Matt Walsh Tried To Explain His Robin Williams Suicide is Selfish Blog, Makes It Much, Much Worse

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So by now you’ve probably heard about Matt Walsh’s blog in which he stated his belief that clinically depressed individuals like Robin Williams CHOOSE suicide because they are selfish. His blatant attempt for page views has worked out well for him as he has picked up thousands of followers in the last 48 hours alone. But it’s also gotten a shitload of backlash and rightfully so. Even many of his loyal zombie followers have told him that he’s gone too far this time.

Well, he decided to issue another blog explaining himself. One would assume that the word “sorry” or “apologize” would appear in the article somewhere, but then again you’d actually have to be dealing with a rational human being for that to be the case. Let’s look at some highlights from the new blog:

I was sad that it had to be written, and upset about the circumstances surrounding it, but sure that I was saying something that needed to be said; something truthful but uplifting, frank but compassionate. I actually found myself getting emotional as I wrote it. I’m not suicidal but I have demons of my own, so I submitted that post to the public, praying others would find the same solace in the promise of hope and the power of free will.

Oh I see that Matt Walsh is going with the “I’m an emotional wreck and I want you to feel bad for me” defense. LOL. Nice try Matt. Sorry Matt but no one believes your bullshit. You weren’t sad or emotional when you wrote that blog. You were angry and it showed. You were upset because the Academy put out this moronic tweet:


I agree with Matt that this is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen. It glamorizes suicide and it’s so dumb that only people that live in Hollywood would think it’s a good idea. The problem is Matt, that you saw this and used it to go off on a tangent where you pretended to be a doctor.

You say that you wanted to write something uplifting and compassionate. You must’ve forgot to publish that one. There was nothing compassionate or uplifting about this. All you did was tell people suffering from depression that it’s up to them if they wanna kill themselves.

There has been an incredible amount of feedback, and the vast majority of it has been negative. Not just negative: often vicious, brutal, hateful. I have been told to kill myself more times in the past few hours than I can count. I’ve been called every name in the book and labeled everything from “human garbage” to a “worthless piece of sh*t” to a “disgrace” to a “monster” and a “psychopath.” I’ve been told that my kids should be ashamed and my wife should leave me. I’ve actually had more than one person “pray” that someone in my family commits suicide. Even my wife has been targeted and harassed.


Oh poor Matty Walsh!! He’s the real victim here. Sure he said something that any person with common sense knows would provoke strong feelings from people who have been personally affected by depression. Sure he knew that his blog is widely read and he chooses to expose his family in his blogs. Sure he knows that the internet is a cesspool of people in their mother’s basement calling everyone fags. None of that stopped him from writing this. But don’t forget – he’s the victim here.

I was also blessed to hear from hundreds of appreciative people — people who’ve struggled with depression, people who’ve dealt with the suicides of spouses, children, siblings, and parents, people who’ve contemplated suicide themselves — and they assured me that my words greatly encouraged and comforted them. 

Hey everyone, stop picking on Matt Walsh. He’s a God damn hero, even ask him. The lemmings who would follow him off a cliff have said that his trash was encouraging and comforting. Therefore he was right.

I’d say a good 75 percent of the hate has come from individuals who clearly did not read what I wrote. 

Just a thought Matt – when you title your blog “Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease – he died from his choice” you don’t give the reader a reason to click on your blog. You’ve said it all in the title. For the record most people read it including myself. It was filled with fluff, nonsense, and your constant attempt to validate your misguided opinions by hiding behind God in an attempt to sound like a theologian.


You don’t have to agree with what I say, or what anyone says, but don’t destroy valuable opportunities for important conversations by being aggressively unreasonable.

Newsflash Matt – nothing of what you wrote was reasonable. How can you have a constructive conversation with someone who is spouting nonsense? That’s like me starting off a dialogue by writing an article entitled, “The Jews weren’t the victims of a Holocaust – they were just lazy and didn’t fight back.” 

So Matt then decided to address the complaints he’s gotten about his blog. Obviously it was a shitshow:

Objection: you were dismissive of depression.

