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  • Robert Blackwell-Gibbs Vs. Brett Killoran In MMA Fight For Charity Will Be The Greatest Beatdown Ever

    Robert Blackwell-Gibbs Vs. Brett Killoran In MMA Fight For Charity Will Be The Greatest Beatdown Ever

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    Who wins in the upcoming MMA fight between Brett Killoran and RBG, Fox 25 refusing to cite our work because of foul language, Worcester Magazine canceling an award because we win it too often, North High fights and the fun of going to Worcester Public Schools, Buffalo drivers plowing over protesters, anarchists in Worcester beating up Lyin Kimmy Ring, Hood bunnies from Dorchester dragging people and fighting on Mass Ave in broad daylight, Milo controversy.

    All of these very important topics and more were discussed on the Tuesday edition of Turtleboy Live. See you lovely people again on Friday at 9:30. WE LIIIIIVVEEEE!!!!


    Not even kidding either. RBG has challenged Brett Killoran to a MMA fight:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.40.46 AM

    And he’s got years of Turtleboy butthurt built up:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.40.50 AM

    If you’re new to the blog and you don’t know who RBG is, he’s the guy who never works:


    Hates pretty much everyone and blames them for his own failures:



    And had to go to court because he blockaded Kelley Square and jumped up on a truck and threatened the driver:

    Brett is probably giving him about 50 pounds or so. But you still have to consider him the favorite. Brett’s got little bit of crazy in him. RBG is a social justice warrior. And everyone knows SJW’s can’t fight.




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    1. Brian Albrecht

      You’re truly retarded if you think Brett wins this one. I don’t give a shit who dies in this fight, but its a major upset if Brett wins.

      1. light em up

        The bigger they are the harder they fall.

      2. Bret

        Google says you got arrested for selling drugs to a 16yr old in quincy so,,,,yea

        1. Brian Albrecht

          Stfu No one cares about that. That was a long time ago. Piece of garbage go sniff some of those 30s you son of a bitch

      3. Stfu

        Listen you little fuck nut. No one gives a rats balls what the fuck you think. Don’t start shit you can’t finish

        1. Brian Albrecht

          “Don’t start shit you can’t finish” Who the fuck are you talking to you uneducated swine?

    2. ninja turtleboy

      brett killorian for president

    3. johnnyb

      This has got to happen. I’d pay for front row!!

      1. GoneWest

        Did Brett even accept the formal offer?

    4. Turd Burglestein

      Hey Brett…make sure you use a weedwacker or a chainsaw on an extension pole when you shave that big whale’s neckbeard off. You know it’s been a few years since he’s showered and there’s no telling what kind of wildlife is going to come running out when their natural habitat gets destroyed. Hell, you might want to wear some protective gear because those crabs are gonna be real mad.

      1. Talisman

        So a teabagging sans a thorough coating of Cortizone is out?

    5. Talisman

      I know neither, but if this goes, Brett needs to work on the outside stamina game. If he’s light 50# and gets in a grapple, or caught with the five of clubs without a chin, he may be supporting a Savalas. Not to mention the humiliation of losing to a deadbeat SJW. Come on Brett.

    6. Lincolntf

      First time I’ve listened to a TB podcast. Not too shabby.

    7. Joe

      “Buffalo drivers plowing over protesters” good for them for plowing over the miscreants!

    8. Cha ching

      So a known drug abuser against a 300 pound man with a lot of anger. Lol. If anyone wants to take a serious bet that Brett will win let me know I’ll even put the cash in a account you can see. One thousand to anyone who thinks Brett will win.

      1. Ride that Turtle

        I’ll take that!!

        1. Chaching

          Okay what’s your Facebook or email. I’m serious.

    9. Lincolntf

      Kick his ass, Seabass.

    10. titiho

      I put my money on the fat, smelly idiot

      1. moneybags

        question is which one

    11. Turd Burglestein

      RBG could probably drop 50 lbs if he shaved that nappy beard off…he’s carryingnat least 40 lbs of lice in that thing.

    12. TurtleBook

      Sorry, Turtlefucks. When it comes to boxing, you always bet on black!

      1. Rocky Marciano

        Yeah because Vladimir Klitschko didn’t rule the heavyweight division for like the last ten years right? Both he and his brother are fairly pale and beat a lot of darker skin men in there time. Not to mention when he did lose it was to a……. another white guy

    13. FatFingr Lou

      Tuco (Eli Wallach): [to Corporal Wallace] I like big fat men like you. When they fall they make more noise. And sometimes they never get up.

    14. Ride that Turtle

      My money’s on Brett! I know Guys like him, and have seen them throw down… I say donate to the police association! Great charity, and it will go up snowflakes asses

    15. MrSmiley

      Gibbs is a fat tub of fluff. Only thing he’s fought for is the last scoop of ice cream. My money is on Bret.

    16. Woodiculous

      It seems that since the Kelley Sq traffic blocking incident that Mr. Gibbs has stayed out of the SJW “pay attention to MEEEE” game and gotten back to work.
      He certainly isn’t in the police blogs or threatening anyone at the protests.

      All that said, my money has to be on RBG. I think he will be focused and that Brett will be drunk.

      1. Woodiculous

        And BTW-I love the fight the argument for charity angle. It is a welcome departure from the useless toolbag screamfest that subject the population to a waste of money and time. Well done.

      2. Ride that Turtle

        Put your money where you mouth is, $100 bucks to the the Police Association when Brett drops RBJ like the bag of shit he is!

    17. Dr. Fine

      Money is on a massive heart attack.

    18. BobnMic

      My money is on Brett to shatter this dude’s everything.

      1. Branch Mgr from Holden

        Bobby, why do I keep receiving all of this email to my work account with screenshots of you flirting with random women on some blog? Please explain yourself.

    19. Brian Albrecht

      Oh please. Give it to the police? Yeah lets just donate it to the national debt while we’re at it. Man some of these turd sandwhiches really need to be taken out to the street and shot like the degenerate they are. Id like to see the money go to a charity helping people in need. Maybe a battered women program, or something helping veterans!

      1. Weed4Kids

        No one gives a shit what a skeevy bitch who tries to lure children with weed thinks you sick scumbag… Go eat another dick pussyboy
        You’re KevinLynch2.0

    20. BobnMic

      On board with that Bri. Except for the ‘Turd’ part. Or as I like to call him Tredge Scarface – The Voodoo King of the Cocaine Drug Emperor and the Moxy of Oxy 80 mg 100 bucks a wack King!!! This fucknut is a well known drug dealer.

      Check out his black walking cane when he records himself taking a shit. Which Frosty the Fake loves in a very weird way. Kinda like tools for the trade.

      Live by the sword die by the cane? Huh?

      1. Turd Burglestein

        Aren’t you going to look funny after you come try to bust me and I break that cane off in your ass. All the guys at the station will be calling you tripod.

    21. WHATEVUH

      Looking at RBG I’m betting there are places he can’t reach with a washcloth

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