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Norton Home School Single Mom Of 5 Who Still Breast Feeds 3 Year Old Claims House Was Ransacked, Cash/Kittens Stolen, Makes $2K With GoFundMe

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Here’s your GoFundMe scam of the day….

So just to review what happened here in this Norwood apartment where a single mother lives with her five homeschooled children:

  • Her house was broken into and ransacked
  • The door was chain locked from the inside (so I guess the burglars left through the windows)
  • They stole a cat and her litter of kittens
  • She had no renter’s insurance and is stuck with the loss
  • “electronics” for school, which really narrows it down
  • Also stolen were “items that enabled this mom to make money to survive,” which is very specific
  • She’s so scared in quiet little Norton that they need money to get a new apartment

Oh yea, I’m sure that’s what happened. First of all, how does a door get chain locked from the inside if no one is in the house? Secondly, how’d she get in? Break the chain down? Riddle me that one.

Thirdly, this is not what a ransacked house looks like:

This is what a hoarder’s house looks like. Notice the boxes still have stuff in them. Why would someone who just ransacked a house keep items still in the boxes?

Oh yea, there’s also a cat in that picture, which is weird because I was told that the cat and her litter of kittens were stolen.

Here’s another question – why would thieves target a broke single mother of five?

And if she’s “struggling pretty bad” then why was there also “so much valuable stuff” in the house in the first place?

And why is a broke single mother of five looking to rent a house down the Cape?

Hmmmm…..I wish I could afford to take my gaggle of five children, who I’m supporting on some sort of stay at home income, and rent a 4 bedroom house in Hyannis for a week. Yea, this adds up for sure.

This is Pamela Giarraputo:

This is her Facebook bio:

Yup, she’s an “artist/herbalist/placenta encapsulator” with a nose ring. That’s normal. Everyone knows that single mom placenta encapsulators command high enough salaries that they can raise five children on their own.

Here’s what she posted on the alleged day of the robbery..

Oh, she’s an Etsy salesman. So she makes shit no one wants in her house and sells it on the Internet.

She’s already got a suspect though….

Ahh yes, the ol’ druggie neighbors. Always a good fall guy to have around.

They also took her “safe box” which had money they were going to use to move:

Because apparently placenta encapsulators don’t believe in opening bank accounts. We’ll just kind of have to take her word for it that the Etsy business was taking off, and she had a safe full of cash that no one knew about except for her and the thieves.

Also, VERY convenient that she was planning on moving, got robbed, lost all her money, and then someone else in the home-schooling free earth community started a GoFundMe for her.

But wait, it gets better……

Yup, the thieves were making multiple trips. Because all those kittens took up a lot of space. Naturally they kept the remaining booty on the back porch, so just in case she came home in between trips she might not find it.

Then she started blaming the Norton Police for not fingerprinting the place:

So we called up the Norton PD today to confirm an incident at her house on March 31. It checked out, so she did indeed call the cops. But if they didn’t fingerprint it means one thing – they don’t believe her story either.

But her ploy worked, because without even mentioning the word GoFundMe, people picked up the passive aggressive subtle hints:

Cha-ching!! Home school Moms unite!!

Now this is nothing against home school Moms or people who were home schooled themselves. I get why people would home school. I’ve met many normal people who were home schools. But let’s be real for a minute – there’s a lot of noobz who home school. It’s often the same crew….

  • anti-vaxxers
  • only eat home made garbage that mom read about on the Internet
  • free range children who learn on their own

Ya know, stuff like that.

And of course Pam fit the bill. She collaborates with other home school Moms to make sure the alternative milk she forces her kids to slobber down doesn’t contain any fluoride from the municipal water source the cows drink out of:

Yea, anyone who has the time and resources to spend all day making sure the cows that provided the $8 soy milk they had to travel 45 minutes to get didn’t come from a cow that drank fluoride water is a wacko home school mom who can’t be trusted.

Oh, and she makes her own toothpaste, because you can’t trust that store brand stuff:

That’s normal. I’m not saying she refuses to vaccinate her kids, but what would the Vegas odds be right now that she didn’t vaccinate her kids?

And remember, according to the GoFundMe, some of the stolen stuff were “items that enabled this mom to make money to survive.” Apparently what they meant by that was, “big bags of chai immuniTEA that no one bought on Etsy”:

Wonder why.

She also sells herbal crap for menopausal women

No wonder she can afford a house on Cape Cod.

Oh, and in the least surprising turn of events ever she still breast feeds her three year old….

Because once you pop, you can’t stop!!

And here’s a twist to the home schooling aspect of the story…..

Yup, she’s deaf. A deaf single mother of five who runs a business and home schools her kids. That’s a smooth ride for sure.

Oh, and there was a dog in the apartment which for some reason the thieves elected not to steal:

So it looks like it was Cruella Deville’s evil junkie sister who only likes fur coats made of cats.

Of course you’d never be able to afford this lifestyle without a buttload of help from Uncle Sam.  If she’s really deaf that’s obviously one check right there. Then there’s the five kids with no Daddy factor. More checks. Who knows what her children are like after a lifetime of breast feeding, herbal diarrhea, and living in a hoarder’s den. That’s more checks.

But then again, I’m just guessing. All I know is a single mother of five hawking menopausal dandelions cannot survive without a little help from my friends.

We messaged fellow home school mom Jennifer Monsini, who started the GFM in the first place, to share some of our concerns. She responded by blocking us.

So then we messaged Pamela ourselves, and she knew we were onto her….

A safe place? You live in Norton. The worst thing you have to worry about is the Attleboro Scissorsaurus.

When we pressed her about how burglars could rob a house and then chain lock it from the inside she got pretty defensive, but in a hippy home school mom kind of way….

