The Afty Kingz Called Into Turtleboy Live To Explain Why The Chicopee Herpesaurus Isn’t A Terrible Deadbeat Mom


The Afty Kingz wanted to come on the live show tonight to dispute how they were represented in a recent blog in which their friend was arrested in Chicopee for throwing a bender at her section 8 dumphouse at 4 AM on Easter morning. The whole crew came on and they turned out to be just as ratchet as you dreamed they would be. Also on the table for discussion with Intern and Bret was Dank Nug Dustin, Judge Booty’s GoFundMe, Marblehead creepy shower Dad, and Missionary Margaret’s “no single Moms” couch policy.

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  • Sir Wilfred Death
    April 29, 2019 at 11:27 am

    Uncle, you did a great job in calling out these oxygen thieves on their abuse of innocent neighbor children. These are garbage people, beyond redemption. All we can hope for is that the ambulance arrives late and the EMTs misplace the Narcan.

    Their “leader” is particularly despicable.

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