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  • Scamateur Boobarella With 6 Crotchfruit Trolls FB Yardsale Sites With Whinefest About Eviction Due To Rats, Begs For Donations, Sells Everything She’s Given

    ‘Tis the season!







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    Ah, fall is in full swing and the Holidays are upon us! With the weather as crisp as the leaves on the ground ratchets’ drawers everywhere, there is nothing better than to pass some time indoors, curled up with your turtle mug in your mitts, filled to the brim with Irish coffee to warm both your hands and your dark, turtley soul.

    Image result for turtleboy mug drinking



    And while you’re relaxing the body, titillate your mind with one of the copious “yard sale” groups on the Facebook machine. Hand to God, the drama that goes on in the far corners of social media is more action-packed than Days of Our Lives could ever hope to be.

    Image result for days of our lives action shotsIt is seriously way more exciting than that, I promise!



    Enter Boobarella, AKA Kathy Vavra Dejesus of Methuen

    Lookin’ like a washed up Jem 30 years later, rode hard and put away wet – but gentlemen, she’s single and ready to mingel!



    Kathy is a 40-something year old mom of anywhere between 6 and 7 kids depending on what time of the day you ask her. She’s recently been trolling the local yard sale groups with a sob story about rats eating her out of house and home (literally) and begging for any goods people will throw her way



    Newly single mom of a football line, her evil, all-powerful landlord is evicting her for not being happy living amongst Mickey et al, even though “you never know whos jesus like the bible said”

    Image result for jesus mouse




    I’m not even sure what she’s begging for here. An apartment? Money? Christmas? Jesus?


    Image may contain: 1 person, standing, text and indoorNope, not Jesus. She’s already got him, both in her heart and on her wall. Give that one a good ol’ checkaroo off the list.




    Get naked? What?



    I have no idea how to decode ratchet speak for you, but I’ll die trying, ’cause y’all just mean that much to me. 

    1. She has a 2 year old child with her daughter (?)

    2. 5 other kids that have presumably flown out of her tampon tunnel

    3. She’s in some kinda weird divorce mist


    4. She’s “disabled”

    5. She has an old friend’s truck

    6. The rats have quite the discerning palate, eating beds, couches, clothing, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, and every other appliance that was plugged in (they must love the zippy zappy sensation!)

    Image result for electrocuted mouse


    7. She has a shoestring budget of $730 a month for 8 people, and therefore, doesn’t want to look like a charity case, even though she is, blah blah blah

    And don’t you DARE send her clothes that come from a home with a smoker – or worse – CATS! We can’t have them scaring Mouse Jesus away.

    Oh wait, no, all 8 people have asthma. Must be part of that whole “disability” thing.



    Of course, people on the yardsale groups saw Boobarella jiggling in from a mile away and decided to call her out on her never ending stream of dog doo:

    Someone give Valerie a cookie! She gets it. And what’s that Ashley? She’s selling stuff on her page?


    “paid” $175, uh huh…


    Next up, clothes for the plus-sized love in your life, plus a Louis bag!



    And now, from Comcast – ObamaModem! Pay for a week, pay for a month. $90 brand new, a STEAL at only $45!


    FOUR brand new Kindle Fire tablets



    And, uh, these rubber rain boobs?BOOOOOOOOOOOOBS.


    Oh, and don’t forget the yuuuuuge lot of Nokia cell phone skins circa 1999. For those of us who refuse to get with the times and buy iShit Crapple products

    What a find!


    It also seems that Kathy, in addition to her Scammy McScammerson ways, likes to fib:


    Ah, ha – she’s not getting tossed out on her keister because of the second coming of Jesus Mouse, she’s getting tossed to the curb for being a deadbeat and not paying her rent. Shocker! The only thing that really surprises me is that her landlord has been playing the late rent shuffle with her for 4 months now and she’s still not out of his apartment.


    Let this serve as a warning to all you good, kind-hearted people out there – don’t get scammed by the Kathys of the world. There are decent people down on their luck who need help to get back to being totally self sufficient, absolutely, and you should help them. But do your due diligence!


    There’s people like this

    Image may contain: 2 people

    who make begging a full-time job and don’t deserve the gum off your shoe. Let ’em drown.


    Happy Holidays!


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    1. don

      omg for the love of god please warn us before you post pics of these nasty people. i almost spit my cheerios all over my computer when the page opened. i was scared for my life. she would have bit my arm off to get to my cereal. well im not hungry anymore.

    2. Mom’s Basement

      She gave herself to Jesus but now he never calls.

    3. Bozo

      I wonder what Frankenbushes daughter looks like? Probably no chance of being a streetwalker. Even orca’s that panhandle in Lawrence don’t do well. What, the crockpot is rat proof? No worries, there’s going to be a huge demand for Nokia cell phone covers this holiday season.

    4. MachineHead

      Thank Rat Jesus she won’t separate those rain boobs!

    5. Herr Doktor

      GAAAAAAAA, eye bleach quick. Too late, thanks now I’m F-ing blind. You need to post a warning when you post nastiness like this, please – in the name of decency. Where to start with this… Jabbetta the Chud needs to spend less time reproducing and more time producing an income for herself and those kids. Disabled? Riiiiight, not too disabled to shop and panhandle. This one has zero redeeming qualities, fat, lazy, crooked as the day is long; also more than likely a danger to small animals unfortunate enough to be in her path and any unattended all you can eat buffets she might happen across.

    6. SVU

      If rats were able to cause that much damage to your home and belongings, they were their for a long, long time! Your fucking nasty that you stayed in that, and even nastier that you made your kids stay in it too. Something tells me they came from you to start with

    7. Your Landlord


    8. Haverhill Landlord

      This is why I love this site: if I’m interviewing a perspective tenant and their name shows up on this site, they ain’t getting the apartment.

      P.S. Too bad those voracious rats didn’t eat some of those kids, that might improve her financial situation.

    9. Jinxie

      PSA: Don’t even with the “but the children shouldn’t suffer during Christmas!” shit, either. I had my fair share of absolutely terrible Christmas’s and you what that “suffering” did to me? Taught me to budget and live within my means. And to not raise spoiled hand-out, welfare queens.

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