Wait….what? So they broke in the backdoor, and then chainlocked the front door in case she came home mid robbery? Oh yea, this all seems legit for sure. Where can I donate?

Finally she came at us with the law….

Yes, please get a harassment protection order because we messaged you on Facebook. Or you could just, I dunno, block us? Either way, this woman has made it clear that she is not to be questioned.

Right after our conversation ended we noticed this picture was taken down from the GoFundMe:

Northing shady about that!!

All I know is, the whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test. She wanted to move out of this place. It’s clearly a disaster zone. But she likely doesn’t have much money and all of a sudden six cats fell in her lap. What a coincidence that this would happen, some unnamed valuable property disappeared with the cats, and the next thing you know she’s made a couple grand from the GoFundMe.

So is she lying about the break in? Vote in our poll:

The bottom line is that it’s incumbent upon you when you have a GoFundMe to erase all doubts. Especially when your story has bigger holes in it then your understanding of modern science.

75 Comment(s)
  • dowen0895
    Dick Scratcher
    February 19, 2019 at 7:39 am

    First thought – “I would smash the granny out of that”

    Second thought – “Home schooling, placenta encapsulators are just one can of crazy too many for this guy”

  • iWILLdonate
    April 7, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    Maybe she would have an even bigger box full of cash if she went to work instead of homeschooling her kids? Now she’s in the hospital because of this article. TB, you’re a bad man. A very bad man.

    One woman. Breastfeeding. Cooking, cleaning, and being a mother to 5 children. Making all her own home remedies and selling / shipping them on Etsy. And still finds the time to properly educate her children?

    Super Woman.

    On that note Jennifer Monsini is hot as hell! I’d get the ugly “look at me – I’m cool” tattoo removed, but other than that… HIPPY ALERT!

    • Scams
      April 8, 2018 at 1:19 am

      So will she be starting another go fund me?

    • U WOT M8
      April 19, 2018 at 6:27 pm

      The “i’m cool, look at me tattoo?” You mean the one that is only visible if she’s in her underwear or a bikini? Lol… huh..?

  • Anonymous
    April 7, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    Please report this page if u think it’s scam!!!!!!!

  • Kitten
    April 7, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Just a thought but maybe TBS should try to get in touch with local animal shelters to see if this woman in fact dropped her own cat and kittens off and is using them as part of her story. That’s even if there ever was kittens. I wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped them off.

    • Real_Finn
      April 7, 2018 at 6:37 pm


      “Just a thought but maybe TBS should try to get in touch with local animal shelters to see if this woman in fact dropped her own cat and kittens off and is using them as part of her story. That’s even if there ever was kittens. I wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped them off.”

      What a ridiculous statement. You’re either saying she lied about having the cat/kittens stolen or even having them at all.

      The skank let them loose in the wild because she doesn’t give a shit. Period. And all her dopey placenta-loving friends are rallying around her cause because they are as dimwitted as she.

  • So sad
    April 6, 2018 at 9:39 pm

    Know exactly the kind of person she is.
    Cops been there to help find her missing kid. The smallest one.
    Quiet neighborhood…but everyone around knows about her.
    House was up for auction awhile back. Luckily she has section 8. Sarcasm.
    Animal control has been there several times…leaving dog alone for days on end.
    Just incredibly awful that the animals.and kids are subject to this horribleness.
    Donate to an animal fund or something else that.is worthy

    • MiddleFinger
      April 7, 2018 at 6:15 am

      Melissa Fresoni – speaking of animal control, they let me know about how you’re being evicted for all of the problems you have caused with all of the neighbors as well as your dog’s biting problems. The dog was never left alone for days on end, and animal control said that you called Peta and asked them to complain. You lied to the police about my daughter and were called out on it by a 6 year-old down the street. There have been many, many, many complaints about you to the Norton Police from numerous people in the neighborhood, and at least one family recently sold their house and moved away because of you and other people in your household. You have been accused of putting dog feces on neighborhood vehicles and once on someone’s bed. Like a true crazy person, you have had the police called on you for trying to prevent a father from picking up his child. Me? I’m deaf. I can’t hear. I am at a huge disadvantage in the hearing world. You? You started a Fundly page (using the exact same grammatical signature as your post above) stating that you have no home (you rent a duplex) or vehicle (you have two) and that you are awaiting disability. Several people saw it. You also have two dogs that you allegedly have no money to feed now. You walk around the neighborhood with a fake neck brace when it suits your narrative. The only disabled things about you are your brain and sense of decency. You are a horrible person who gets off on intimidating little kids, and up until my home was destroyed and robbed by some incredibly depraved individual, you were the only reason I wanted to move away.

      • So sad
        April 7, 2018 at 6:54 am

        Ha ha ha!!!! You are an incredibly idiotic, dysfunctional, fool who thinks she knows everything. Think whatever you want about me. I know who I am and quite secure with myself. You think that someone like you affects me? Not!!!
        Keep lying, you are good at that.
        Write more lies about me and my family and you will be hit with a lawsuit.
        Grow up and take care of your 5 kids.
        Oh yeah…one more thing…hard to lie about you losing your kid when the whole neighborhood is looking for her.
        By you trying to make me look badly is only more disgraceful.
        Also, you cannot make people do things. It is called “free will”.

