• Popeye The Perc Peddling Dinghy Man Is Luring Women With Drugs To His Boat In The Charles – What Could Go Wrong?

    If you’ve been arrested for drugs before, it’s probably wise to not make a personals ad on CL begging for women to ride the wave with you and Sweet Georgia Brown.








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    In another dose of “WTF” for today, we have this stud:

    Eric Vater, ladies and gentleturtles, from Norwood.

    He was a little lonely this past Friday, floatin’ all alone in his dinghy on the Charles, and wanted some lady company. What would any normal man do? Why, post an ad on Craigslist, with a little added incentive:


    Chill, smoke, & party – how does one party on a dinghy?


    Great bud, great “favors” and ADDY! Where do I sign up?!


    This is him on his “boat” – nothing more than a glorified canoe I’m willing to bet.


    Yes, because nothing screams “chill evening” by hanging out with some 30-something rando his motorized kayak in the Charles with a boatload of drugs. Seems legit.

    Seems he can afford a boat, but not to get his phone repaired.  Because why would a secondary, portable source of light be important when you’re floatin’ through the dark waters of Boston under the influence of opiates and uppers and all sorts of shit? Not like people meet their untimely demise on the Charles almost daily or anything 

    And if you can’t trust a face like this to take care of you while you get FUBAR’d on the open waters


    then just who can you trust?


    It’s not like he has Google trophies for days or anything


    …oh, wait

    Seems he’s been arrested for possession of and/or selling illicit drugs a time or two, namely pills like percs. Oh, and the bottom entry for Ronald? That’s his brother who has been arrested several times for operating under the influence of heroin (AKA driving while jammed out his miiiind, guy) and my bet is on him getting his supply from his broski. How sweet.

    I wonder if any lucky ladies took him up on his offer? I mean, what could go wrong with stating you have illegal drugs on a boat on the Boston waterfront and are looking to get inebriated with a stranger? That’s my idea of a good time and I’m pissed at myself that I gave up trolling CL on a Friday night in lieu of watching cat videos. Shame on you, NSTB!

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, it seems Popeye the Perc-Peddlin’ Dinghy man is employed as either a truck driver and/or heavy equipment operator:


    Name on the truck is Annex Auto, so as a precaution, if you happen to encounter a vehicle bearing that name on the roadways, I’d give ’em a wiiiiide berth. #SafetyFirst





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    1. Charlie Rino Baker

      Charles River love cruise… kind of catchy, need to try it.

    2. This is shit

      This is a pretty lame fucking post.

      If consenting adults want to hang out and party they should be able to.

      You’re humiliating this guy because he wants to smoke some weed with someone? This is kind of a lowpoint for TBS.

      1. [email protected]

        i agree, how the hell can I advertise my hairy ass on craiglist now that there is a good chance Ill end up on this blog. Anyone know where da hos at?

      2. Ghandi

        Wrong you stupid fucking moron. Smoking weed and doing drugs on the water is DUI. It’s assholes like you that have made this State a shithole.

    3. They call me Ponch

      Love that dirty water

    4. Cooper

      Gilligan get the skipper… It was just gonna be a three hour tour.

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