Pam Anderson, Cincinnati Catholic Church Encourage People Not To Donate Ice Bucket Challenge Money To ALS Research

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook You’d probably think that raising millions of dollars to fund research to find a cure for a terminal illness that robs sufferers of the ability to move or speak would be a good thing. Well, some pro-life advocates found a way to disagree.


Pro-life activists and religious leaders are encouraging people to stop donating to the ALS Association. Their logic: at least one of the studies funded bv the ALS Association uses embryonic stem cells, and embryos (i.e. babies) must be ‘killed’ in order to harvest those cells. While those opposed to the research are still okay with the pouring of cold water over one’s head, they want donations to instead go to ALS charities that only fund research that uses adult stem cells, or that don’t fund research at all.

The anti-ALS Association ‘cause’ was recently taken up by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, which encouraged area Catholic schools to tell students to donate money to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute. The Institute does not use embryonic stem cells. Cincinnati Catholic schools superintendent Jim Riggdid just that when he took part in the ice bucket challenge on Thursday.

Not all religious leaders have taken the anti-ALS Association stance. The father of Pete Frates, who has become the public face of ALS and the ice bucket challenge, told the Boston Herald that Frates’ priest took the challenge early on and said: “I think you just created a new sacrament.” John Frates added that he and his son are Catholic. John said he is “conflicted with the teachings, I struggle with it, too. I just want my son cured.”

Former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson has also refused to donate to the ALS Association, although her concerns were more about the sanctity of animal life than that of human embryos: she was protesting the experiments done on animals as part of the ALS Association’s research.

WHAT-THE-FUCK-jo5lkbWhat the hell is wrong with people? I’m starting to lose my faith in humanity. Here you have this ice-bucket challenge that is an unquestioned success. It’s raised more then $40 million for a disease that most people don’t think about as routinely as they do other diseases.

And what do people do? Come up with reasons to point out what’s wrong with it. As someone who is pro-life, these people are an embarrassment. We’re not gonna get into an abortion debate because that topic divides people, and Turtleboy Sports is a family blog. But whether or not you fall on one side of the issue or another, no normal person takes a stand like this. It takes a special kind of asshole quite frankly.

Even as someone who is against abortion, this is just nit-picking and rabble rousing for the sake of being a dingbat. So some money might be diverted to stem cell research. Big deal. I mean, any time you give money to anything, or buy something at the store your money is most likely gonna go to someone who has committed war crimes. There’s no way around it. Money moves around. Some of it goes to places you don’t like or agree with. But most of it goes to good stuff that can possibly cure this terrible, terrible disease.

So when these people go the store do they refuse to buy anything that was made in China or Vietnam? Because guess what? The kid that made that for you works in a sweatshop and doesn’t get to go to public school. How about that diamond ring on your finger? How many kids in Liberia lost their pinky fingers so you can show off that rock to all your girlfriends?

My point is that whenever you spend money on something you have to assume that part of it is gonna end up in the hands of someone you’re morally opposed to. It’s an unfortunate side effect of giving money to a good cause.


A lot of people I’ve seen on the Facebook machine have a problem with the whole bucket challenge video thing too. What the hell is wrong with you people? We get it. You don’t wanna jump in with the crowd. You’re not a follower. Cool story bro. But the bottom line is without the ice bucket challenge there would be $40 million less going to cure a disease that paralyzes and kills people. This is not debatable. If you don’t wanna do the ice bucket challenge, then don’t do it. But if you wanna get on your Facebook soapbox and lecture everyone about how enlightened you are for not participating then you are a Grade A dooshnozzle.

Last thing. Pam Anderson is the worst of all of these people. If you refuse to donate money to a cause that could potentially cure a disease that kills HUMAN BEINGS, because it will be used on research for animal experimentation, then you are a waste of oxygen. Newsflash Pam – you are rich and famous because you have fake boobs. That’s it. Stop acting like you have some sort of moral superiority and you’re taking the high ground by refusing to donate to a charity.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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2 Comment(s)
  • Joey G
    August 23, 2014 at 8:53 am

    So if these people get the plague or strep throat, are they too pro-life to take penicillin because it might kill bacteria? And don’t get me started on the skin cell holocaust that happens when people shower.

  • Marie
    August 22, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    Since there are some people with the actual disease and those who have lost loved ones from it, that won’t do the actual challenge because they’re against the research used, I wouldn’t go as far as to insult them. They’re the ones suffering from it that this is supposed to be for. Your analogy comparing buying from Asian countries is an insult to the Asian community as not all use sweatshops. Furthermore, there is a huge difference between unknowingly supporting a sweatshop and knowingly supporting stem cell research and cruel animal experiments. As far as using medical treatments today that were once involved in animal research, many have pointed out that “advances” were made during the sickening Nazi experiments. That does not mean that we should continue down that road, today. The ends do not justify the means. We should not continue funding stem cell research from embryos or animal experiments. Most stem cell research and animal experiments do not result in any advances, it’s a waste of resources. Adult stem cells are a different story.

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