      • “The Neighbors”
        April 7, 2018 at 10:40 am

        Pam you need serious help. Your kids need a bath and need to go to school so they actually have a chance in this world. Your screwing them up so bad. And yes everyone around you knows exactly what a nut case you really are. You know just as well as I do that your home is filthy mess. You smell like moth balls and mold. I feel so bad for your children. The fathers should take the children and run. And yes I say fathers because their are multiple. All the neighbors want you gone as much as you want to go, but lying to make money isn’t cool. Let’s move on to this issue, you got five kids, lmao!! Yes five. And your a single mother because nobody in their right mind wants you cause your a freaking nut. If you care about those children send them to school let them be part of the community and make friends. Give them a bath. Give them toothpaste to brush their teeth not some baking powder you made in the kitchen. Let them use a bar of soap. And if you can’t afford renters insurance, don’t have pets. Cause the money you spend feeding them could have paid for your so called robbery. Or do you breast feed your animals too? Wouldn’t be surprised if you do that’s what makes this whole thing really sick.

        • You should be ashamed, Turtleboy
          April 7, 2018 at 1:21 pm

          I’d highly recommend you at least let her know which school you went to so she will know where not to send the children. Frankly, if you’re (see that? it’s a contraction of “you are”) going to blast someone about the manner in which their children are educated, then perhaps you should try and put a little effort in yourself. All you’ve managed to do, other than expose who exactly you are, is to show that the public education system failed to impart some very basic linguistic concepts upon you.

          As for that Melissa lady above, it seems as though she is lacking a little education, too. Responding to an inflammatory article with what could easily be considered libelous accusations and then turning around and threatening legal action against the response, which is really no worse than the accusations she initially made, shows that her instructors in Junior High and High School didn’t do a very good job with the required Civics curriculum. Further, if what is reported can be substantiated, then there is no libel. For example, if I were to call Ms. Fresoni a deadbeat who doesn’t pay her bills, it would not be libel due to the fact that she is a deadbeat who doesn’t pay her bills. Of course, I could be asked to prove my claims. In such a case, I would simply have to go to masscourts.org, select District Court from the dropdown menu, then select Attleboro District Court, enter in Ms. Fresoni’s first and last name, click submit, and I would be able to say “Hey your honor, here are four cases in which judgment was entered against Ms. Fresoni for not paying her bills”. Things like bankruptcy that may have taken place in 2005 could be found by other sources substantiating what a deadbeat Ms. Fresoni is.

          What I’m really getting at here is that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. They should also learn how reporting allegations of wrongdoing as allegation of wrongdoing when such allegation has actually occurred is not libel. One need only read a newspaper to see how this works. Lastly, such individuals should remember that their activities have been well documented by law enforcement, so if they wish to push the issue, they can certainly feel free to do so, but it seems their time and money would be best spent elsewhere.

          • Layla
            April 7, 2018 at 3:43 pm

            If Ms.Fresoni didn’t pay her bills that is her issue. At least she didn’t make up some kind of whacked out story on gofundme. Begging others to pay her bills. She just didn’t pay them. She took the loss and her credit is now ruined. Kinda like any credit there would be to believing this story. It’s gone. Ruined. But the story is not about Ms. Fresoni. But of course you do know that already.

          • Friend of the victim
            April 7, 2018 at 4:46 pm

            Neither did Ms. Giarraputo. She posted something on Facebook to her circle of friends at a time when she needed a little love and support just like a lot of other people do. Her friends, who personally know her and know that this is authentic, started the gofundme for her. She didn’t set the goal. If you don’t believe her, then fine, you don’t have to, but there is no need for people to be attacking her on speculation that the story isn’t genuine. The writer even stated that the police confirmed that this took place. The police officer in charge of the case explained that detectives are not sent to every B&E as standard practice. Ms. Fresoni HERSELF actually DID start a Fundly drive and then subsequently shut it down when it started garnering negative attention in light of this. If you Google Melissa Fresoni Fundly, you can see the cached search results. There are screen shots of the campaign prior to it being taken down that could be made available on request. Additionally, when the police arrived at the scene, Ms. Fresoni shut her door, so to appear that she wasn’t home. She didn’t answer when the police knocked, and then reopened her door and resumed her Mrs. Krabitz-esque stance by the storm door as soon as they left. I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but I find that particularly odd.

  • Lisa Prives
    April 6, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    Are you people Serious? You have NO idea what kind of damage you are causing this family! Feel free to think what you want but DONT trash someone when you arent involved in the situation…none of you are there…obviously…because if you were you wouldnt be saying all of this! What is the matter with you????????????????

    • Serious as a heart attack
      April 7, 2018 at 10:52 am

      Ahh ya I’m pretty sure we’re all serious. If someone doesn’t want to hear what people think maybe don’t post it on the internet. Maybe make sure your story adds up. Make sure that their are not neighbors that really know what kind of person that you are. Make sure you don’t have a reputation of begging for free stuff. Maybe don’t tell stories that contradict the stories you are telling now.

  • So sad
    April 6, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    What a scammer!
    Who does this???
    Poor animals and kids

  • Hugh Knowitt
    April 6, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Nobody is desperate enough to steal cats. Cats are like the toothpicks at the hostess booth; free if you want them but nobody ever actually pays money for one. She is kind of hot though, for a Black Belt Moonbat Supreme.

  • AgingCynic
    April 6, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    Someone needs to learn Norwood from Norton.

  • Captain Trips
    Captain Trips
    April 6, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    I didn’t need to read past ‘single mother with 5 kids’

    Unless she’s widowed, the sympathy from me ends RIGHT there

    Personal responsibility must have been sold out on the day you were born

  • Sloppy
    April 6, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    Fucking dipshit hippy…
    I bet her house just looks like that, always. Who the fuck would break into someone’s house who looks like her? There’s nothing to steal.
    Find a picture of her car, probably looks the same. $10 bucks says it’s a 1996 Subaru Forester with 8″ of crumpled-up pieces of paper, dirty tupperware containers, napkins and shit on the dash so you can’t see out the windshield, the backseat looks just like the inside of her house, and there’s one of those stupid Injun dream catchers hanging from the rear view mirror.
    And she’s probably one of those liberal idiots who doesn’t vaccinate her kids so they cough measles and polio all over other kids… And thinks the world and “the corporations” fucking owe her something because she’s a single mom who can’t stop letting random losers dump loads in her moldy snatch.

