleboy On Bax And O’Brien Discussing BiBlowgate Today

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    If you missed it this morning or you don’t live in the 413, Uncle Turtleboy was on with Bax and O’Brien today to discuss BiBlowgate (stolen from a commenter). Here’s the podcast:

    Hopefully we’re gonna go on with them once a month to discuss the latest happenings with the turtle, so our followers in Colrain, Holyoke, and Ware can get their daily dose of hot takes.

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    1. Steven Stover

      I actually turned off Howie to listen.

      1. Stunt Penis

        Any reason to turn off Howie is a good reason, especially with that twit Grace on the radio.

    2. chrissy

      it’s the serious side of turtleboy! sounds great! still listening, excellent work!!!

      1. chrissy likes turtles

        first time i could understand the turtles accent ^~^

        i usually have to call my husband over to translate cos he’s from Massachusetts

        loved it looking forward to more, and soundcloud is a great place to listen

    3. Drop a dime, it’s Charlie Baker time!

      Donno why they are saying you need to “watch out” for Troopers on the pike, like they are going to be out to get you because the story made Col resign. Pretty sure most of MSP is happy this happened. I’m sure policies will be put in place to make things better for them because of this.

      1. Real man

        *Retire lol the mans (he is a real man, has served tirelessly and unlike most of you still has his balls) children have had legal issues that he never ever touched and has a son who is a trooper who has received zero special treatment. You are all idiots for jumping on this bandwagon. Can’t wait to see who’s the next colonel. You have all turned into the pc and sjw’s that you hate so much. Don’t worry, the colonel will RETIRE to a wonderful life in sturbridge, and wherever he decides to vacation. I’m sure his wife and he are thankful for the opportunity to finally relax. I assure you he’s more than fine… ; )

    4. Wwy

      The Jewy justice system gas heads.

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