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  • Sherborn Millionaire Bob Murchison Relentlessly Harasses WEEI Advertisers, Takes Money Away From Jimmy Fund Because Kirk And Callahan Didn’t Think A 5 Year Old Should Switch Genders Two Years Ago

    Sherborn Millionaire Bob Murchison Relentlessly Harasses WEEI Advertisers, Takes Money Away From Jimmy Fund Because Kirk And Callahan Didn’t Think A 5 Year Old Should Switch Genders Two Years Ago

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    Over the last two days on the Kirk and Callahan morning show on WEEI the hosts have been alluding to a troll who has been causing the station lots of problems. This individual is a SJW who was offended by a 2015 show with Kirk Minihane, Gerry Callahan, and Gary Tanguay, in which they discussed this five year old girl whose parents were supporting her transition to becoming a five year old boy. We wrote about this same family in February because the child’s parents are attention seeking narcissists who are using their child as a sick political prop. And they’re also letting Attorney General Maura Healy parade her around like a freak show:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.00.27 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.00.07 PM



    Mimi Lemay is a radical left wing activist from Melrose, who pretends to fight for social justice while isolating herself in an all white community.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.45.41 AM

    She’s the whole package:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.44.09 AM


    “I am fierce.” LOL.

    She’s also benefitted financially for pretending her daughter is her son by calling him a boy and feeding into his delusions, because she wrote a book about it:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.29.53 AM

    No matter where you stand on transgender rights, most reasonable people believe that the parents of a five year old girl who says they’re a boy should not tell their child that they are indeed a boy. Many transgender rights activists agree with this.

    Anyway, there is a guy sending emails and calling up big companies like Buffalo Wild Wings and Geico relentlessly, telling them that they’re supporting anti-transgender bigots, and using his influence to try to get them to stop advertising with WEEI. Then he calls up the next advertiser and tells them, “Geico says they have a problem with it, why don’t you?” It puts pressure on them to leave WEEI as a result.

    It doesn’t just affect Kirk and Callahan though. As a matter of fact they’re in the least danger because their ratings are too high for them to ever come off the air. Instead it affects the working class salesman, and more importantly, the Jimmy Fund. Ya see, WEEI does tremendous work for the Jimmy Fund, and their advertisers donate to this great organization that helps kids fight cancer. If WEEI loses those advertisers they won’t donate to the Jimmy Fund anymore. And we’re not talking a couple hundred bucks either. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars that this one guy is trying to keep from getting to kids with cancer.

    How do we know this? Well, we’ve heard rumors about this for weeks now about who it was, and we’ve reached out to people in the town of Sherborn where this individual is rumored to live. We made a post on Twitter that we would be revealing his name shortly, and apparently this guy scares the shit out of WEEI because they contacted us and asked us not to write about it:

    Just to make it clear, WEEI had nothing to do with us writing this blog, nor did they leak his name to us. We’re doing it because he’s going after the Jimmy Fund, and because people like him are using their influence to attack free speech rights all across the country. And we’re not putting up with this shit any longer. New policy – clowns like this get publicly shamed on Turtleboy.

    We take it personally because so many of our advertisers are maliciously attacked by trolls who want to censor our speech, simply because they don’t agree with it.  Turns out not everyone in Sherborn likes this guy though, and many of them were more than willing to give us a name. Bob Murchison:



    Ya see, Bob had a daughter named Caroline, who became his son named Gabe:

    And Bob Murchison only came across this nearly 2.5 year old audio from WEEI after being exposed to it in a transgender parent chatroom. At that point he began to call Milton’s, Shea Concrete, and other sponsors relentlessly. And since most executives at these national companies don’t regularly listen to a regional talk show out of Boston, all they know is some guy is calling them up and telling them they’re supporting bigotry.

    Sounds familiar.

    So why do the advertisers for these gigantic businesses even listen to this asshole? If I wanted to call up Mr. Geico and get him on the phone I wouldn’t be able to. Yet somehow this guy has managed to get these executives on the phone!! How does he do it? Simple – he’s rich and has crazy amounts of influence. Sherborn is the fourth wealthiest town in Massachusetts per capita. And Bob Murchison lives in this $4.7 million home.