    • Captain Trips
      Captain Trips
      April 6, 2018 at 12:17 pm

      Well said and probably 100% accurate

      • Captain Trips
        Captain Trips
        April 6, 2018 at 12:32 pm

        Let’s not forget the Warren, Obama, Coexist, rainbow, Bernie, I love Unicorns and another 85 stupid stickers plastered all over the back of her car in a completely haphazard manner

  • just pasing thru
    April 6, 2018 at 11:47 am

    one of the basic rules of the universe: 2 objects can not occupy the same space at the same time.

    So where were all the objects that were strewn bout BEFORE the alleged break in?

    It is not like they were on shelves or otherwise stored.

    When anyone breaks into a home, unless they are targeting that home because they know there is money, jewelry, drugs, etc because of the occupation of the owner, nobody trashes a house like that.

    It is get in , grab what you can carry out without being noticed ( normally that is why pillow cases are missing they are the preferred take out bag of scum), grab high value items with no serial numbers that can be sold or pawned.

    A real thief starts with the bottom drawers and works up, saving them time by not having to close drawers to see what is in the next one.

    Nobody tosses a house like that,,,

    • Disgust
      April 7, 2018 at 2:57 pm

      They do when there is a personal vendetta. You also assume that the perpetrators of such robberies are never mentally ill. I can assure you this is very real and the police are really investigating a very real crime that has devastated a very real family. Just looking at the comments here, you can even see pro-turtleboy comments from someone’s personal experience stating how burglars chain doors from the inside as a “timer”. The writer of this article couldn’t seem to comprehend that. He also couldn’t comprehend why, after seeing numerous posts questioning the authenticity of the break-in, that a person who is quite familiar with turtleboy and the damage they do to people, might be defensive. Even still, as evidenced above, she was very nice and polite and requested multiple times that the writer leave her alone.

      You and the readership of this blog certainly seem to think that you’ve got it all figured out, but how about you and the writers put a little legwork in to verify the story. following the report of the break-in? Call and ask if they’ve received calls about them? Call the Norton PD and ask why it is no longer standard operating procedure to dust for fingerprints at B&E calls. Seriously, enlighten yourselves.

      Sure, you’ve seen posts where she has requested used items that people no longer need. You haven’t seen how many things she has donated to others in need when a serviceable item of hers is no longer needed. You’ve seen where she mentioned that her daughter has animal allergies. You haven’t seen where her daughter, who aspires to be a veterinarian, went to an allergist and had allergy panels done that very month. I think you’ll find that a lot of things change over time with a lot of people, and unless you actually know the story, you’re just speculating. There may have been times where turtleboy uncovered genuine fraud, but this isn’t one of them, and being trashed so badly by this blog and it’s readers combined with what the perpetrators of this crime have put her and her children through is causing some very real problems. She was just taken to the hospital by ambulance after all of the stress and anxiety caused a serious episode of tachycardia requiring multiple emergency doses of adenosine to keep her alive. I’m sitting right next to her now. You all ought to be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. I sincerely hope that neither you nor your loved ones ever go through anything like this, but if you do, remember what you have all been doing to this poor woman.

      • Smh
        April 8, 2018 at 1:43 am

        This story was written by a woman. Not a man. The only reason she is upset is she was caught and put on blast. If in fact what she has said is true it shouldn’t bother her what anyone says. Channel 7 news even took there story down cause they didn’t believe her either. Or was it for another reason. We know channel 7 is a reputable news source so why did they take it down? Yes the police confirmed “she said” she was robbed. But no proof has been made to show that is true. The police have neither confirmed or denied it. People who know her personally know her house was already a filthy mess which would really make it hard to tell if it was robbed to begin with. And the stolen items, ya I hear that people are paying top dollar for record players and shark teeth. Facebook is public, if you don’t want people knowing what’s going on you shouldn’t post your most personal problems to Facebook. And don’t forget that people sent messages to TBS about not believing her story. People from her own friends list. Maybe you all should check your circle.

        • Blow it out your ass
          April 8, 2018 at 7:31 pm

          The police confirmed it is an active investigation. The victim is not under suspicion by the police – just by you inhuman pieces of shit. Seriously put in some actual effort. Talk to Eric Kane of WHDH for the truth. Who is a more reputable source than the reporter who did the interview? I’m all for free speech. I served in the military and sacrificed my freedom for many years in defense of our rights and freedoms. You have the power to say whatever the hell you want, but with great power comes great responsibility, and shitting all over somebody the way you did here is nothing but tasteless. I hope you’re proud of yourself. One day, when something like this happens to you or someone you love, and some asshole treats you or your loved one the way you’ve treated the victim here, you’re going to be pretty ashamed of yourself.

