Justin Blackmon Arrested By Dooshnozzle Cop For Weed While Ray Rice Beats The Shit Out Of His Fiance – Guess Who’s Suspended For The Year?

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Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon, already on an indefinite suspension from the NFL under its substances of abuse policy, was arrested yesterday in Edmond, Okla., pulled over with two marijuana-filled blunts in his car.


According to the police report, Blackmon made an illegal pass in traffic. So the officer pulled him over, smelled marijuana coming out of his car, told Blackmon to step outside, and handcuffed him. Here’s how the officer justified that:


“To prevent the driver from further concealing or destroying any narcotics which may be in the vehicle, I instructed him to exit the vehicle. As he did, I noticed that he was rather large in stature and appeared to be athletically fit. In an attempt to prevent him from fleeing or a fight from ensuing, I quickly placed the driver in handcuffs and detained him.”


Blackmon said he had been smoking one blunt and that a second was in the car. A search turned it up in a box of Swisher Sweets.

Throughout the arrest and processing at the police station, the report says, Blackmon “was extremely honest and cooperative.” Jaguars owner Shad Khan says the team has no plans to release Blackmon.

Here’s the video:

Fucking Oklahoma. Newsflash 5-0 – this isn’t the 1950’s you can’t just arrest black guys because they’re bigger than you. You all know that I’m the last person to pull the race card. But, come on now…..that shit was racist. The cop actually said, ON RECORD, that he handcuffed him because he was “large and athletic in stature.” The cop sure didn’t miss this Blackmon, which is more than I can say for Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Safe to say Gabbert would’ve let that one go if he were the cop. He always misses passes.

But seriously, what the fuck Oklahoma??!! So the policy of police in this state is to arrest all black guys who you think can beat you in the 40-yard shuttle? I guess I can infer then that fat bastards get the benefit of the doubt in Oklahoma?


He also had no problem saying he did this to “prevent the driver from further concealing or destroying any narcotics which may be in the vehicle”

Ummmmm… everyone in Oklahoma just COOL with this policy? You can just put someone who is presumed innocent under the law, into handcuffs based off of a paranoid belief that this person will “destroy” or “conceal” drugs IN FRONT OF the cops?? How the fuck is he supposed to destroy weed? Smoke the blunt in front of him?

Look, I’m pro-police. Always have been, always will be. My natural tendency is to side with the police and assume any attempt to make cops look bad is a frame up job by the ACLU. But this guy is a shitty cop who takes himself way too seriously and gives other cops a bad name.

When you pursue a career in law enforcement, it’s safe to say that you’re doing so because you wanna make a difference. Protect the good guys from the bad guys. This guy’s not doing that. Who the fuck is he protecting? Oh no, Justin Blackmon is smoking weed!!! WEED!!!!


First of all, what the hell did he even pull him over for? Had to watch the video a few times to figure that one out. Apparently Blackmon wanted to get into the left hand turn lane, but to do so he had to cross double yellow lines briefly because the line he was in was backed up. Since no one was coming in the other direction and he pulled off the maneuver in two seconds it’s no big deal right?

Wrong. Not with officer McDooshnozzle on patrol. What I wanna know is, what the hell was in the weed Blackmon was smoking? What kind of pothead do you know that’s in a rush to get anywhere? When you’re out for a bone ride like that I would assume you’d wanna drive in the most relaxed way possible. Apparently he was in a rush to get to…….Chipotle?

Here’s the thing – Blackmon is a nudnik. He’s already been suspended for PED use, and is currently serving a suspension for failing a test for WEED!!! He’s also got a couple DUI’s too. Usually I’m pointing out how moronic people like him are. Like, if you know the heat’s on and you have a shitload of money on the line, play by rules idiot.


But that’s beside the point. Yes, Blackmon is a moron, but the rules are more moronic. And the only thing I hate more than morons, are morons who enforce moronic rules. First of all, weed should be legal. Everyone knows that. Whether or not you smoke, those who choose to smoke have no effect on you whatsoever unless you get stuck behind them at the drive through at Wendy’s. In that case you’re fucked.

Massachusetts has it right. Decriminalization. You can’t get arrested for it but it’s still “illegal.” Turtleboy doesn’t smoke weed and neither does my turtle, but for all you stoners out there who want it to be legal, I highly suggest you shut up because you have the greatest thing going right now. What happens when weed becomes legal? Oh yea, the government does what it does to cigarettes and alcohol – tax the shit out of it and regulate out all the fun. Right now the market for weed is like a laissez-faire fantasyland.


The only organization dumber than states that haven’t caught onto this yet is the NFL. Why the fuck does the NFL care if their players are smoking weed? Think about it – Blackmon and Josh Gordon, who are both arguably top five receivers in the NFL (yes Blackmon is THAT nasty), aren’t going to play this season because they smoked weed. Two rookie quarterbacks drafted in the first round (Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles) won’t have two of the most exciting and dynamic athletes on earth to throw to because the NFL has decided that they wanna regulate what grown adults do with their free time.


Can Blackmon and Gordon play? Yes. Can they play at a high level? Oh yea. Is there health endangered on the field because they smoke weed? Nope. So then why the fuck does the NFL care? Blackmon was literally the only reason to watch a Jaguars game, and the Manziel-Gordon connection would’ve been must see TV. Instead we get poop on a stick thanks to this stupid rule.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.42.35 PM

If Blackmon was smarter he would’ve just beaten the ever-loving shit out of his girlfriend – ON VIDEO – like Ray Rice did. Could the NFL possibly have announced their two game suspension for the Baltimore Ravens running back on a worse day? I mean, Ray Rice beat the hell out of that woman and got a slap on the wrist. Blackmon’s career might be over. Not a good look NFL. Take a lap and get your shit together Roger Goodell.

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5 Comment(s)
  • SUL
    July 25, 2014 at 2:40 am

    The 3 arrests in 5 years and multiple violations of the leagues substance abuse policy probably have something to do with his “already indefinite suspension” being extended. Obviously Blackmon doesn’t care about football as much as he does about smoking weed. Wether or not weed is or isn’t illegal, it’s still a violation of the league rules. The Denver broncos can’t get high all week and expect to be playing on Sunday, maybe if your so upset about the policy you should boycott the NFL

  • Bill Monroe
    July 25, 2014 at 1:30 am

    Seriously, you think weed should be legal? We already have an entire generation of kids that are just fine living off their parents while the Illegal aliens do all the hard work. Have you ever thought that maybe an entire nation of potheads might not be a good idea. Illegal aliens sure love it though. They won’t have to live in their parent’s basement until they die & hope the gov doesn’t put a lien on their home & take it if their parents end up on medicaid.

  • July 25, 2014 at 12:00 am

    So you’re saying you dont think someone should be arrested for OUI? He said he had just smoked and apparently was driving like a moron. I would argue he was impaired.

    • July 25, 2014 at 12:14 am

      He was not arrested for OUI Stan. He was arrested for possession. He was cuffed because he “looked athletic.” I would argue that’s Fascism. And if you watch the tapes he clearly is not driving like a moron at all.

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