    He is a partner in the multi-million dollar investment firm Fenix Partners.

    The buy junky subprime mortgage securities. They are opportunists who formed in 2009, right in the middle of the housing crisis. So while millions of Americans were losing their homes, he was profiting off of it while living in a 8,000 square foot mansion with 7 bathrooms in Sherborn:

    In the depth of the market crisis in 2009, Fenix bought more than $110 million face value of these securities.  The partners have reinvested much of the principle and interest cash flow back into this asset class in 2010 and 2011.  While the potential returns are no longer the eye-popping multiples of 2009, they remain very attractive on a risk adjusted basis.

    They even say it right on their website:

    “Fenix Partners was formed in the winter of 2009 as an investment company to take advantage of the extraordinary and daunting opportunities emerging from the economic and market crisis of that period.”

    “Take advantage” of an “economic crisis.”

    Yea, this guys has the moral high ground.

    Not the first time he’s been a general nuisance either. Like that time many believe he colluded with a Board of Health member from neighboring Ashland to investigate Health Agent Mark Oram’s work and timekeeping practices:

    “While the Board of Health on Wednesday had more civil discussion than in other recent meetings, tensions did flare when it came to a little-discussed topic: a man named Bob Murchison. Murchison is a Sherborn resident that, for the past several years, has privately investigated Health Agent Mark Oram’s work and timekeeping practices, and some in Ashland feel he may have ties with Board of Health member Judy Margulies.”

    Since the IG report came out on May 17, Oram has contended it’s the product of political gamesmanship. At the meeting Thursday, he referenced a letter his private attorney drafted on June 2. In the letter, his attorney, Richard Dailey, said “clearly Mr. Murcheson (sic) has undertaken a concerted effort to damage you professionally and financially.”

    “Read that,” Oram said at the meeting Wednesday, “and you’ll see the two years of total dismay I’ve been put under by that person,” he said.

    The IG report has led to Oram’s suspension in Sherborn until Ashland officials give written permission.

    This is what he does. He uses his influence to stick his nose into other people’s business. He attacks his enemies and tries to hurt them financially. Shocking that someone who saw the housing crisis as an opportunity would have such low grade moral fabric.

    Oh, and did I mention that he sits on the board of directors for the Unitarian Universalist Area Church in Sherborn? One of their stated goals is to “conduct and/or approve business transactions of the Church, consistent with the By-laws.” Keep in mind, this is a tax free entity, and he’s a multi millionaire who does property for a living. 

    So what is his end game here? I guess he just doesn’t want WEEI to discuss anything transgender related. Ya got that? A guy who admittedly does not listen to the show wants to ban the show from talking about a hot button issue that constantly crosses into sports. If they were to sign this they wouldn’t be able to discuss Bruce Jenner winning an ESPY award for putting on a cocktail dress. Meanwhile their show is number one in the morning because they aren’t afraid to talk about stuff like this. This is why Turtleboy and countless others instinctively put them on over Toucher and Rich. Because we enjoy it when people discuss things that the PC police don’t want them to discuss. Now the rest of us should have this taken away because he doesn’t like it, even though he admittedly doesn’t listen to the show.

    Which makes you wonder, is he even the one leading this crusade? Or is it his “son” Gabe? The Dad apparently doesn’t even know who Chelsea Maning is. How can a guy so passionate about transgender rights not know who Chelsea Manning is? His “son’ Gabe on the other hand has basically dedicated his life to transgender issues. He works for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for Harvard – a non-profit that has a significant amount of funding.

    She has a bachelor’s degree from Yale in Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies (which is very useful if you plan on working in non-profits for the rest of your life), along with a Master’s degree from Yale in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and is a PhD student at Harvard:

    Must be nice to be lucky sperm so you can pursue worthless degrees like this, knowing that you’ll always be financially secure anyway.

    While at Yale she was a research assistant who mostly worked on LGBT issues:

    And she’s worked for as an Epidemiology Research Intern for the Fenway Institute, where he did research on transgender stuff:

    Being a transgender activist is the only thing she seems to know how to do.