      • Elma
        April 8, 2018 at 2:08 am

        Here is a small bit of advice if the comments are causing her to be hospitalized, how about stop reading them. Delete your Facebook and get on with life. That’s what anyone else who has been featured on TBS has done. And people will soon forget all about it. If your really smart you would be very careful what you write in a public forearm. They got this story from people who didn’t believe her. Her friends. Her neighbors. If this woman was really robbed then I’m sure the truth will come out. Until then I’d be trying to figure out which one of my so called close friends I was venting to for support sent all the messages about her to Tbs obviously some people she calls friends don’t feel the same in return

        • Blow it out your ass
          April 8, 2018 at 7:07 pm

          Yeah. The neighbor who put dog shit on her car AND BROKE IN TO THE SAME HOUSE AND PUT DOG SHIT IN THE PREVIOUS OWNER’S BED because she was pissed off that the person she was having an affair with let his wife and kids stay in the home afterward. The only one who was close enough to know that the dog had been brought to the victim’s home and actually was watching from the door as the dog was brought to the victim’s piece-of-shit minivan. Of course, no reasonable person would do all of that, either. Well, you’re not dealing with a reasonable person. WHDH reporter Eric Kane confirmed that the story was not removed. They did their due diligence and confirmed the events before running the story. Now, this piece of shit neighbor who HERSELF WAS BEGGING FOR MONEY ON FUNDLY because she is WAITING ON DISABILITY goes and shits on the victim for having rented the home with Section 8 funding. The victim did not rent the home with Section 8 funding. However, the victim, a deaf woman, is permanently disabled, and she doesn’t have to put on a neck brace every once in a while to try and sell it.

          You know, here’s the thing. I’m writing this because I’m fucking disgusted. The victim isn’t perfect. Neither are any of you out there, but if something like this happened to you, some friends and loved ones might start something like a gofundme for you, too. Turtleboy isn’t doing a public service here. They’re trolling a devastated woman who is trying to be strong for her kids. So you don’t like her life choices? Great! That’s your right! Bash government assistance programs and let your right-wing banner fly with pride! That’s not the goal here though, is it? Of course not. This garbage blog isn’t about identifying fraud. It’s about being vile pieces of shit who don’t give a flying fuck who they hurt so long as it results in page views and revenue. Well, Turtleboy, you did your job well, because here I am playing right into your septic hand, so kudos to you for being as disgusting a person as the victim’s shitbird neighbor. Truly, my hat is off to you. Give yourself a round of applause! You’re no better than the fuckbags who tried to monetize 9-11. I hope karma turns out to be real.

          • Blow it out your ass
            April 8, 2018 at 7:09 pm

            Edit: that the dog was brought out of the victim’s home

          • Help me understand
            April 8, 2018 at 8:37 pm

            If WHDH didn’t take the story down, where did it go? Why is it no longer online. You do understand how many people make up fake stories to cash in on money. Especially on go fund me. People have a hard time believing that someone would steal the items that were claimed to be stolen mostly the animals. Then you see a picture of a trashed room with a bunch of boxes, dirty dishes and paper trash. It looked as if that stuff was piled up there for a while. If She knows who did this why not just tell the police so they can be prosecuted. And then this woman can clear her name. You have to admitt it sounds pretty strange to steal a litter of kittens and take the mother cat, but leave behind the father cat and a dog. I have no problem with government programs what so ever. I think they are necessary and if this woman gets section 8 that’s her business and nobody else’s. It’s not easy to raise children as a single mother and than to be the only provider makes it ten times harder. Sometimes people do what ever they need to in order to get by, even if it means telling a lie. And then sometimes things go a little to far. From the way things seem is that this woman is struggling financially at least from the way she made it sound. Now there is this 25 thousand dollar go fund me. So you see why people are skeptical. And there never would have been any story if there weren’t people writing to tbs about everything. She went on Facebook and “vented” and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with doing that. Unfortunately nowadays we don’t really know who we can trust. And the people she went to for support are the ones who thru her under the bus. The truth will come out. It always does. It doesn’t stay hidden forever. If this was happening to me I would be doing everything I could to clear my name. And she shouldn’t have to. But now that it’s been brought to so many people’s attention instead of getting upset, prove it so people have no other choice but to shut up and leave her alone. If this crazy dog crap lady is the one who did it let people know.

          • Fed up. I hope this adds clarity
            April 9, 2018 at 1:19 am

            I would really love to help you understand. The family had not been staying at the house since the first big nor’easter when they lost power for 7 or 8 days IIRC. They lost all of the food in the fridge and freezer, and that did a big number on the budget, so they elected to stay with family for a while until they could get back on track. The dog was finally allowed to be brought to where the family was staying by the owner of the home 4 days prior to discovering that the house had been robbed. The father cat is mainly an outdoor cat, so he is generally off doing his own thing and comes and goes as he pleases. The victim was returning home several times per day to care for the animals until the dog was allowed to be brought to where she was staying. At that point, she was able to scale it back more because the cats’ needs were less than the dog’s. When she returned for the first time after the dog was removed, her front door was chained from the inside. The perpetrator had entered in through an old rear window. House was ransacked and destroyed. Police were called.

            Here is the thing that people are not getting. This wasn’t just theft of valuables for profit. This was personal. There is no reason anybody with half a brain would take the things that were taken by the perpetrator unless they were either mentally ill, had a vendetta, or both. In this case, I am apt to believe it was both. Unfortunately, there is little the police can do but try to find belongings in pawn shops, on Craigslist, Letgo, Offerup, etc., and in this odd instance, by reaching out to animal shelters, vet clinics, animal control offices and the like. When the suspected individual does shady things like pretending not to be home when the police knock on her door and attempts to convince people like the writers of this article that the break in was fake, it gets pretty frustrating. Let me tell you a few other ridiculous stolen items that were just identified. Firstly, a fairy garden craft set. What the hell would anybody steal that for? I have a hard enough time anybody would even buy it in the first place (sorry, just sayin’). Second, a silly embroidered picture of a Raggedy Ann-esque child that her three year-old begged her to buy from the thrift store for like $.99 to hang over her little bed. Now tell me, who in the fuck would take something like that? The person that did this stole from little children, man. This wasn’t a junkie who needed quick money to support their habit. This was intended to hurt this family.

