Mob Of Idiots Descends On Holyoke Mall Japanese Restaurant After Liar Posts On Facebook That They Don’t Serve Vietnam Vets

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Here’s your daily dose of dumb people believe everything they read on Facebook….

So let me get this straight. Neil here goes to the Holyoke Mall food court to eat at a Japanese chain mall restaurant. He’s wearing a Vietnam jacket on so they tell him they don’t serve Vietnam Veterans. No word if it’s all vets or just those who served in Nam. And now this guy wants to call Maura Healy to file a discrimination complaint.

Obviously he’s making this up. Obviously. Smart people can figure that out on their own. Dumb people need it explained to them by Turtleboy.

As you can see the post has been blindly shared almost 500 times by morons who see random shit like this that fits their agenda and instinctively share it, not caring at all about the damage it can cause to a local business:

A must read? It’s a guy you don’t know telling an unconfirmed and quite frankly not believable anecdote. Pulitzer worthy stuff indeed.

The “article I was telling you about?” Are people really this dumb? Newsflash – this isn’t an article. It’s a Facebook post from a stranger.

A quick inspection of Neil’s Facebook page tells you everything you need to know about him. Prior to today’s post he had hundreds of posts. All of which were him spamming the world about his vast accomplishments:

He has one picture – his profile pic:

Not sure if that’s him, but that is exactly as I imagined he would look like, and exactly the kind of background I expected him to live in.

The other post was this:

I voted for Donald Trump and I regret nothing. But if you think for one second that his election was divinely sanctioned then you are a moron, and you’re not even really religious. No truly devout person thinks Donald Trump is even remotely a man of faith. He’s a con-artist, but he’s better than Hillary so YOLO.

Like I said, I voted for Trump, and like millions of other people I only did so because I was disgusted by the SJW climate endorsed and cultivated by Hillary Clinton and many more on the left. Lena Dunham and Michael Brown’s Mom spoke at the DNC. Nuff said. Had there been a normal democrat I would’ve voted for them.

But I HATE being associated with the Trump diehards. They are complete and utter morons, and the only true thing Hillary Clinton ever said was when she called them deplorables. Because that’s exactly what they are, and this was on full display in the comments:

They need to “get out of America.” Taxpaying business owners in the Holyoke Mall need to leave. Are they citizens? Doesn’t matter. They’re Asian, they smell funny, and they don’t like Trump. Support the troops or get the fuck out!!!

Oh good, a mob helping to destroy a hard working business, possibly owned by hard working immigrants, simply because a guy they don’t know wrote something on Facebook. That’s healthy.

Doofus McGee was encouraging them to as well:

He had to throw this in there too:

Yea, “after church.” He had to throw that in there because everyone knows that every respectable God fearing right winger goes to Church on Sundays. Support the troops!! Murica!!

Does it matter if they are citizens? Ummm…yea, it kind of does. But what really matters is whether or not this story is even true though. Spoiler alert – it’s not.

Next thing you know a mob of angry veterans was planning a protest there, but Neil wants to talk with Maura Healy first because he doesn’t want to screw up “a case”:

Because this is the kind of thing Maura Healy investigates. Random Facebook posts from delusional wingnuts who think God wanted Trump to be President.

Next thing you know people were going the whole, “call the media” route:

Oh for fuck’s sake. Someone tell Nancy that Masslive and the Republican are the same thing. They’d probably believe and pursue this story if Neil was a transgender Muslim in a wheelchair, but Neil is probably out of luck.

Shawn is totally not a racist either:

Yea, Japanese people moving to Vietnam. That makes sense. Because all Asian people are the same. Throw em in a pile and get em out of America!!

Pro tip – if your immediate response to a Facebook post like this is “are they illegal aliens?” you might be a racist:

Ya know who no one ever asks, “are they illegal” about? White kids who shoot up their high schools. Funny how that works.

According to Neil it wasn’t just one person, it was four employees who kicked him out. And their exact words were “you leave now”:

Which of course sounds like a stereotypical thing one might believe a random Asian person at the mall would say. According to Neil they are Asian, but he’s not sure what country. Apparently “Shoyu Japan” wasn’t enough of a context clue.

Finally another veteran showed up to bring some level of sanity to the conversation:

Oh look, the guy was lying after all.

This guy may or may not be a Vietnam veteran. He’s proven that he’s a liar, so we have no reason to believe he’s not capable of lying about being a veteran as well. Regardless, he clearly is not a fan of Asian people. Maybe it’s because he did serve in Nam and still has an axe to grind with them. Maybe some kid fresh off the boat in middle school beat him in the math competition.