    But wait, it gets better.

    Gabe led the charge while at Yale to coerce the University into paying for healthcare for students that would cover gender reassignment surgery. Keep in mind, Gabe’s parents live in a $4.7 million mansion in Sherborn. And she wants Yale to pay for people like her to have a sex change operation.

    Think about how privileged and self-centered that is. Here you have this millionaire’s kid demanding the school give her free surgeries to humor her delusions that she’s a guy. This will directly affect tuition at Yale, which will prevent poor and underprivileged kids from being able to afford to go to school there. It’s no sweat off her back because Daddy can always just write a bigger check. But it’s a big financial burden for those who weren’t graced with lucky sperm, many of whom are people of color. In other words, she’s pushing for policies that will directly hurt the poor and minorities so that she can get free shit.

    It’s cool though, because Gabe has it all figured out:

    It’s not known how many students have the surgery, which can cost $25,000 or more, but Murchison doubted that it would be enough to make much of a financial impact.

    Ya got that? Money grows on trees. Sure, this will cost the schools more money, but it’s not like it will have any sort of financial impact. This is something that makes sense.

    He also led the campaign which coerced the Common Application (which kids nowadays use to send out to colleges instead of completing each college’s application individually) to change how they do business:

    On the Universal College Application, which can be sent to 44 colleges, the question asking for an applicant’s “sex” will be updated to ask for “legal sex,” with the options being “male” or “female.” Applicants will also have the option of answering an additional question on gender identity, with the options being “male,” “female,” or “self-identify,” for which an open text field will be provided.

    The Common Application’s question asking for an applicant’s “sex” will now ask for “sex assigned at birth” and will include a text field in which applicants can discuss their gender identity freely. Universities can also ask for information about gender identity on supplemental application forms unique to their school.

    So yea, we have no way of proving that “Gabe” is the driving force behind her father’s vicious campaign against WEEI and the Jimmy Fund, but it does seem rather strange that Dad is seemingly clueless on transgender issues while the daughter is an expert. It also just so happens that Gerry Callahan is a staunch conservative, reluctant Trump supporter, and vocal Hillary Clinton critic, while Gabe Murchison is the exact opposite:

    It’s almost as if this entire thing is just a rich family using their influence to silence not only conservatives, but anyone they disagree with on anything.

    Look, I very much enjoy Kirk and Callahan in the morning because they talk about stuff that’s in the news. And the fact of the matter is that Mimi Lemay is the one who parades her five year old kid around with Maura Healy so she can make money off a book. I don’t want to listen to a show that is afraid to talk about this. I don’t even care what their opinions are. I just wanna hear what people have to say about it. Because the free exchange of ideas is at the core of American democracy.

    But rich SJWs like the Murchison’s use Nazi-esque tactics to try to crush any speech they don’t wish to hear. And we have to fight back against these people. They will always be financially secure, but the salespeople at WEEI and the strong kids fighting cancer who the Jimmy Fund helps are the ones who will suffer as a result of campaigns like this.

    Guess what Bob? WEEI might be afraid of you, but Turtleboy doesn’t give a shit. And we don’t back down from anyone. Especially rich, social justice warriors from Sherborn.

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    1. Pesky

      with all this info, the first thing that struck me is what the F is up with Dad’s eyes?
      Did he tuck he balls up so he and his daughter can play the Crying Game together?

      1. Lance

        And if you ignore the eyes he looks like a penis with ears

    2. Alex DeLarge

      I love your articles Turtleboy!

      1. Strata

        A lot of people do …… I guess these phonies have been exposed. Love TB too

    3. Whitney

      The transgender kids are the perfect vehicle for Munchausen Moms

    4. DIrk

      Biology is a bitch, unless Caroline has altered her DNA and acquired some “Y” chromosomes, she is only deluding herself……..

    5. Flatbrimdestroyer

      Honestly not suprised that someone who was in the Hilary camp would use tactics like this. Not like they railroaded someone before (bernie) but I’m not here for that. K&C beat T&R for the FIRST time this spring. Quick Google check for Boston morning radio ratings will tell you this.

