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  • Somehow Alex Reimer Still Has A Job At WEEI Despite Tom Brady Boycotting Them Because Reimer Called His 5 Year Old A Pissant

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    WEEIMaking his weekly appearance on the Kirk & Callahan Show Monday morning, Tom Brady cut his interview short after just more than two minutes, citing his disappointment with comments made by Alex Reimer Thursday night. Brady said he was informed of Reimer’s reaction to the first episode of “Tom vs. Time” which included the WEEI host/WEEI.com writer calling the quarterback’s daughter “an annoying little pissant.”

    “I’ve tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect,” Brady said. “I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys. It’s very disappointing when you hear that, certainly. My daughter, or any child, certainly doesn’t deserve that.”

    The quarterback added, “I really don’t have much to say about it this morning.”

    Reimer was informed last Friday he was being handed an indefinite suspension by WEEI, effective immediately.

    I’m torn on this one. I’m a free speech absolutist. And offensive speech is by far the most important speech that needs protection. Everyone can go along with non-controversial speech. The limits of how much freedom we are willing to tolerate comes when people say controversial things. Listening to that audio Alex Reimer clearly doesn’t think he was attacking a child, but he was.

    The problem is that Alex Reimer is like 25 years old and doesn’t have any kids. If he did then he’d understand what a no-no that is. Not that having no kids disqualifies you from chiming in on stuff like this, but if you’re a 40 year old with no kids you have more tact than this. I said dumb shit when I was 25 that I wouldn’t say when I was 35. He’s just not old or mature enough to be on the radio. Shit on adults who put themselves out there all you want. Don’t shit on Tom Brady’s five year old kid.

    He also violated the most important rule when it comes to being edgy with free speech – you have to be funny or insightful. When Kirk Minihane said that Erin Andrews would be a waitress at Perkins if she gained 15 pounds that was funny because it was true. She’s also a public figure and an adult. Calling a five year old a piss-ant is just…..not funny. Adds nothing to what you’re trying to say.

    I’ve always been a WEEI guy and will be going forward. And one of the things I like about them was their relentless criticism of that fraud Jemele Hill, especially when she urged people to boycott ESPN’s advertisers. That’s just bad for business.

    But ya know what else is bad for business? Losing a weekly Tom Brady interview. The Sports Hub is probably on the line with his agent right now. And somehow Reimer is only getting a one week suspension. That’s insane. They’re basically choosing an easily replaceable 25 year old token gay guy for the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Oh, and WEEI is a sports station. Makes sense.

    Anyway, if WEEI wants to rebound from this there’s only one thing they can do – hire Turtleboy. We like five year old kids, do actual research, and can bring in ratings Reimer could never dream of. You hire the Turtle and Tom Brady will be back before kickoff on Sunday.

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    1. Knock Brady off his pedestal

      Everyone misses the point where she is an annoying little pissant and that’s coming from a father of three annoying little pissants that don’t happen to have a silver spoon shoved in their mouth. Fuck rich kids.

      1. I’m with him

        Yes, children of successful people deserve every bit of scorn that underachievers might otherwise direct at their parents!

    2. Rick Shaw

      They should take away his gerbils and lighter fluid.

    3. Lloyd Braun

      Anyone who listens to WEEI should be tested for mental disorders 

      1. Not A Fan of Listening to People Living Vicariously Through Pro Sports

        Correction: Anyone that listens to sports radio should be forced to share a cell in solitary confinement with Keith Olbermann for 6 months.

    4. Alex Reimer.

      Can anyone help me apply for unemployment? I don’t know how. I heard you guys talk about EBT on here often. Maybe you could help me apply. I’m gonna need it.

      1. Hugh Jass

        I got you, Lex. I am on the Section 8, the SSI Disability, and the EBT (this is the holy grail trio of assistance). I NEVER work thanks to the generous, hardworking TBS readers who grind it out and pay their taxes so I can be on the full dole!!! Text me later…

    5. Finn

      It’s always particularly creepy when a grown adult attacks a child – regardless of who the child’s parent’s are (celebrities, criminals, etc.). It’s just weird. It’s parallel with hanging out a kid’s park with a camera. Gross.