            This whole thing is bullshit. People can think whatever the hell they want, but they are causing even more harm to this family, and as someone who cares very deeply about them, I am getting pretty fucking angry about it. The person the victim, her family and I suspect is the only person who saw the dog leaving. She is the only one who would be able to remove items out the backdoor of the house and brought elsewhere without being seen and/or without a vehicle. The police know exactly who she is and are waiting for her to mess up, so she (I’m quite sure she is reading this) better keep looking over her shoulder. She threatened a lawsuit earlier. As soon as she can find a lawyer she can pay in dog shit and stolen kittens, she can bring it the fuck on. When it is proven in a court of law, I will ensure she can go nowhere without everyone knowing exactly what she has done. That she stole from innocent little girls to hurt their mother. So, my advice to her is to sleep with an eye open – it won’t be long before the police come knocking again, and next time, not answering the door won’t save her and her asshole family.

          • Help me understand
            April 9, 2018 at 6:57 am

            See now this makes a little more sense. When you hear that she had not been staying in the home, for multiple days. That gives time to do all the things stated. People are thinking she had been living there the whole time and since she home schools her children you assume she spends a lot of time home. Thank you for explaining that. And again the Victim really shouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Unfortunately this has been turned into a big thing and now instead of it being something private, it has been brought to the attention of hundreds of people and they are all dissecting every piece. I really think if this information had been told from the start it could have made a lot of people think different. I know for myself personally hearing that she had not been staying in the home for a week or longer makes a lot more sense. That gives someone plenty of time to destroy a home. All they had to do was wait till she left for the night and then they had the whole night in that home. And it does make sense that they would take things that belong to the children in order to hurt the mother. When a mother loves her children sometimes the only way you can hurt her is by hurting them, which is as awful as it gets. I really hope that the person who is responsible for this pays for what they have done. Not only for what they did to the family’s home but also to this woman’s reputation. And most important the pain that it all has caused her children.

          • Enough
            April 10, 2018 at 8:26 am

            Melissa Fresoni is a very mean person. She is also a pretty big con artist. I think the police should check Melissa sister’s house ( Michelle Moynihan ) in Dighton for those animals and her brothers house( Tommy ) in New Bedford and the 4-H club in Dighton. She knows where these animals are.

  • tomfromsaugus
    April 6, 2018 at 11:29 am


  • KimberlyS
    April 6, 2018 at 11:19 am

    “She had no renters insurance due to financial constraints, so there is no help to replace what has been stolen. ”

    Isn’t renter’s insurance only around $10 a month? Cheapest insurance ever that hardly anyone ever gets. People are stupid.

  • Tell me another
    April 6, 2018 at 11:01 am

    That picture shows a bunch of trash. I highly doubt robbers put spoons in glasses and threw cups all over the floor. And all that old trash? They must have brought it all with them to throw around. People have no shame anymore. They will do anything for that handout. Also I’m sorry but $25,000? Get the hell out of here. And renters insurance for a $30,000.00 is $170 a year divided into 11 payments due monthly of about $16.a month. So I don’t buy the whole I don’t need another bill. If you have exspensive items and homeschool your children you should be smart enough to have certain types of protection Incase something happens such as a fire, flood or you home gets robbed in the unsafe town of Norton Ma.

  • Kevi
    April 6, 2018 at 10:38 am

    I totally believe her! My gerbils keep going missing so I can relate #metoo

  • Jack Mehoff
    April 6, 2018 at 10:11 am

    Where are all of the baby daddies ?? U know that this pig was never married to any of the 5 different baby daddies. I wonder how many EBT cards she has. No doubt that she is sucking off the public tit jut like her too old to breast feed kid is sucking on hers. Just looking at her pictures, u can tell that she is a slob and her kids will grow up fucking the state and feds for money like she obviously has.

    • KimberlyS
      April 6, 2018 at 11:14 am

      When you’re a hippy, it’s called ‘free-range whoring’.

  • Chris
    April 6, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Your the perfect example of White Trash lady!!! Your a liar and a hoarder. Shame on you for making this story up!! Pack up n go live under a bridge!! White trash!!!! Your a piece of shit!!!

  • Wow....ummmm...let's shut the windows at least
    April 6, 2018 at 9:39 am

    ever fuck a deaf chick……its awesome they are as loud as a pack of seals…really good for the self confidence….makes ya feel like you know what you are doin’

    • HR
      April 6, 2018 at 11:33 am

      Will you be working at deaf camp this summer again? I assume that you still have summers off from driving school busses.

      • School bus driver
        May 3, 2018 at 12:12 pm

        Hey! School Bus drivers had nothing to do with this mess . And we are not deaf. Just wish we where sometimes!

  • Rick Shaw
    Rick Shaw
    April 6, 2018 at 8:47 am

    Even if it was clean, she lives in a dumpster. Where is DCF? How can this lowlife parasite home school anyone? Oh well her fuck trophies never had a chance to begin with. They’ll be needing the narcan fairy by the time they’re 13. Where does the thousands of dollars that this brook trout faced pig collects from the State of MA??? Section 8 rent must be very low. She probably splits her rent with the cockroaches and rats that live in that dump that looks worse than a tin hut in Tijuana. Maybe she’ll overdose and the narcan fairy won’t be around? Help save taxpayer dollars.

    • fuck it....let's keep the windows open....the neighbors like to listen
      April 6, 2018 at 1:27 pm

      Sure will be……

      Will you be renting my school bus to park down by the river and use as shelter once again this summer? Remember….the leasing term runs a little later this year because of all the snow days so it will be July 1st through Sept 1st…..

      same deal as last year too; just send me 5 pairs of dirty panties a week and we will call it even.