    6. Dom

      Gabe will never be a man. As hard as she tries. She’ll never be a man

    7. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      Callahan has a lifetime pass for saying all blacks belong in zoos with gorillas.

      1. bigdaddy

        and you have a lifetime pass to be an asshole

        1. Black Lives Matter

          Thank you for condemning and downvoting, bigdaddy.

      2. Ricky

        Never happened, but don’t let the truth get in the way of what you want to believe….

        1. Black Lives Matter

          That you for standing with Black Lives Matter, Ricky.

      3. PhilSimmsSucks

        White Nationalist – get your shit straight, fuckboy. It was Dennis who made a comment about the runaway gorilla and Metco. Where the fuck in your game of telephone did it turn into your ignorant fucking comment?
        If you’re going to respond, remember to get your fist out of your asshole in order to type.

      4. Truth

        Ignorant. That was John Dennis who said something like that not Callahan.

    8. Minnesota Mike

      This douche is a egotistical dick who thinks he can use his money to push the little guys around. Typical loser with a useless family. And you’re right if Mimi Lemay would stop exploiting her son like this then no one would blink an eye or care for that matter. Bob Murchison is a pimple on the ass of hell and I hope him and his disgusting family rots there!

    9. Just Dave

      I’ll click on anything.

    10. Rich

      This might be my favorite Turtleboy story yet (no offense to Purr). Great job! Keep fighting!

    11. Ray sinbran

      This whole thing makes me sick. A five year old doesn’t even know why his libtard parents buy HIM dresses. In the years before 1960, Massachusetts had places for people like these “parents”. It was called a sanitarium. Danvers, tewksbury and Bridgewater.

      1. Shookones

        I believe people should be able to do what they want in Mercia. I have no problem with people living how they want. What I don’t like, is how the transgender movement forces people alter their belief in basic biology, and your a bigot if you don’t just go along with it. All their problems will just go away if I pretend that guys are girls and girls are guys if they want to be. If I call myself a cat and scream about it long enough will I be able to force people to put a litter box in the bathroom for me? Asking for a friend.

        1. chrissy

          “If I call myself a cat and scream about it long enough will I be able to force people to put a litter box in the bathroom for me? Asking for a friend.”

          epic comment is epic

    12. JoinOrDie1776

      This is one of the best blogs yet. Here’s hoping those who have been bullied and sexually harassed by the father will come out from hiding.

    13. The Rant Queen


    14. Turtleboi

      You mean “she” when talking about this guy’s daughter, right?

    15. Jackie

      Wait. So this guy preyed on the hard luck of Americans who were taken advantage of by the big banks that got bailed out by Obama ? I thought that was predatory according to Hillary and her blond minions ? That’s what they said about Mitt Romney did they not ? Seems like this guy must have missed that talking point memo.

    16. mitch

      Keep voting for democrats/marxists and this will always be the result. the democrats have been the enemy of the WORKING class for the last 40 yrs at least. it is stunning to me in this day and age that a working stiff could believe that democrats have his interests in mind. in this last election approx 95% of campaign donations from hedge funds(the billionaires) went to hillary and the democratic party. gee… i wonder why that is ?? and it’s been like that for many,many years. now remember that just having tons of money doesn’t guarantee winning an election, you still have to have enough votes. so what do the democrats do with all this money from non-working billionaires to give the billionaires what they want?? they BUY the votes from non-working poor, blacks,immigrants, etc. so the democrats really represent the NON- WORKING class. they detest anyone that actually works…and it is obviously reflected in the laws and programs they push through. if you work you are a kulak… look it up.

      1. Smartypants

        Easy does it Mitchy, Some day you will make it big!!!!!!

    17. Big Chabun

      Fucking Awesome! Put this twit in his place.

    18. Scot Neri

      As stated on my twitter feed, Buffalo Wild Wings continues to support the show and WEEI. This is extortion, plain and simple, and cannot be allowed, regardless of political or social stance.

    19. Livesinlowell

      Inb4 bob uses his power to get article taken down.