How so? By calling it “deep” and “profound”? By saying it is a complex struggle that is rooted in both body and soul? By relating my own experiences with it? By speaking very vulnerably about my own disordered sense of unworthiness? Where was I dismissive? I said that depression is BOTH an ailment of the body and soul. If you disagree then, if anything, you might accuse me of making depression more complicated than it is. But I don’t see how I could be guilty of dismissing depression when I’ve painted it as an affliction that encompasses our brains but even stretches beyond our flesh and into our souls. Deny that if you like, but “dismissive”? I don’t think that makes a lot of sense.’


Hey Matt, you were dismissive of depression because you wrote this: “When we talk about depression we shouldn’t pawn the whole thing off on “chemical imbalances.” It’s not just clinical. It’s spiritual.”

That’s where you were dismissive. Because depression is 100% clinical. I believe that human beings have souls and I believe in God, but not everyone does. Therefore it’s a pretty week sauce take to call depression “spiritual.” What you are saying is that only people who are as devoutly religious as you can get over depression. The heathens are fucked and have to rely on stupid things like science and medicine.

He continued:

-Objection: your post was cruel and lacked compassion.

If that is your perspective, so be it. I can only tell you that I wrote this entirely and completely from a place of concern and compassion for people coping with these issues. Plenty of people in that boat have, in fact, reached out to tell me they were touched by what I said.

Oh yea, when I read your blog the first thing I thought was “compassion.” I must’ve missed the part where you left a phone number or a link to a site that helps people who are contemplating suicide. And newsflash – the people who are reaching out to you are lying. They haven’t reached the point that Robin Williams did or else they would be dead by now. You didn’t save or help anyone. You don’t actually matter.


I was on the verge of tears when I originally wrote those last several sentences because they are the thoughts that keep me going. The fact that we are, I believe, meant for life and meant for love — this is the hope that comforts me in my darkest times.  Maybe you found something to be angry about in them, but I can’t see it. I just can’t. Throughout my life, people close to me have thought about suicide. I have sat with them and said these things. I said them in love, just as I wrote them.

Dude, you sound like such a tool. Do you actually think anyone out there believes you were on the verge of tears when you wrote that blog? Fuck no. You were there thinking one thing and one thing alone – CASH MONEY. You knew the Robin Williams story is trending on every form of social media. You knew the buzzwords to put in your title so it would come up in search engines. You knew that this would get people riled up to share it on Facebook. You wanted to be the villain and now you’ve got it. Embrace the villain, don’t hide from it. Don’t sit there and try to tell me you cried when you wrote that bullshit. That actually makes it worse. Not only do you come across as a heartless dooshnozzle, you also come across as a giant puss-bag.

And you knew that being the villain would get what every blogger in America wants most – page views. Why do you think I’m writing about you right now? Because you’re a controversial figure and people like controversy. And you’re obviously making a lot of money off of this. How do I know that? Because your site is slow as shit and I have to constantly click the “Close Ad” button on all the popups that appear every five seconds. I mean, I make a little bit of cash off of Turtleboy Sports but we don’t have fucking TARGET advertising for us……..yet.


-Objection: you’ve never been through depression or dealt with suicide.

I have. I have on both counts. I’m not going to go into detail because that is not my place and I am not going to play the game of competitive suffering. There is a sick and twisted arrogance and competition in the heart of anyone who stands before a stranger and says, “I have been through this trial and you have not.”

No you haven’t. You’re lying. I mean, I guess you just want us to take your word for it right? Because we all know you so well. LOL. This is like when you had a buddy who used to brag about  about all his sexual conquests at the campground. When you called them out on it they’d always say, “You don’t know them.” When someone “opens up” by saying they’ve dealt with depression and suicide, and then doesn’t tell their story about it because they don’t wanna get into “competitive suffering” it’s basically a dead giveaway that they’re pulling it out of their ass.

My biggest beef with his original blog was that he said depression could be fixed a sprinkle of joy. Here’s his response to criticisms about that:

Objection: you say that joy and love can defeat depression.

Yes. Yes, I did. Let me explain. I never said that “happy thoughts” or “laughter” could permanently cure depression, nor did I say that anything could permanently cure it, nor did I rule out medication or psychological treatment, nor did I present any either/or scenarios at all.