  • Barry
    April 6, 2018 at 8:20 am

    Do the drug dealers next door happen to own any large reptiles?

  • Mom's Basement
    April 6, 2018 at 8:04 am

    When your kid refuses to eat until you put his favorite lingerie on then you should know that he’s too old to breastfeed.

  • LSD
    April 6, 2018 at 7:53 am

    Why would someone have to chain a door to give themselves time to gather up all this valuable stuff? I have a hooker next door who behaves in a similar fashion. The constant poor me shit is an indicator that she is full of shit and is no stranger to the fine art of manipulating those around her. I hope to god that the DSS is called to check up on those children! If the crooks were so worried about being caught that they “chained” the front door, how on earth would they think that stealing kittens would make their escape easy? The kitty thing is just another form of manipulation for this woman. The cops aren’t stupid, they have a lot of experience with people that lie to them. Fingerprint the place…are you kidding me? This ain’t a TV cop drama!!!!

    • bigdaddy
      Bill Clinton
      April 6, 2018 at 11:33 am

      so how much does your neighbor charge ? I am asking for a friend

  • bigdaddy
    April 6, 2018 at 6:56 am

    5 kids where are the “fathers ” ( plural I am sure )

  • R
    April 6, 2018 at 6:45 am

    That picture is a before pic, and that’s what she allowed her kids to live in. And if you can’t afford renters insurance, you’re not living on the Cape unless of course, you’re section 8. Guess she should have had the cat spayed so it didn’t add to the burden, but I’m sure she was against that too…female rights and all.

  • Really
    April 6, 2018 at 6:14 am

    Why when we see a ransack picture like this do we not see pictures of the same area before the ransack? Probably because the kids truly live in this squalor and DCF and the ASFPA should be involved. But I am sure some entitled parents take up DCF’s time with say cases like one hungry 3rd or 4th rate hockey player. Esty should certainly be concerned because why would anyone shop at Esty viewing this Go Fun Me.

  • msheadkracker
    April 6, 2018 at 4:51 am

    Yeah, she might have been robbed, but coming from a fellow hoarder that would have a house look like that if it wasnt for my husband, that didnt happen during the robbery. Shes pure white trash, why she homeschools her kids too, so DCF doesnt catch on to her unwashed kids, who are probably also vegans and most likely have that sick look because humans need meat to survive. Dirty deaf hippy, shes a liar, a hoarder, and wants everyone to pat her on the back for not weening her kid by age 2 from her boob, congratulations youre a moron. I cant even with this fake ass lying skank, hopefully someone broke in to rescue those kittens and mama before they got into that mess and stepped on. Btw dirty hippy, someone breaking in isnt going to pack a box and take it, Quit lying!

  • Master John Goodfellow
    April 6, 2018 at 4:43 am

    Does she want to make it 6!

    • Noseface
      April 6, 2018 at 7:47 am

      Imagine the size of that tangled Earth Mama bush? No thanks.

    • Screw PC
      April 6, 2018 at 9:53 am

      Her twat probably stinks like a wet German Shepherd.

      • bigdaddy
        April 6, 2018 at 11:35 am

        What have you got against German Shepherd.s?

      • Captain Trips
        Captain Trips
        April 6, 2018 at 12:07 pm

        I bet she got one of them foamy holes!

  • Inspector gadget
    April 6, 2018 at 2:25 am

    But theres a cat in the picture 

    • Screw PC
      April 6, 2018 at 9:51 am

      No fucking doubt that house right now smells like a dumpster covered with bum piss during a heatwave. I’m surprised her kids didn’t die of toxoplasmosis from the cat shit that must be everywhere.

      Let this twat move out to Northampton with Saul Levine and the Mass Art perverts and make a smelly Manson hippie commune in the woods where they all bang each other and grow vegetables. She’s an animal. Get her away from civilization and the Internet. Fucking beast.

  • TJB
    April 6, 2018 at 1:51 am

    Maybe her place did get robbed, maybe not. But I think the house looked like that before the alleged robbery. That kind of mess didn’t happen in one night. There is something that smells here, worse than the litter box and six cats.

    • z
      April 6, 2018 at 12:23 pm

      When I was a kid about 50 years ago, the whole family went out for the day. When we came back, it looked like that. SOB 8 year old in the house where our back yards touched each other trashed the place. This was back when you didn’t have to lock the doors because these were your neighbors. The kid came through the basement bulkhead door. He had about 6 hours to himself. He made the most of it.

      You name it, it was on the floor. Broken mirrors, a small electric organ dumped over with some keys broken. In the basement, all the glass jars of screws and nails broken. If anything Her mess looks less of a mess than what we had.

      My old man had treated him and his brothers right, but that didn’t matter. They came from a “broken” home. Did his Ma offer to pay? Nope. Dad??? Whoever that was.

      And after the fact, the kid thought it was business as usual. He’s wander over like nothing happened. I’m not sure if you can even press charges against an 8 year old. My father ended up putting up a chain link fence to slow him down.

      On the next street over my father also owned the 2 family house he grew up in that was a rental. A couple of years before this happened, the 11 year old next door set a fire in the parapet around a basement window. That was when the windows were partially or all below grade. Filled it up with paper and lite a match.

  • Katie
    April 6, 2018 at 12:46 am

    Used to think this was funny, now I think you are more of a white trash uneducated scum bag than the people you feature on your site

    • Screw PC
      April 6, 2018 at 9:28 am

      Hey Katie, if Turtleboy has the balls to speak out about this smelly twat who obviously took this picture because she wants someone else to come in and clean up her fucking mess, then we’re all white trash uneducated scum, since anyone with half a fucking mind and who didn’t fall out of the fucking sky yesterday can see that she alone turned her place into a dump. If you need to be explained how that fact is obvious, then you’re not intelligent enough to be on this site, so go watch Jerry Springer and slap your fucking pancake with a hairbrush and shut your cock wallet, you stupid fucking cum catching cunt.

