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North Shore Eats Part 2: Greg Bates Sentenced To Jail For Non-Payment Of Child Support, Alleged Threats Of Violence In Front Of Kids, Use Of Fake Profiles To Attack Critics And Brag About Greg’s Sex Game

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If you didn’t read Part 1 of North Shore Eats exposed, read it here.

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s get started with Part 2 – Master Bates’ background information and suspicious Facebook activity.

Normally this would be irrelevant to a story like this as a man’s personal life is only his business. But the fact of the matter is that his personal troubles speak to his character, his lack of lack of financial responsibility, and it gives him a motive to try to make money any way he can.

For instance, on March 1, 2017, Greg Bates was supposed to show up in court as a defendant against JK Realty Investments for non-payment of rent. Because he defaulted (which almost always means the defendant didn’t bother showing up) a judgement of $9,244.97 for unpaid rent was held against him.

Which is one reason why he has a lien against him.

Greg is divorced, which no one should hold against him. Lots of normal people get divorced, and it’s really no one’s business why. Except in this case it is, because the allegations made by his wife are startling. Let’s start with his divorce proposal, in which he states that, “sex is something important to me, if I don’t get it from her I will buy it and redo the weekly budget as needed”

That’s normal.

According to the official probate and family court documents, in which she was the plaintiff, she alleges some very serious stuff. For starters she won’t disclose where she lives because she says she fears him, and has an order of protection against him. She also claims that she moved out with her sons in secret, and because of his “threats of violence” she doesn’t want him to know where they live.

She described herself as a “single parent” when they were together, and says she was acting as the primary caretaker. She claims that Greg drinks too much at home, has taken unpaid days off from work, and has spent family savings without consulting her.

This matters to the story because it establishes a pattern of financial mismanagement.

She also alleges that Greg Bates has a temper, put video cameras in her car, placed one of the kid’s cell phones in the trunk of a friend’s car to track mother’s movement via the GPS, has disabled her credit cards, threatened to rape her, kept her in the marriage by threatening suicide in front of the children and kissing them good bye, and throws chairs and spits during arguments. She says his threats of suicide were what kept her around longer than she should have.

In fairness, no one is happy during a divorce and there are two sides to every story. But this is also the #MeToo era so we’d be pretty unwoke if we didn’t listen to a woman’s allegations.

However, this matters if it’s true. People who act like this are not of sound mind and body, and should not be in charge of raising massive amounts of money for charities while running a gypsy marketing company that damages local businesses on a whim.

She claims that he once called her, pretending to take his last breaths, came home like nothing happened, and later went to a psych hospital. She also says he drinks every day (which others we’ve spoken to have also alleged) and his kids are traumatized from the suicide threats which he has never apologized for. And in her own words, “Greg is not stable and I’m truly concerned for myself and the boys.”

She also alleges that he lessened his work hours on purpose in order to pay less for child support, and that he wants her to repay a debt to his parents that was already satisfied. Additionally she anticipates that his Teamster’s pension (he used to work for UPS before quitting before he could be fired) will not be evenly divided.

They were in debt:

He then filed a complaint against his wife to not pay child support because he claimed to have health issues forcing him to leave UPS, and that he was now EMPLOYED by ARC

But our sources with ties to his former work buddies tell us he quit in anticipation of being fired. No one, including Greg, has been able to confirm that he left UPS because of an “injury or disability.” And if his health is this fragile, why is he eating out so much? What kind of doctor would recommend that?

He also says he works at the Autistic foundation, which doesn’t seem to be true. Either way, his salary was lessened at the exact same time the divorce happened, which would’ve lowered the amount owed for child support. Yet he still didn’t pay it and was sentenced to 30 days in jail for owing $7,500 just last year:

Ironically he recently told a critic that he wishes their kids could have a “real parent”

“Perhaps I cold raise money for you(r) child to have a real parent.” – Guy who told the court he couldn’t pay child support and be a real parent because he couldn’t make enough money.