    20. Factoid

      No matter how hard you try, K&C, Barstool, Travis, etc…. won’t give TB the time of day!

    21. F your Lions

      All of the money in the world couldn’t fix that Murchison kid’s f’d up Eastern Mass teeth.

    22. mitch

      mimi lemay is following in the footsteps of “jazz jennings” a la the children’s transgender/entertainment/political industry. make no mistake about it, a huge industry it is, worth millions upon millions. where the money comes from to finance television shows, books, live appearances and non-profit foundations starting at six years old!, with the likes of rosie, hillary, barbara walters becomes very murky, and guarded by huge legal and lobbying firms. is this is what the murchison’s and fenix partners have gotten into bed with? are they financing mimi lemay and her activism and coercing the radio show??? can this lemay character be any more of a hypocrite. she “votes” for many things, one of them being sure her transgender child will NOT have to go to a school with black or immigrant children. one thing is for sure, if any of these people are allowed to have power they will make Hitler’s concentration camps look like a kindergarten. THEY ARE FAR BEYOND EVIL.

    23. Usualsuspect

      Hey Bob, suck it!

    24. Thomas Doubting

      Does anyone know which advertisers stopped sponsoring the show? Just wondering which cowards cut ties and ran.

    25. Sterling Turtle Rider

      Dad looks like a deer caught in the headlights in ever picture, like someone jumped out from behind a bush just before they took the picture.
      As for the whole transgender thing, I could care less… just like I don’t really care about the gay marriage thing. What baffles me, however, is that I thought the stated goal of all of this was to “be able to lead a quiet, ‘normal’ life like everyone else”; wouldn’t you need to shut up about it then? If that is really your goal, you’ll have to stop making it the sole driving force in your life.
      But then, you wouldn’t be able to turn a useless degree into a life-long state level job teaching other people about “tolerance”…

      1. Bstuff

        Sterling, agreed. I have zero interest in whatever gender people want to walk around as or “express” and in my book you’re free to do what you want as long as you don’t hurt others in everything you do. It’s when their politics get rammed down our throats 24×7 and force us to discuss what they’re packing between their legs and how special they are for having it that they suffer any blowback or negative commentary. Marry who you want and stick in whatever best tickles your pickle, just don’t make me read about it listen to it incessantly.

    26. Independent Thinker

      A five year old does not understand the concept of being transgender, or even the concept of gender-specific roles. He was encouraged to do so, most likely by his parents, which is a horrible thing. Dressing a boy up like a girl and encouraging him to act like a girl is only going to lead to problems later in life.

    27. Minihane's Cargo Shorts

      This guy looks like he was aborted, but somehow survived..

    28. Hypocrisy-boy?

      This guy is a fucking asshole, and I get what you’re doing, but jfc turtletits, if this isn’t pot calling kettle black I don’t know what is:
      “This is what he does. He uses his influence to stick his nose into other people’s business. He attacks his enemies and tries to hurt them financially.”

    29. Zload

      This entire family should be drowned.

      1. QueefChief

        They should be stripped of their wealth and forced to work 40+ hours a week at minimum wage. That’ll teach em.

    30. Matthew St Hilaire

      Thanks Turtleboy for putting this guy on blast. He relentlessly seeks to punish people by messing with their money. I hope this messes with his.

    31. Special kind of asshole

      Murchison pays $80k a year in property tax on his home, almost as much as Mr Oram makes yearly as a health agent for Ashland. What the hell could Oram have done to Murchison to be harassed for a couple years, that the guy uses his personal time to check for irregularities in Oram’s accounting of his time? He did the work I’m sure, and we’re not talking big money here. This, combined with Murchison’s treatment of WEEI for a discussion over 2 years ago- I guess forgiveness isn’t his thing. This man needs prayers for peace in his heart.

    32. hahahaohreally

      If my arms were that hairy, I’d pretend to be a dude too! Jesus christ, please tell me that’s from hormones she’s taking!

    33. Zack

      Maura Healey parading that child around was the most disgusting and vile case of child exploitation I have ever seen in my life.

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