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The “Race Police” Are Running Out Of Stuff To “Bitch” About, So They Are Branching Out to Sexism

By J-Dub
Let’s just start with an over-arching theme here. White liberals piss me off.
As a middle-aged, educated black guy, most of my 40+ years on this planet has been spent listening to these blow-hacks tooting their own horns about some ridiculous bullshit of various flavors. Yeah, the same dipshits who damn near broke their arms patting themselves on the back for electing Obama are the same ones who conveniently forgot he’s as white as he is black. These are the same people who can’t wait to trumpet their own “tolerance and understanding” of black people, despite the fact they never bothered to learn the first fucking thing about us. 

Think of it this way. Hollywood is run by these kind of people, and they think they elected the “Cosby” family. It gets even better when you remember that white liberals really have more of a “Diff’rent Strokes” mentality toward black people; it’s all about how they’ve done us some great favor by plucking us out of the ghetto and providing us with a life usually only accorded to those with “white privilege,” and while they are getting all self-congratulatory about it, they completely don’t notice their daughter snort her way into lesbian porn and an early grave. 
That “Hollywood” mind-set is important to keep in mind as I walk through this latest example of Lib-tardiness, which conveniently enough takes places in the very shadow of, and largely because of Hollywood.

An advertisement for the new Fox television show “Red Band Society” was abruptly pulled from Los Angeles Metro buses Thursday after activists complained it was racist and offensive.

The ads for the series that premiered this week show actress Octavia Spencer next to the words “Scary Bitch.” Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Marc Littman said the agency decided to remove the ad because that label “denigrates women.”

“That speaks for itself,” Littman said. “That was not acceptable.”

The ads, which have been up for five weeks, will be removed from 190 Metro buses as soon as possible, said Metro spokesman Dave Sotero.

red band societyLike most things Lib-tard, the idiocy really doesn’t become apparent until you break down the message. In this case, start noticing the names of the people telling you how “racist and offensive” this advertisement was. I could take the easy way out and tell you to Google those names for the express purpose of discovering that neither of them are either black or women. But that whole wheeze about needing to be part of the “offended” group has been beaten more than Neil Peart’s snare drum. We all know that jumping on to the “offended” bandwagon is just a measure of how “politically correct” the jumpers are. They know this as well, which is exactly why we get WHAT???

The announcement was made Thursday at a Metro committee meeting where a few dozen protesters showed up to speak against the ads. Among them was Jasmyne Cannick, who said the nickname perpetuates negative stereotypes about black women.

“I don’t know if I find it more offensive because I’m black, or more offensive because I’m a woman,” said Cannick, 36. “I sometimes think our city forgets that there are black people that still live here and call Los Angeles home.”

Voila…Here’s your “offended” black woman, courtesy of two guys who got stuck playing “mouthpiece” for a bunch of suits who made a decision they had no idea would come back to haunt them. Forget the obvious fiasco, there’s an even bigger problem here; one that really points out why the suits who green-lighted this advertisement had no idea it was going to run them afoul of the “Race Police.”

The problem: How the fuck is anybody supposed to know what is offensive anymore if the people who are supposedly offended can’t even tell you why they are pissed off? Seriously, re-read that shit about “I don’t know if I find it more offensive because I’m black, or more offensive because I’m a woman,” and really think about it.

Let’s start with the “bitch” part. One of the dirtiest little secrets in the world of “offensive language” is that women throw this term around about themselves in EXACTLY the same way blacks use the “N-Bomb.” How many women do you think have this song on their I-pods? That also means when a woman complains about its use, that complaint rings as hollow as when blacks get all indignant over “their word.”

For any Lib-tard reading this, I’ll save you the time making your counter-argument. You are dying to accuse me of painting all women with the same general brush, and you would be exactly right. There’s a very good reason for that. See, when you cry “foul” on something offensive, for that cry to have any credibility, there either has to be a rule in place which was broken, or their needs to be a generally perceived need for a rule to address the offense. That’s the funny thing about rules, they apply to the entirety of the general population, otherwise they have absolutely no efficacy. In other words, you can’t expect people to understand what is offensive and what isn’t when you make different rules at different times for different people.

I like to call this “the Don Imus effect.” Remember a few years back when he got in trouble for referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hoes?” I’ll never forget how hilarious that whole affair was, because the vast majority of the white people who were up in arms over it didn’t even have the first idea about what was in that statement which was really offensive to black people. They all thought it was about the term “hoes,” which has exactly the same problem as “bitch.”

