Soy Boy Chapelle Films Boston Cops, Says He Fears They’ll Breonna Taylor Him After They Respond To Call For Armed Burglar In His Dorchester House


This is James Walker, who went to private school in Milton but now lives in Boston and works as a DJ.

He goes by “DJ Cake Walk” and is an outspoken BLM activist who likes to pretend that he’s oppressed despite growing up in Milton.

So oppressed.

On Christmas morning this soy boy Chapelle was awoken to a burglar in his house who had climbed through an upstairs window and armed himself by tearing off a piece of wood from the stairs in front of his house in Dorchester. According to him he was gonna hit the guy with some weights he was lifting (two sets, ten reps), but the guy told him a lie about being chased by racist white people so he agreed to call the dude a Lyft instead. The cops ended up showing up because a neighbor called when they saw the burglar climbing through the window, but instead of thanking them for helping get the armed burglar out of his house he began recording them and crying about how scared he was of police because he’s black.


Looks like hanging out with so many white people has rubbed some of that white fragility onto poor Soy Boy Chapelle.

“With the events that’s been going on I’m sure you can understand.”

What events? You mean the millions of annual interactions between cops and people of color every year that don’t result in someone getting shot? Did I miss the recent news of Boston cops killing an unarmed black guy in his home?

“Let’s talk about this, Breonna Taylor. It doesn’t matter if your guns are drawn or not.”

Oh right, you were about to be the next Breonna Taylor. Sure thing. Except your house is not a stash house for drug dealers and you didn’t fire at them as they walked in the door.

“You have to understand where I’m coming from.”

Yes, I completely understand. You’re a privileged, wealthy twat from Milton who’s never experienced hardship in his life, gets to play DJ for a few years before getting a real job, and desperately wants to believe he’s oppressed in spit of his comfortable upbringing because victimhood is cool now.

His heroic reliving of the event was truly remarkable.


TL:DR – Junkie who broke into his house thought no one was home, recognized that guy in the house responds well to the race card, played race card with obvious lie about running away from racists and needing a place to hide out, almost got a free Lyft ride out of it, and somehow got the victim to turn his ire on the police instead of the guy who was trying to rob him.

“This is why we march.”

Because we don’t want the cops responding to burglaries in our homes!

The best part is that he’s still pretending to be a bad ass, despite fearing for his life for absolutely no reason. He’s a WAY better shot than the cops. And the junkie was totally about to get smashed in the fucking face before he remembered that he’s Mr. Koombaya peace on earth.

This is sadly the world we’re living in. The victim of a crime blames the police for arresting an armed robber in his home and says that he’s scared for his life, not because of the armed junkie in his home, but because of the cops who came to arrest the bad guy. Oh, and the two cops he spoke with were minorities who couldn’t believe what a pussy he was but had to bite their tongues in order to remain professional.




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  • Hey Toby
    January 7, 2021 at 3:34 pm

    Go pick cotton nigg er. Nigg ers have done nothing but bring this country down. Stupid red necks in the south should have used micks or guineas to pick their cotton.

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