This is out of character for Greg on Facebook though. Normally he’s cool and composed when posting as Greg Bates. But the facts seem to indicate that he has more than one Facebook profile that he uses. And when he starts getting bothered like this, he often switches accounts to the fun pages!!

Likely pretending to be his girlfriend Suzanne, he often challenges his critics to meet up face to face in an implied challenge to fight them:

She tells critics that Greg (him) should kick their ass and that the critics are afraid of him, and she does it while bringing up her autistic son which has nothing to do with anything:

Once again, using autistic children as a shield is another pattern we will see with Greg Bates. I don’t know Suzanne Kosch, but this sure seems like an odd thing for a middle aged woman to be saying in defense of her boyfriend.

She also talks exactly like him, particularly when she brags about the size of the page, the power it wields, and the amount of trolls they’ve banished:

As we will see, these are things Greg says a lot.

“Suzanne” claims Greg is a good provider, even though he is seemingly unemployed, and admits in court documents that he hardly makes any money. It’s cool though because she says she’s rich:

“Suzanne” says that Greg is not paid to run the page (he is) and that it’s not his job (he doesn’t seem to have a job, and couldn’t give us one when we spoke to him):

And if there’s any doubt who’s really behind the Suzanne account, she claims Greg is “so good in bed, you have no idea“:

Fake news. There’s just no way any reasonable person can think she actually wrote that.

Then there’s the other fake profile – Chrissy Langdon. She always seems to have Greg’s back:









Before Chrissy’s profile was banned from the group by Greg in an attempt to make it look like he was not her, she always used to bad mouth businesses who didn’t pay to play, like O’Neils of Salem, and said that they “hate the members of this group”

You will see later on that “Hate the members of this group” is one of Greg Bates favorite lines on Facebook, as he makes it seem like any business who doesn’t do business with him is taking a personal shot at the 35,000 people in his Facebook group.

Take a look at some of the groups and pages that “Chrissy Langdon” likes and follows:

As we will see later on, several of those businesses are promoted by Greg Bates. Especially Jami’s Kitchen.

Here’s the best part. Greg sells tickets for raffles a lot. Local businesses donate gift cards (which he pressures them to donate) and he charges $10 a ticket:

And the winner is…….

Chrissy Langdon!! What are the odds???

Still think this guy’s on the up and up and can be trusted to run a page like this? You ain’t seen nothing yet. See y’all tomorrow for part 3. Rumor is Uncle Turtleboy is doing a podcast on parts 1 and 2 releasing this morning.

9 Comment(s)
  • Rick
    September 5, 2019 at 7:57 pm

    Wow. If I was Stupid enough to f–k this Bitch, I would deserve the life I’m stuck with! Life goes on, love and support those kids and move on. Leave the bitch to lie herself to death. Everything is curcumstatialtalk, they just don’t quit if your around.

  • Nadia Yenraek
    June 19, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    Does he have a gofundme for legal fees to sue your lying ass? I’d like donate a few thousand to that.

    It’s really funny how the whack-a-mole master of fake accounts is criticizing him for using a fake account.

    • Screw PC
      June 19, 2018 at 1:55 pm

      Naw, GoFundMe accounts were supposed to be for good people who are down on their luck, and then it turned into a bunch of useless fuckball rachets who are looking for heroin money or parasites like Greg Bates who are too busy drinking and/or don’t have the fucking decency to get a job.

      Of course, there are loads of pussbag cunts just like you who say they want to sue Turtleboy, and they just get set up and knocked down like candlepins. I’d love to see you try and lose, but you don’t have the fucking balls to attempt it, so you can just continue sitting there slapping your pancake to gimp porn and whining under a fake name about how people use fake names.

      I love how you’re secretly pissed off about how helpless you are to do anything about Turtleboy blasting you and your faggot mob publicly. That will always happen because you’re born to lose. Accept it and talk to a professional, or hurry up and overdose or drink yourself to death. The world is tired of cunts like you.