      Get Fucked,

    6. Donald J. Trummp

      Cryin’ Piss-Ant Reimer making fun of MY friend Tom! Sad! Tom a WINNER, a BIG LEAGUE QB, Reimer a whinin’, lyin’ member of the Fake News MSM! Sad, but we will MAGA!

    7. Rich

      I don’t know if WEEI has the guts to fire a gay employee. I hope they do. His sexual persuasion should not protect him.

      1. Spankster

        What do you think got him the job??? He certainly didn’t get it for his brains.

    8. Strata

      Stopped listening to Kirk & Callahan awhile ago. Why? Because most of their show is about their inter-office feuds, dumping on co-workers or other stations competing with them, and so much more other non sports talk. Same shtick by Kirk, dump on your 3rd co-host and trade friggin insults. Sometimes real sports talk in between. Kirk is just a rich kid that never never grew up and spends the day insulting and disparaging. He is annoying. Only losers continue to listen to the morning show

    9. Anon

      Mark Reiner is such a fag

    10. Mmmmm....whales

      I can’t tell what is going on in that photo….looks like he is pumping one Shamoo and taking one in the backside from another shamoo

    11. Stephanie

      I would listen to the show if you were on there. Tell them to hire you and they won’t be sorry. I said that once and got the job right then and there. Confidence.

    12. Autistic Turtle

      From a business standpoint if I were WEEI I would have let him go almost immediately to say something potentially detrimental to the business. If I were Tom Brady though I would have shit all over that guy like my life depended on it because I’m Tom Brady and that other guy is a burger flipper compared to me. So I’m torn as well.

    13. John Galt

      Reimer has been on the radio for one year too long. His addition to the show is his naïveté combined with his millennial mandates. Good riddance.

    14. Sexual Chocolate

      Token Twink Take’s Tom’s Toddler to Task…..

      Size Queen is a moron, I don’t enjoy him at all And he should be held accountable and launched.

      i will say this, Gisele is in the running with Crissy Teigen, Gwenyth Paltrow as most annoying broad in America. Watch the comeback vs Atlanta and her filming herself. Opinionated, needs to insert herself into the show. What an insufferable immigrant. No wonder Brady and Ben Affleck ran a train on the Affleck nanny.

      WEEI, needs to clean house. Reimer, Tomase, GareBear, Trenni, Dale and Holley out da house

      1. Think Before You Type

        If you had a life you wouldn’t notice or care about any of these people. The fact that you do, and would even comment about them, says more about your own deficiencies than your
        projected narcissistic behavior of others.

    15. Hugh Jass

      Reimer is a grand kid and a yuge talent. DeDe Delgado and I love listening to his whiny, high-pitched voice. Kid is going places for sure. And DeDe’s virtual beatdown of TB on FB is the stuff of legend!

    16. A Fly on the Wall

      Why does it not surprise me that turtleboy likes five year old kids? I don’t think WEEI wants to hire a pervert.

    17. juror seven esq.

      Long before this, I found Remier to be a complete insufferable bore. For some reason NESN thought he added something to the Red Sox telecasts.
      How long can you listen to his continual monolog of statistics during the game. Yes, it is so important to know that so and so has more pinch hit doubles than any other right handed hitter born in the state of South Dakota.
      Please Jerry Remy get well enough to get back in the booth.
      NESN, wake up dump this guy if you had any thoughts of bringing him back for another season. His being on the telecasts might have something to do with the ratings drop. Also the way you dumped Don Osilio did help you much. Last, the Red Sox aren’t a fun team to watch these days.

    18. Alex Reimer

      Wo did I fuck up! I’m at an all time low and my career is down the tiolet.
      I’m talking it’s so bad on my way out of the station today one of the guys said “Good luck at your new job Blogging for Turtleboy sports you loser!” and the whole place erupted with laughter.

