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  • Mayor Petty Is Accusing This Worcester Cop Of Saying “These People Are Not Educated” If The Hot Mic Wasn’t His

    Mayor Petty Is Accusing This Worcester Cop Of Saying “These People Are Not Educated” If The Hot Mic Wasn’t His

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    If you think you’re letting Morongate just die out, then you obviously don’t know what Turtleboy is all about. We do not rest until our enemies have conceded defeat. And the other day Mayor Puddy held the most insane press conference we’ve ever seen in which he blamed the town nutjob, Rich Aucoin, for calling protesters, “stupid,” “Friggin morons,” and “not educated,” several times. Once again, here is the indisputable proof in the tapes:

    And here’s the insane press conference in which Mayor Puddy embarrassed himself and the entire city by stumbling through an awkward, poorly rehearsed tall tale of why he would apologize for calling these people morons on Wednesday, and then deny it on Thursday:

    Puddy is letting this nutjob take the fall for him because the guy is obviously desperate for attention. Rich Aucoin is claiming that since he was in the front row and sitting so close to the microphone that citizens speak into, it is believable that it was his voice heard on the recording. Puddy accepted this because he figured if someone else is willing to jump on a grenade for him, he might as well take it.

    But here’s where they fucked up. If their story is that the microphone that citizens speak into was live the entire time, then anyone walking by the microphone, or talking anywhere near the microphone, would also be heard. Now here’s the exact moment where it looks like Mayor Puddy turns to the clerk and says, “these people are not educated”:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 2.18.36 PM

    Remember, their story is that Rich Aucoin said, “these people are not educated,” and the microphone he was standing next to picked it up. But he’s not standing next to the microphone at that moment. Look who is – a Worcester cop. So, basically if this is the story Puddy is going with, then it means the Worcester cop there is the one who called the protesters, “not educated.” Because as you can see, Rich Aucoin is nowhere near the microphone, but the cop is.

    The cop must’ve said it. This is not what Turtleboy is alleging. This is what Puddy is alleging. He’s making the accusation that THIS COP called these protesters uneducated. Pretty harsh accusations from the Mayor. 

    Not that we need anymore undeniable proof, but here’s an email that was sent to us by Rich Aucoin’s “Act Now” organization:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 2.33.06 PM


    “We were alerted this morning by an astute local reporter that the voice sounded an awful lot to “some people” like Act Now Worcester’s Rich Aucoin.”

    This means that Worcester Magazine reporter Tom Quinn decided to contact this organization, OUT OF NOWHERE, and tell them that he thought the Mayor’s voice was actually Rich Aucoin’s voice. This means that Rich Aucoin didn’t seek out the media. The media sought out him, because they were trying to push a story that wasn’t true. And they found some idiot that LOVES attention, and was willing to make this story more interesting. Not coincidentally Worcester Magazine, which no one ever reads, started getting crazy amounts of traffic from the local area.

    Mystery solved. Wait until we get our voice recognition expert to confirm what we already know is true. That’s when things are really gonna get fun. Take the L and go home Mayor Puddy. Stop making us embarrass you. Your kids are watching. Don’t make them watch Turtleboy take you out to the woodshed and spank you. Not a good look.




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    1. Vote Republican

      At this point, I’m not really sure it matters WHO said the protesters were uneducated morons. I think it does matter that someone actually called them that and I couldn’t agree more. The protesting left, who trashes everything, blocks regular citizens in traffic while wearing black masks that resemble ISIS is starting to get scary and needs to be stopped.

      1. SICK and TIRED

        If they are (the protestors or whoever) are dressing like ISIS, call Homeland Security and make sure they are picked up for terrorism. UNEDUCATED MORONS, for once the mayor got it right. Play like ISIS, get treated like ISIS.

    2. wtatnuckgangsta

      This would end a lot faster if Puddy just took responsibility for it, stuck with the apology and moved on like an adult. Mass is great at dragging out this petty (pun) crap for so long that nobody will forget it. If he just apologized, I would have forgotten by the end of the day.

    3. Sweeney

      You are embarrassing yourself. Listen to it again. You can clearly hear the women sitting next to Aucoin say something like what is their problem. Speaking about the people in the hallway. That’s when he (Aucoin) tells her they’re morons and uneducated and also says stupid stupid people. Find the women next to Aucoin and mystery is solved. You need to watch it on the city’s web site with some air pods in your ears. I told you the TRS80 has already run the voice recognition. Just find the lady sitting next to Aucoin and issue your apology

      1. Ryan

        Air pods??

        1. Sweeney

          Yes dipshit airpods

    4. Realist

      “He’s making the accusation that THIS COP called these protesters uneducated. Pretty harsh accusations from the Mayor”-False. Are these what alternate facts look like? Let’s just call this exactly what it is, Relentless cheerleading for Gaffney! Just the Facts!

    5. Only in Worcester

      Petty has gained more enemies with his lying. Bad choice to have cops as your enemies.

      1. Realist

        Did you read the article? Obviously not, Bread and Butter TB reader!

    6. Dick Dover

      So not only did he Insult the protesters that he hired …he went on to lie about it to the rest of the entire public.
      Man, let me throw you a rope… when you are in a hole, QUIT FUGKING DIGGING you IDIOT!

    7. Wwy

      We should get more upset about Israel using stupid,stupid Americans as human shields to fight for their nazi like country. Iran’s on deck I hope if they are attacked a bigger holocaust will happen long overdue. Petty finally told the truth your all morons.

    8. Code of Silence

      Where’s Lizzy Warren to help you out mayor of, where you from again. That’s right, the place where my 11 year old can be mayor.

    9. L guest

      I’m confused… Where does the cop come into play?

      1. Realist

        He doesn’t, Don’t tell TB or his minions though!

    10. Joseph Schmo

      I tawt I taw a PUDDY CAT- – – – I DID , I DID , I DID tee a BIG LYIN’ PUDDY CAT!!!

    11. Turtle Rider

      Puddy is not accusing the cop. TBS is accusing Puddy of accusing the cop. I clicked on this story thinking Petty was again off his rocker, changing his story AGAIN. Instead, I just read a made up a story or an opinion piece by TB. That’s not to say that I don’t think Puddy is a nut apologizing for saying it…then denying it and letting someone else take the blame. Puddy is clearly a chooch.

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