Here’s what probably happened. He saw this place, didn’t even approach the counter, thought about how he could get some quick attention from his gullible radical right wing friends, along with the much coveted Facebook likes, and he went home and posted it. It’s no different from a SJW claiming someone wrote the n word on their dormroom door. The right can virtue signal just as well as the left when they want to. And it worked out exactly according to plan. Except for the part where Turtleboy finds it.

26 Comment(s)
  • Bulldog
    January 30, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    This restaurant just recently opened in the Holyoke Mall. Idiots sharing this guy’s fake post and posting bad reviews are going to hurt this restaurant and prevent others from visiting. I wish the restaurant would sue this guy for slander as he’s clearly making a false statement to hurt their business.

  • T.R.
    January 30, 2018 at 3:49 am

    Neil has a close companion named Bob.

    Neil and Bob kneel & bob.

    • Lance
      January 30, 2018 at 11:25 am

      Sometimes it’s all three of us

  • Finn
    January 29, 2018 at 8:06 pm

    I feel bad for Neil. He’s probably a lonely old veteran who barely gets any visits from his kids or grandkids (assuming he has any) and is just seeking some attention. He probably hasn’t had that shriveled little dick sucked in a very long time. Well good news for you Neil, just lean back in that rocking chair and I will suck you dry.

    Get sucked,

    • Finn
      January 29, 2018 at 10:39 pm

      I *love* that you’re a huge fan of mine. It makes me hard (or maybe wet?).


  • Your name here*
    January 29, 2018 at 10:35 am

    One thing I saw in the article I can totally relate to is the whole voting for Trump thing. Like you, the ONLY reason I voted for Trump is because of my hatred of Hitlery. That woman is a disgusting person. The fact that millions of people voted for her and would still vote for her is mind boggling. Her retard supporters keep crying about Russian collusion and Trump cheating but they don’t give a single shit that her campaign was in collusion with Donna Brazile, CNN, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC to make it so Bernie didn’t stand a chance. While I am extremely happy that retarded, senile old bag of stale douche didn’t make it out of the primaries, Hitlery got away with it. Her moron supporters STILL can’t accept that she cheated. Then they sit there acting like they have moral superiority over everyone else. They are nothing but hypocrites but what’s worse is they are liberals and hypocrites. SJW’s are the worst. So as much as I don’t like Trump, I will take 1000 of him over that piece of shit corrupt skank or any other piece of shit liberal. But I hate that I am forced to defend him or be lumped in with the rabid extreme right wing. Elections have been a choice between the lesser of two evils for longer than I’ve been alive. So it is what it is.
    Oh…. and this fake victim sucks too..

  • juror seven esq.
    January 28, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    At most of these mall oriental places they are out there attempting to lure you in with samples of bourbon chicken. No way that they would turn on a potential customer. Perhaps Neil kept hitting them up for the free stuff and they told him to take a hike. What’s the chances that Neil is a resident of the state run Soldier’s Home out there next to the mall? He may have some issues that result in him being difficult?
    Disclaimer; I’m a 71 year old proud Vietnam veteran. To all that served, especially those that experienced the Tet Offensive as we approach the 50th anniversary of that event (January 30, 1968) you did yourself, your unit and your country proud even if our country didn’t stand behind us.

    • Neil Ainsworth
      January 28, 2018 at 9:00 pm

      Listen to me you deserter! My squad and I were once lured into a chink joint in Hanoi by a Rooster with a Sweet and Sour packet zip tied to it’s leg. Buckle down brother! Jap restaurants won’t take money from Vets’s or Jews!

  • B
    January 28, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    As a fat US veteran, zero businesses in the US, in my life, especially those that are food related, will not turn you down unless you are acting like an A-hole. In fact, veteran or not, if you are being silly, the business in question has every right to refuse anyone service.

    Thank you US taxpayer for allowing me to go, on your dime, to UMass, using the GI Bill. I also use the VA health care system. The VA healthcare system has been in the news recently, but I thank you, the US taxpayer for making this possible to me. I have had both good and bad healthcare providers in the civilian world and the VA world. I rather like the care that I have received by the VA. (Thank you once again.)

    In my opinion, something is wrong with this story and the whole experience that he stated to be fact. This is my opinion and mine alone. It just doesn’t add-up to me. I have eaten there before and nothing like he describe ever happened to me or my family.

    • US taxpayer
      January 28, 2018 at 8:10 pm

      No sir, thank YOU!

  • Neil Ainsworth
    January 28, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    It’s a common mistake! When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor did we collapse ? Hell No!
    What about the Australian American war? I didn’t take boomerang shrapnel to the head from kangaroos hoping into camp at night with IED’s in their pouches to come back home and be spit on by a bunch of hippies. Get your shit straight or get out of the Corps!

