Rian Waters Drops Lawsuit, Quotes Bret Killoran In Court, Mentions Turtleboy Graveyard, Turtle Riders Flood Courtroom

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Tonight was the final episode of book club, but it turned it into much more than that. Possibly the best podcast you’ll ever listen to. We started off with a review about what happened in court today with Rian Waters. He dropped his $125K lawsuit against Sam Cardin, who alleged that he punched her in the face and killed her dog. Bristol and I disagree on our theory why, which you can hear in the podcast. A handful of turtle riders showed up in their turtle gear, which was amazing, because it certainly made it clear to Rian that there was an army behind Turtleboy and Samantha. You can’t record what happened in court, but you can write it down, and here’s a snippet of what you missed:

Rian Waters: “These particular defendants, they operate a blog that is like a public shaming device. I mean they try to destroy lives, they have this Turtleboy graveyard, which is like all the lives that they’ve ruined. If it was done by a normal person it’s not that threatening but because it’s done by him is extremely threatening.”

Judge: “You said your life was threatened.”

Rian Waters: Yes…uhmmmm…not so much by him at that time, although there is a Supreme Court decision that says you’re not allowed to launder your harassment through online websites. Like this one, ‘Rian Waters, come on pal, come on play tough guy with me little boy. I want to choke you out, put you to sleep again, come abuse me mother fucker, I’ll be your huckleberry boy, come get it pussy.”

Judge: “Who’s that from?”

Rian Waters: “That was Brett Kill-oran, who’s actually the co-host on defendant Aidan Kearney’s show”

Judge: “But it’s not from defendant Kearney.”

Rian Waters: No but…

Judge: “So I see from the record that the request from a temporary restraining order was denied on the second of January. The preliminary judgement hearing is scheduled for next week, I understand the situation but I’m not hearing any actual threats. We are talking about protected speech here. So I’m not going to issue a restraining order.”

Yes, that’s right – the Turtleboy graveyard and Bret referring to him as “huckleberry boy” were mentioned in an actual, real life court of law today in Springfield.

It’s amazing how many people don’t understand how the First Amendment works. It doesn’t protect your feelings, and it certainly doesn’t protect you from legitimate criticism. Certainly threats are illegal, and if you appear in our blogs and get death threats you should take that up with the police and press charges against the person threatening you. But the idea that you can silence a media outlet like ours because people read our blogs and then send you threats, is wholly un-American.

Anyway, I also got into a big thing about American history, the Patriots, and an assortment of other topics, as well as finishing the book with a discussion about the dangers of a society where free speech is controlled by tech companies. Hope you enjoyed it.





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