Allow me to explain this to you Lib-tards; it’s time for a lesson in something you pretend doesn’t exist, which is black-on-black racism.

I’m educated and light-skinned, which means I have spent most of my life listening to terms like “Roon,” “Lite-Brite,” or worse yet, “Uncle Tom” directed at me from the mouths of other black people. Any success I’ve had in life is because I’m “passing.” Part of the whole “passing” thing revolves around having “good” skin and “good” hair; “good” meaning “passable for white.” So, when you tell a black person they are “nappy-headed,” you are striking at the heart of black-on-black racism.

Why does that matter in this case? Because I’m really struggling to find why this matter should even be remotely offensive to black people. I’ve already discredited the “bitch,” part, so I’m left with “scary.” The woman in the picture is smiling…she’s not wearing a hockey mask and holding a fucking chainsaw. SHE’S SMILING! I guess this is the part where I have to wait for some sociology major to tell me what a knuckle-dragger I am for not understanding the (insert psycho-babble clap-trap here) reason why “scary” should be offensive to me.

Good thing we have a Comments section, because one of my favorite things in life is having a Lib-tard tell me how I should think…

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  • October 7, 2014 at 8:54 am

    My relatives all the time say that I am wasting my time
    here at web, but I know I am getting familiarity daily by reading such good content.

  • newsworldorder
    September 22, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Where to begin. How about every ethnic group
    has a mixture of peoples behavior. Could be why people them self are called individuals.

    Sry to have to use your post for an example. I’d like to wade through the water a little here.

    Your telling the reader (me) you where picked on for your appearance. Then pick on liberals for wanting to make a change and just aren’t sure how to go about it, by calling them “Lib-tard”. In other words you feel the need to bash because you where bashed?

    In any event it’s childish playground behavior.
    Be it meant jokingly or down right intentional cruelty. (I’m still learning but I’m cool can I fit in to?) Most people children or adults try to shrug it off or laugh about it. Does it still affect the person on the brunt side of the joke? Some cases yes, some cases no.

    I’m not an “educated black guy” my ethnic is irrelevant but I thought this was common knowledge stuff here and I only have a GED.

    The passable thing reflects the point of people being self conscious and wanting to “fit in”.

    Anyway I agree with Candice about the use of “bitch” being complained about. I can see how some people might want to shelter their kids from possible “vulgar” language.

    Personally I also see children are going to be exposed to “vulgar” language at some point.
    Especially with what gets by on radio TV and Internet. Let alone in the absence of adult supervision. Is it common parenting to hear (better not let me catch you)?

    • September 22, 2014 at 2:52 pm

      ^ And we can officially start the “Psycho-babble clap-trap” counter: 1

      • newsworldorder
        September 22, 2014 at 3:49 pm

        It’s your post, you did opened it for discussion!? Maybe I’m mistaken and you just wanted to insult the comments instead. The writers thoughts must have more merit than a commenter’s.

        • newswirledorder
          September 24, 2014 at 3:01 pm

          Low jab, my B.

          Try polling the “nappy-headed,” 
          Thing. I’m guessing some of the ladies might think it’s more of an insult to manageability/hygiene than being “passable”.

  • Joey G
    September 22, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    How will the offended crowd handle this one? I assume they will just call you one of the black guys they put on Fox News from time to time to show how diverse they actually are.

    Love the article, and I hope you can show me the latest dance moves sometime.

    • September 22, 2014 at 2:54 pm

      Want to see my dance moves? Tune one of those Lawrence Welk re-runs on PBS. When you see all the old people trying not to snap their hips doing what they think is a two-step, that’s pretty much what I’ve got.

      • Wabbitt
        September 22, 2014 at 6:35 pm

        So… you’re saying that you’re Carlton?

        • September 22, 2014 at 7:07 pm

          I’m more like Ice-T. I make albums called “Cop Killer,” then make my living playing a cop on TV.

          • Joey G
            September 23, 2014 at 1:47 pm

            Sooo… you’d be singing “Blogger Killer” right now?

  • Candice M
    September 22, 2014 at 9:35 am

    I wonder if any of these whiners actually watched the pilot where Octavia Spencer plays a scary bitch. Its not sexist or racist, her character is sort of a scary bitch. I can be a scary bitch. The only thing that I could see someone complaining about is that the word ‘bitch’ is written on the side of public transportation, not what it “represents”.

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