You never said that joy could permanently cure depression? Here’s what you wrote:

Second, we can debate medication dosages and psychotherapy treatments, but, in the end, joy is the only thing that defeats depression. 


The ONLY thing that can fix depression is joy. That’s it. Not doctors or medicine. Just joy. Well, yea no shit sherlock. A joyful person isn’t going to kill themselves. Hot fucking take right there. The problem is that suicidal people are not joyful. So what’s your fucking solution to this? Because I would recommend therapy and medication from trained professionals. Your solution to depression is apparently to read your blog and listen to Matt Walsh explain to you why you’re being a selfish dooshnozzle.

But I did say that we must always try to see the joy and love in the world. I did say that everyone should have hope. I did say that we shouldn’t give up. I did say that we should fight. I did say that love is the greatest power in the universe, and it is the life force which creates and animates and gives purpose to everything.

Oh my God, please make it stop. Hey Captain Obvious – of course everyone should have hope. Of course everyone should see the joy and love of the world. The problem is they don’t because of a chemical imbalance. This is like telling a gay dude that they should see the beauty of a hot babe in a bikini. That’s like telling a smoker that they should quit because cigarettes are bad for them. I think you’re confused about what depression is. It’s not just a person with their head down feeling bad for themselves. They can’t just snap out of it. And no one who is suffering from depression and read your blog felt any sense of joy after reading your blog.

And I did say, most especially, that we are all meant for joy. We are worthy of it. I did say that I often feel like I am too terrible and sinful to experience happiness, and even when I am happy sometimes I feel a guilt because of it.


LOL. Oh poor Matt Walsh. He’s so depressed. You’re not terrible or sinful Matt. You’re a great person and we all love you. That’s what you want us to say to this brilliant quote right? Newsflash – not even your loyal followers think you believe that you’re terrible and sinful. If you did think those things you wouldn’t write your blogs with such confidence and arrogance.

That said, I never claimed it was easy or simple to attain joy or see hope. Not only is it an enormously difficult task, it is never, in this life, completed. I know that I’ve lived a good portion of my life waiting — though I knew it would never come — for that magical moment when something happens, or an epiphany occurs, or the heavens open up and suddenly I can think clearly, definitively reject my despair and misery, and move forward into an eternal dawn. On Earth, this will never happen. Joy and hope are felt in flashes, grasped for moments, and then they slip away. But our job is to always walk ever in the direction of true happiness and love, and to trust that God conceived us before time and formed us from the dust because He loves us and has designed us for joy and filled us with potential.

This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. It’s just Matt Walsh trying to act divinely inspired. Rule number one of being a dumbass, is that when you’re backed into a corner and have nothing to say, just starting talking about God and everyone will think you’re inspiring. Shit like this might work at the pulpit, but I’d recommend a different approach if you’re trying to convince a wider audience. The readers wanted to know how you thought people should just “attain joy.” Your solution was that you’ll never have joy life until an epiphany occurs and you magically ascend into heaven? Take a lap bro.

And from there he goes on and on with more bullshit. If you wanna read it click here. But the bottom line is that you have just joined the Turtleboy Sports Blogs of Shame. It’s an exclusive club. So please keep the bullshit coming and we’ll keep writing about it.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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  • August 15, 2014 at 2:24 am

    And another one. Keep me coming. Love it.

    • August 15, 2014 at 2:24 am

      Uhhhhh….keep “em” coming.

  • Melissa
    August 15, 2014 at 12:20 am

    I enjoyed reading this. He’s an idiot. Let’s hope he’ll mature with age, although given the sycophants around him, I doubt he’ll get that opportunity for growth.

  • August 14, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    You know how I can tell he has never truly been touched by depression? Because no amount of, ‘you’re worth it’s and ‘have hope’s and ‘look for beauty in the world’s has EVER helped someone who is contemplating suicide. If saying those things did a lick of help, then no one would ever kill themselves. In no way can a person who is seriously contemplating suicide simply think positively. And in no way can they just pray for help and be cured.

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