    • Mad Millennial - I didn’t major in Gender Studies!
      January 28, 2018 at 10:25 pm

      Colonel James T, United States Marines Second Battalion! The Australian American War was the biggest war since the big one!

      Friggin love that game!

  • Narcanista
    January 28, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    Because he publically shared this, he now needs to upload and share a scanned copy of his DD-214 as well the subsections of his service record that include combat duty assignments. I urge the Attorney General’s office to authenticate his claims and if he has never served, then he should be prosecuted under the False Valour acts and wrung out to dry in the regional newspapers.

    • mitch
      January 28, 2018 at 5:54 pm

      ya ya, ok. call the AG, call FB, call somebody !! i see a ton of virtue signaling, in every direction. BTW, what’s a normal democrat ???

      • True Reality Speaks
        Mirror Mirror
        January 29, 2018 at 8:56 pm


        End comments

    • Goose
      January 28, 2018 at 11:44 pm

      I was just going to mention this, glad I found your comment instead! As a young veteran, I have encountered more guys who lie about having served in Iraq or Afghanistan than I have actual combat vets from said campaigns. I just ask them a series of questions, that any combat vet would ask another, really, and bam. They’re exposed. Doesn’t mean they didn’t serve *at all*. But there are many, *many* people out there inflating their service.

      Point being, there are stats out there (albeit anecdotal) that claim for every real Vietnam vet, there are 3-4 phonies. Vietnam vet meaning “deployed in-country; deployed to Laos/Cambodia/etc. in direct support of combat operations in Vietnam/served on a USN/USCG vessel (yes, there were USCG units deployed to Vietnam) off the coast. Not simply “Vietnam-era” veteran. So, you’re more likely to meet someone lying about their service in Vietnam, than meet someone who actually served.

      To whomever may read this: Does this mean my advice is to act like an ass to them if you think someone is lying about their military service? NO. Don’t act like the people you see in those viral “Stolen Valor” videos. Especially if you never served yourself! Don’t ever question someone’s service unless **you personally** know what questions to ask. Even then, you’re better off FOIA’ing their records if you really need to be sure about someone!

      Forged DD-214s are abundant. Neil providing us “his” would prove little. We need to see an underacted DD-215/DD-215 straight from NPRC.

  • January 28, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    Well, Boston media is finally outing me. Today, I was outed for hating on TB12’s children in his documentary. This is because I would never stick my tiny baster in a queef cave, and therefore, can have no children of my own. Last week I went on a rant against the military. I am such a dainty little waif. Please listen to my nasally nasty semen soaked vocal cords on the airwaves.

    Oh, they call me Reimer the creamer or Reimer the screamer. Toodles!

    • Anon
      January 29, 2018 at 11:02 am

      Reimer likes to swallow it and he smells funny

  • Johnny Rocket
    January 28, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    Maybe he ate too much at the buffet. I have seen them run friends out for eating and staying too long. Lol

    • Johnny Rocket
      January 28, 2018 at 2:51 pm

      Let me clarify my last comment. I have seen friends run out of places for eating too much. But have no experience with this establishment. “ It is an illusion “ Moody Blues.

    • They call me Ponch
      January 28, 2018 at 5:58 pm

      You been here four hour…….you go home now,

  • Mom’s Basement
    January 28, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    It was probably a free jacket he got with the name of the Vietnamese travel agency that he books his vacations through. Repeat customer and veteran are not the same thing. Naughty naughty!

  • Stunt Penis
    January 28, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Spend more than 1 minute in any facebook group and you’ll quickly determine facebook is inhabited by complete retards.

  • Kobayashi
    January 28, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    I can see how any restaurant owner with a buffet option might not be thrilled when they see him coming but it wouldn’t have anything to do with his military service.

  • Finn
    January 28, 2018 at 2:00 pm


    I love the knee-jerk reactions from your “never leaves the coach” social jabba-the-hut warriors friends (no need to find out if it’s actually true -right?).

    You took a much deserved and needed timeout from playing “Criminal Case” on Facebook and wondered how you could drum up some *real* drama.

    First, you planted a story that will reach the racists, dummies and emotional mouth-breathers (“i’ve dutifully forwarded your post without reading nor finding out if it were true). Next, you watered it with things that will grab the racist crowd (i.e. “Japanese establishment” – those Japs!!) and finally, you fertilized it with “veteran” references (that will solidify outrage and guarantee your emotional support).

    Alas, too bad you have zero facts to back you up. Go back to “Criminal Case” on Facebook. I hear the levels are getting harder and harder.

    Get Fucked,

  • Travis Rearick
    Autistic Turtle
    January 28, 2018 at 1:40 pm

    “I had on a Vietnam jacket on.”

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