      • Nadia Yenraek
        June 19, 2018 at 2:45 pm

        See I never said I wanted to sue TB. I wouldn’t waste my time, since he doesn’t have a pot to piss in, a window to throw it out, or a lawn to catch it. And since he’s never mentioned my name in one of his blog, I don’t have a reason. (He’s stolen some of my photos, but I’m a shitty photographer, and would probably only get $0.63 if I won).
        I’m not secretly pissed off because, like I said, TB’s never blasted me. He doesn’t even know my name (and never will). I just like to sit back and play his game. I can poke the turtle all I want, because there isn’t shit he can do about it. I’m completely anonymous.
        I also made sure that Gaffney knows about that Leominster case where AK filed a lawsuit in his own name to collect on money owed to TB. That’s gonna counter any claim AK raises that he’s only a marketing clerk. It’s evidence that he claims ownership of the TB name.
        Someone’s gonna sue him, and it won’t be some blind guy doing it pro se. He got his ass kicked by Lauren Larson when he stupidly went after someone who could actually afford an attorney.

        • Screw PC
          June 19, 2018 at 4:44 pm

          You’re not anonymous, you vapid fuckstick. You’re posting from an IP address that has been logged, and unless you used Guerrilla Mail, he has your valid email address that you use to authenticate in order to post.

          All of the information posted is shared publicly by mindless assholes who don’t have the common sense to make their profiles private. Social Darwinism in praxis. They do it to themselves and make themselves targets of righteous anger because they do fucked up things and try to rip off people. No accounts are hacked, so there’s no unlawful access or security breach, and the only impropriety is on the part of the asshole who get put on blast.

          All Turtleboy does is say “look at this prick” with information that is readily available, so you can’t do jack shit about anything, and you know it, so go fuck yourself, you leftist pussy.

          • msheadkracker
            June 19, 2018 at 9:11 pm

            I love you PC, one of these days, you me and Finn should get together and have a threesome, it would be epic!

            And as for Nadia, sounds like a fucking idiot that beat a guy with a golf club, people dont realize that they sound the same when typing anonymous, unless you pay attention and not type like your true self dumbfuck. 

            Greg Bates is a fuckboy, ditching his child support and eating for free twice a day under cover of an eats page, so am i to assume that raffle he had, one person won all those gift cards? I saw 10-$50 pizza and 5-$50 of the other place, how many more were donated? Youd think one card per person or one from each eatary, like a grand prize and runners up, but hes too fucking stupid to cover his tracks and not pick his fake profile as the winner. Just an everyday scammer, as bad as those fucks from Mikrosovt suppert, he tanks up there with those scum bag fucks. 

  • ElJefe72
    June 19, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    If you need any more proof that Greg Bates is using his girlfriend’s account to post, just look at the grammar in both of their posts. Of particular interest is the use of “your” for “you are” instead of “you’re”, which is the correct spelling. Posts from both accounts spell it like that consistently.

    In fact, all of their posts use the apostrophe haphazardly. Many times they don’t use it all, even when it’s obvious they should (e.g. “dont”, “cant”), and sometimes they use an apostrophe when it’s not needed (e.g., using “it’s” when talking about possession and not a contraction of “it is”).

    Very obvious the same person is using both accounts to post stuff on Facebook.

  • HH
    June 19, 2018 at 10:50 am

    I just want to say that not all the restaurants in those screenshots support Greg. I know at least a couple of the owners can’t stand him. I’m not going to mention names because I don’t want his flying monkeys going after them. For the ones that do, I can’t hold it against them for trying to get their name out there and build their businesses. They had no idea who they were dealing with. The ones that we’ve been to are run by great people and it’s a shame that they have to deal with his bullshit.

  • Screw PC
    June 19, 2018 at 10:50 am

    That fat cocksucking parasite is threatening women?

    When the fuck did this go into style? Why the fuck do rachet assholes bring up hitting women in almost every post? Is this part of the “equality” the fucking leftists want?

    This is part of the reason why leftists and rachets need to be eliminated. They have no sense of honor or dignity.

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