  • Betty/John Carl
    April 6, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Loyal turtle rider here. Pam’s place was broken into, you’re way off onb this one. She is really devastated; and this poor girl had some major stuff going on before this (won’t go into it, but it has to dow ith support for the kids.) I read through your article, the writer is basing his or her scam claim on some pretty nonsensical attributes. I thought Turtleboy Sports considers itself a reliable and valid journalistic entity? Do you folks udnerstand what you did to this woman today? I know some commenters will come on and stick up for you and other will tell me to go &%$# myself, hey that’s ok, it’s the internet, no harm, no harm, but it saddens me you would do this to a mother that is validly under a storm of turmoil right now. Absolutely saddens me, I thought Mary raised you better than this.

    • CMess
      April 6, 2018 at 3:35 am

      I understand that you’re friends with Pam. You have to defend her. While I can’t speak for everyone, including the writer, I can say my piece. If her home was truly ransacked and robbed, she wouldn’t be so defensive. There’s an element to the story that I can say is plausible. My ex used to rob houses and 2 banks. Long story short, he would break in through a window, and immediately barricade the main entrance. Essentially making a timer to let him know they were back. If what she’s saying is the 100% Gods honest truth, then I will donate to her GFM. You also have to realize that not every Tom, Dick and Harry is utilizing GFM for its intended purpose. There are thousands of scams, that prey on naive individuals. I’m one of them. I’ve donated to many causes, just to find out it was a scam.

    • Bret
      April 6, 2018 at 7:14 am

      Let’s see…
      Says all the cats were stolen, but there’s a cat in the picture.
      She says she can’t afford another bill, but had a sandbox full of money.
      None of it adds up, and there’s a 84% you’re another stinksnatch gross slovenly tramp just like her…
      Begone crusty

    • Screw PC
      April 6, 2018 at 9:39 am

      Hey there, I’m one of the “others” you mentioned who were going to tell you to “go fuck yourself”.

      I’m here, so go fuck yourself. No harm, no harm.

      Idiots like you are the reason why scams work. Not only did that skank make that mess, she probably hasn’t seen a bar of soap since 1996. You’re trying to guilt trip people who are pointing out that she’s a dirtball? Fuck you hard. If she has problems, why does she have 5 kids? And they’re “home schooled”? I bet that spore couldn’t spell “clean” if her life depended on it. The point is to shame that cunt into converting her fucking lair from a biohazard into someplace that suitable for children to enter, let alone fucking live in it. Shut the fuck up and step the fuck off our dicks, you fucking meatflap.

    • Real_Finn
      April 6, 2018 at 10:12 am

      “Loyal turtle rider here.”

      Then you understand how common sense & reason are held in higher regard than appeal to emotion and obvious scam tactics.

      “Pam’s place was broken into, you’re way off onb this one. She is really devastated;”

      Face facts – Pam has nothing to steal – thus, she’s devastated. She wants someone/anyone else to come in and give her a fresh start because of baby-daddy issues.

      “and this poor girl had some major stuff going on before this (won’t go into it, but it has to dow ith support for the kids.)”

      You’re proving the point she is DESPERATE for money and attention. You’re not helping her with “somone robbed me” story.

      ” I read through your article, the writer is basing his or her scam claim on some pretty nonsensical attributes.”

      You don’t have strong reading skills. You even use “nonsensical attributes” incorrectly. Dismissed.

      “I thought Turtleboy Sports considers itself a reliable and valid journalistic entity?”.

      More importantly, the *community* considers TBS a reliable source of journalism.

      “Do you folks udnerstand what you did to this woman today? I know some commenters will come on and stick up for you and other will tell me to go &%$# myself, hey that’s ok, it’s the internet, no harm, no harm, but it saddens me you would do this to a mother that is validly under a storm of turmoil right now. ”

      You reap what you sow. Do *not* engage in scam tactics that will pull at the heart strings of people who may not have the funds to help someone in need. She fabricating an elaborate lie, trashed her neighbors (how does she know they’re junkies?), and criticized the Norton PD who I’m absolutely sure did their very best considering 5 children are involved.

      “Absolutely saddens me, I thought Mary raised you better than this.”

      *Yawn* – you think name-dropping will rattle anyone? TBS aren’t the ones scamming the community, wasting police resources and exploiting their children for their own benefit. Your shitbag friend, Pamela, is doing a fine job of doing that.

      Oh! Let’s not forget that she’s an ENORMOUS asshole for not dropping off the cat and kittens to a local shelter. There is a special place in hell for idiots who have zero regard for animals and treat them replaceable trash.

      Get Fucked,

  • Will Crusher
    April 6, 2018 at 12:18 am

    This is what feminism looks like.

    • M
      April 6, 2018 at 6:32 am

      Which is a damn shame because it shows that she is clearly not the strong, independent women that feminists purport all females to be

    • NoHarmNoHarm
      April 6, 2018 at 11:45 am

      I have to say “Will Crusher” your reply was as good as the blog! Is that you SSTG?? You should use that dialogue in a follow up ypu had me in stitches especially the “Dismissed.” Part bahahaha

      • It’s cool
        April 8, 2018 at 5:27 pm

        It was Finn who posted that comment. Not Will Crusher.

  • WTF
    April 5, 2018 at 11:58 pm

    How does she still have custody of those kids when her place looks like hotel mogadishu? The cops don’t buy her story okay. But they don’t go to DCF right after and tell them how disgusting that place is?

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