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Serial Lowell Police Harasser Kyle Shockley Filming Police Just Standing There Calling Them Corrupt Then Calls For Their Help After Being Assaulted

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You may remember the name Kyle Shockley from this previous blog about how he likes to film the Lowell police department while they’re doing just doing their jobs. He’s a copblocking loser with way too much time on his hands, screaming from the top of his lungs that all police are corrupt, filthy pigs.

Well, today received a tip from a loyal turtle rider about his YouTube channel and some irony. Kyle goes by Monkay83 (Yep, that’s really his name on there. Can’t make this up.) on the ‘Tube and every video is of him harassing the shit out of cops for no God damned reason. Here’s some poetic justice if I’ve ever seen it.

The fun part starts around the 3 minute mark…

So, up until this point some dude is asking why he’s doing what he’s doing and he rambles on about cops emailing his employer and telling them that he’s off his meds, which we all know cops do all the time. It’s not like they’re busy with dangerous, high pressure jobs that they might not return home from or anything. In fairness he said what he was saying didn’t necessarily reflect upon those two officers, and when someone said they weren’t doing anything wrong and asked why he’s filming, he said “Yeah, they’re being good now because I’m filming them.” Make up your mind, Kyle. Seriously, you’re really bad at this cop block thing you do.

Right then some guys smacks his camera right out of his hands.




He then immediately yells to the cops “Hey, you gonna do something about that!?” and promptly places the assailant under citizen’s arrest. The assailant then stops and calmly walks with him down to the police station and Kyle was regarded as a hero. Then he woke up. Because citizen’s arrest doesn’t work like that which is why we have cops. I haven’t been that satisfied by a video since…ever. I have never watched a video that was ever this instantly gratifying in my life. One minute he’s talking shit about hard working boys in blue, the next moment he truly needed them. That’s glorious.

I love how at around the 3:45 minute mark he follows these goons, stands in front of the car and taunts them by calling them “faggots” and “homos” while the front passenger holds his head in his hands.

Oh damn, catch the mug on the driver…He. Is. PISSED!

He then starts chanting “No justice, no peace!” as he’s just filming the ground for no reason, almost as if he doesn’t want anyone to see how no one joins in! Not a soul!

Here’s an idea buttnut, maybe if you’d just stop harassing the shit out of innocent people, especially cops… There one day may be justice and peace. Just saying…

The end of the video is just his lonely, pathetic ass wondering down the street like “they didn’t help me, whaaaaa!”. Here’s a tip, don’t taunt police then ask for their help. Besides, you had a camera smacked out of your hands for being an insufferable bitch, you weren’t harmed in anyway, your camera still worked just fine and then you proceeded to block traffic…But you can hear the officers in the background asking what was going on anyway, because they’re professionals who are sworn to protect citizens, even shitstains like you.

This just goes to show, once again, how dumb these cops block bitches are. This guy just follows police around, films them doing their jobs. And when he gets that camera smacked out of his hands what’s the first thing he does? Call over to the police he was harassing 10 seconds before for help. Because of course he did. So, basically he’s a cop block bitch wannabe, which is only slightly worse.

Where’s that smirk now, Kyle?


HMU or on Facebook as Esther Manch, I check that more often than Twitter.

4 Comment(s)
  • Bob
    June 27, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Nothing described in this article, actually happened in this video.

  • da’jabroni
    June 27, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    wrong video

  • Ray Patriarca
    Ray Patriarca
    June 26, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    Too bad it’s 2018. 20 yrs ago, the cops would give the mincing little fanook a hickory haircut !
    Oh….. how I long for the old days !

  • TJB
    June 26, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    “All cops are bad!”….
    Help, POLICE!
    hahaha, how’s that crow?

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