    19. Shookones

      If he wasn’t the “token gay guy”, he would be fired already.

      1. Steve Buckley

        I thought I was the token gay guy?

    20. Alex Reimer

      My flight from Minnesota just landed. I can’t face the public and I am cowering in the mens room at Logan. This is especially insulting to me because cowering in the mens room is normally a very special and safe space for me.

    21. Wwy

      The Jewish diddlers care more about hooking up with children,get the kikes off all news,jew news is bad news.

    22. Dan Shaughnessy

      I’ve said some ridiculous things before thorazine, so give the little bastard a break. It’s just how things are in sports reporting. Did I mention the time I climbed into El Tiante’s bathtub for the scoop and the cigar?

      1. Celeste Cumforth

        WEEI cannot fire Alex. For all us gay and bi sports fans, he is like an institution. Every one sez they don’t get his humor, well that’s because it’s gay and bi humor, only if you’re a guy who swallows the gravy, or a chick who fakes the gravy and jams it home in a harmonious fisting, do folks get his jokes. Actually, in gay and bi humor, Alex has us laughing hysterically almost every single show. The little pizzant comment was hilarious, I nearly bit my girlfriends clit right off, laughing so loud. Besides, if WEEI fires “Dah’ Reamer,” as we call him in our circles, I hope he sues them for massive anti-gay and bi discrimination dollars. There’s only one other gay dude who could probably replace Alex on the fly, but from what I understand, Sir Finn is too busy hosting his shiteatersDOTcom site. Which is cool he probably has a better potential long term outlook there than WEEI, but he would still be somewhat entertaining. Like a Banana getting all squishy over 48 hours in my little gay brothers buttocks. _end note_

    23. Walter Cronkite

      I’m not gay, but I wonder if REAMER is his god-given name or a stage name?

    24. why hasn't he been fired

      Psychology 101 peeps, the radio homo has a hard-on for Tom Brady. The little girl is the enemy bc she’s a girl, scary to hardcore homos. She also represents Tom Brady’s Hetero-Sexuality because she is his daughter. Proof Tom Brady is Hetero, ooh the pain!

      Obsessed radio talk homo, hates anything that reminds him he will never give Tom Brady a rim-job and and swallow his load. A lesbian would have never pulled that shit she’d order a couple appetizers and another pitcher of beer.

    25. Give a Lib A Throat Punch

      I would probably listen to WEEI if one of the OG Turtleboy bloggers was on. Not if it was one of these talentless newbie (< 2 yrs blogging on TBS) Fakebook drama, liberal TB, or SSTG writers, though.

    26. Tards with Microsoft Word

      Sports “news” is the lowest form of media. Only the dumbest of the media are in sports media. Because of this known stupid factor, Sports media people over-compensate going far leftist beyond liberal to prove to their colleagues that they are “smart” of course this doesn’t work. They look foolish but they are too unaware to realize this.

      Sports media people are useful idiots to the left, and nobody gives a whit when they get fired for going to far supporting wacky causes. Think of the sports broadcasters who talk about “gun control” at half time in a football game, or the Superbowl day lectures from sports “broadcasters” about violence against women that is an urban myth. They think they’re smart but we all know they are not.

    27. Kirk's mic

      Reimer was informed of his suspension yesterday morning after the brady fallout, not last friday. They flew him out to minneapolis on sunday night and after the interview flew him back to boston. To be a fly on the wall at 20 guest st yesterday

    28. Joseph Smith

      Whether he has kids or not there’s no excuse for a rude comment like that about a child. Alex, because of his comment, comes off as somewhat of a pissant ant himself.

      1. Alex reimer.

        Did people forget yet??? Can I come out of the bathroom now?

    29. Michael Felger.

      How Ya like me now!!!!

      1. Christian fauria aka Mr. T

        I did felger and reimer such a favor last week!

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